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[M] Feeling like I have no release

Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:00 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

(396) For Basilio. Backdated to Dec. 08, 2016 Set in the Chapel. We can change the date if it doesn't work for you

He sat there twirling and twisting, spinning and whirling the crusted, once bloodied strand of brown hair of the most gentle Coyote in Inferni. He sat there slumped on the front pew in the chapel, his shoulders leaning against the back of the pew and his legs outstretched in front of him. He pet the lock of hair thinking of her. He thought of her smile; the way she shied away; her kindness; her unwillingness to say no… These were perfect flaws in her character, and these flaws he loved. His mind edged around the obstacle that kept him from calling her his. The obstacle that would eventually meet his demise, but not just yet.

Izual wasn’t dumb, he was cancerous, harmful, and being around him was hazardous. He chose to sit in the Chapel for two reasons. One, there was a chance that Crucifix would walk in unknowingly and he’d have the chance to see her; or two, Basilio would walk in and he’d have the chance to harass him instead. One of those two options would occur, and one of them may have promised both of them coming in at the same time.

A malicious grin stretched from ear to ear, showing yellowed fangs as she stroked the bit of bloodied hair in his fingers. Blood crusted away from the follicles, crumbed off in his hand. He plucked a little of it off and threw it to the side of the pew. It wasn’t enough to notice, but he still considered whether or not that was disrespectful to their god.

Malicious orange eyes rose to the large cross that hung on the wall and he smirked, while still slumped on the pew. He studied the man that hung off the cross and imagined nailing Basilio to a tree in a similar style and leaving him to rot there until either he mutilated his little hands and feet enough to pull them from the nails or someone came along to save him.

Someone of Izual’s kind of nature did not belong in a place of holy worship. He didn’t belong near a place so pure period. He imagined the blood dripping down from the hands and feet of the man that hung from the cross. He imagined it leak down the symbol and drip onto the floor… drip, drip, drip

Suddenly, the chapel door opened.

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:05 pm

Word Count → 389 :: Sorry this took so long. Have been having problems with muse and I've been sick over the past week.

Sturdy steps had brought him to the doorway that led to the chapel. For days, it felt like, he'd been focused in prayer over what to do with Izual. Most lines of thought brought him to the conclusion that the only way he was going to settle things with the blood scented canine was to confront him in the way that he had been confronted by the ones he'd hurt outside of Inferni. Countless hours had passed.

For the most part, he had only considered going to Vesper or Cartier about this once or twice. In the end, though, he knew things wouldn't be settled until he finally made it clear to Izual that Crucifix was not Izual's property. She was his mate, his wife, and the two were trying to have a family.

Crucifix had been curious and more than a little fearful of his desire to approach Izual. Mostly because it was devastatingly hard to keep her from the truth when the scent of blood coming from their old room was so potent. He'd cleaned most of it up, though stains were hard to be rid of. Most of the pelts had been thrown away, a few of the weapons as well, though some of the stains themselves were easily covered up. Those that weren't were obvious but he'd cleaned them well enough that it was hard to tell when they'd been put there. Moving back into the room had been easy after that.

He never really expected Izual to be inside the chapel. Most would have had the same line of thought, considering it was nigh impossible to think that Izual would ever step within the boundaries of the church. It was god's room, after all, though, the moment he turned the metal of the door handle, he knew that something was wrong. The room did not feel empty.

He half-expected to see Cartier behind its doors since Crucifix was still sleeping but the moment reddish fur caught his eyes, along with the orange of eyes that were all too familiar, he felt his fur bristle and his lips pull over fangs that were more than ready to capture the flesh of the man who sat across the room. "What are you doing here?" he asked, his voice shallow, devoid of any emotion aside from anger.

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:55 pm

(236) ooc text here.

Well, one of his wishes came true...

Basilio stepped through the Chapel door, and Izual smiled wider than he had been. The blood that he imagined painted on the crucifix was now imagined on the small Coyote. The difference between those two this was that Basilio could still bleed, no matter if he was able to string him up on a tree and leave him there, or not. He could still make him bleed for his sins.

”Can’t a man come to the Chapel to sit in peace?” he asked, looking up at Basilio innocently, while gently stroking the bloodied strand of Crucifix’s hair in his fingers. There was a hint in his orange eyes that suggested slight annoyance.

No matter how tense the situation just became when Basilio walked through the sacred doors, Izual had not bothered to straighten his posture or rise. He was still in a relaxed state, which said something about his ballsy demeanor. He was arrogant in his ability, and cocky in his strength. He did not believe Basilio would attack him in a place as special as the house of God. That would be highly disrespectful, especially to those who cared.

Izual was sure that he had been shunned and exiled from any possibility of anything good in the afterlife. By default, though, he did not care where he shed blood, even if the place was sacred, holy, or pure.

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:53 am

Word Count → 364 :: ooc goes here

He stood there for the longest time watching the tall, lanky warrior that held firm despite Basilio's presence across the room from him. There were times when the church needed a shove, a display of strength. Izual shouldn't have been here, even if he was seeking retribution which Basilio highly doubted. The tiny Catholic couldn't help but watch with a serene silence, despite the festering anger that lurked within the deepest recesses of his mind, curdling blood that wanted only for one thing: to extricate Izual's carotid from his lengthy neck. Rather than doing so just yet, though, Basilio straightened and forced himself to exhale in a mock attempt at trying to regain his composure.

"A man, yes, but not a monster. You're the farthest thing from a godly man, Izual," Basilio growled, folding his arms over his chest. "You're afraid to fight on commensurate terms. That's why you wait to ambush Cru or myself here inside the chapel. You know we're both godly people." He moved quietly toward Izual, smoldering, cardinal gaze shifting from the pews toward the man in question. "Fight on equal terms. Come outside and finish this once and for all. Or are you really fearful that a midget like me could take you?"

It was hard for him not to see the blood stained remnant caught in Izual's hands. It might have been covered in the crimson remains of whatever beasts he'd killed to force its mark upon Cru's and his room and it might have been remnants of the kill made a short distance from here but it held a remarkable resemblance to the splatter that had discolored his hair tie, gained from the white wolf Leela and her daughter. "She is mine, Crucifix. She's my mate. Not yours. She has my heart and I have hers. This needs to stop," he managed before tacking on his threat.

"Or I'll be forced to confront Cartier or Vesper on the matter of our room and the kill you left outside the borders. Everyone knows what you're like. I'm sure they would believe me over you. You are more of a danger to everyone here than I ever will be."

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:44 pm

(300+) ooc text here.

Hearing Basilio’s words, Izual scoffed in amusement. A monster, that he was, and Basilio was right in that aspect. He didn’t belong in the chapel – but did he care? No. What he did care about, though, was Basilio’s accusation that he was lying in wait for them to walk in through the doors.

Ambush?” Izual scoffed while the Cheshire grin crawled onto his lips. ”No, Crucifix doesn’t deserve that. She did nothing wrong.” Basilio made it seem like he was out to get them both when it was only the pygmy brute that Izual sought to destroy. He growled, and stood, now suddenly towering over the pygmy male. Though, instead of throw his weight around, Izual gazed down at the hair in his fingers. He strode over to the altar, despite what Basilio might object, and laid the strand of hair on the old wood. He would retrieve that later. Let God keep it safe for him until then.

Then she turned on his heel and faced Basilio, the darkness returning to his gaze as if he descended further and further into the deep. ”Mmm, are we sure about that?” Izual pushed, remembering seeing Basilio return bloody on a few occasions. What he had been doing out there, Izual couldn’t confirm – but it was in a similar fashion that he returned to Inferni sometimes. There was just a size and scale difference.

”You’re going to tattle on me…” Izual mused, though he didn’t really expect a response. Basilio challenged him, and with every fiber in his body, he thought he could beat and kill the Bellum once and for all. Then Crucifix would have no choice but to be with him, and Izual briefly thought about killing off her offspring like a new male kills off other males’ cubs in a lion’s pride. He’d make it look like an accident, though, of course, and he wouldn’t mutilate them too bad – for Crucifix’s pleasure.

”No weapons, only claws and teeth and whatever else you were born with to use against me.” It was only with these terms that he would agree.

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:22 pm

Word Count → 462 :: Light PP to move the fight onward is okay. <3 We can hash out particular injuries to the both of them via aim if you'd like. <3 I know we hadn't gone over those specifics yet.

Izual was scared of Basilio's sword and knives. He was scared that he'd be carved into so badly that no one would recognize him after the battle. That's what the Bellator believed. That was why he asked for hand-to-hand combat rather than a fight with weapons, a fight that Izual had no chance in a fair fight, in Basilio's opinion. Izual scoffed at Basilio's words and it was almost enough to make him attack Izual in the room they were in, despite Basilio's desire to keep the room free of either of their hatred for one another. Basilio wanted to kill the other and he could feel the blood lust lurking behind Izual's gaze.

There was no doubt that Izual would stoop to lows to win this fight to take Crucifix. Basilio would never give up on his mate. Izual did not believe in what it took to keep a relationship going. Perhaps that was why he was trying to ruin the only thing that kept Basilio whole in this place without his family around. Rather than answer Izual's questioning gaze when Basilio threatened to bring it up to Vesper or Cartier, he turned on his heels, letting his fingers move to the armor and sword secured at his shoulders and back. He unclasped the 'X' hook holding it in place and as they clattered to the floor with a solid thump and the metallic clink of metal against wood, he turned to glance in Izual's direction.

"Well, are you going to keep me waiting?" he asked compliantly, shoving both his weapon and armor off to the side and somewhat beneath the stairs so that if anyone came down, they would not notice it and come looking for him right away. It was already pretty obvious that a fight going on in the yards was going to drawl attention, probably not something either of them wanted but something that was bound to happen if either of them tried to kill one another, even if Basilio had enough on Izual to confront him and kill him for the disrespect he'd shown both Crucifix and himself. Not to mention their children which were in constant danger while Izual was around. He wandered without pausing to wait for Izual to catch up or even to see if Izual was following.

He made his way down the steps at the front of the D'Neville mansion and into the courtyard, just a short distance from the fences that he took care of in his downtime when he wasn't patrolling and he settled just before the line of trees that made up the forestry that surrounded Inferni's lands. He rolled his shoulders, absently cracking his neck, stretching before finally letting his gaze stride through the clearing toward Izual.

Re: [M] Feeling like I have no release

Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:44 am

(200+) Vague post is vague. Hopefully I'll catch you on AIM so we can talk injuries. Also, Basi is completely granted to fight dirty bc Izual definitely would if he was smart enough for that xD

Izual’s face settled with a satisfied grin as he watched Basilio’s weapons and armor hit the floor with a clunk. The smaller brute kicked his things under the stairs and led them outside, passed the Mansion, passed the gates, and into the shallow wounds of the Forest of Nod that surrounded the lands. It was there they would fight and there that Izual would use every single tree to his advantage if his bare hands and teeth weren’t enough to take the little rat down. He was rise victorious today, and Vesper would have to find herself a new Bellator.

He watched as Basilio rolled his shoulders, but he had no intention of introductions. Lunging forward, he hit the ground with both hands and feet like a loping buffoon and lunged toward his opponent, claws and teeth ready to meet their prize – flesh.

If it were really possible, Izual would try to drag the pygmy down with him, further down to incapacitate him and make his weak spots vulnerable to his enemy so Izual could gut him like the little fish he was. Once down, if down, Izual would use all his power to finish the task as quickly as it started. He would spray the grass with Lykoi blood, and make an example out of his while he could.

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