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And the younger of them said to his father,

Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:37 pm

350 Words

Even though Crucifix had led him off to doctor up his smaller cuts and abrasions he hadn't allowed for her to touch his shoulder. He didn't really believe that anything could be done about it, even though it would have been simple enough to pop it back into place should he have let someone. No, the pain was simply too intense to have someone even attempting to touch it. It was why he had shied away from even the suggestion of such a thing. The blonde male would simply have to be knocked out before anything could be done about it.

Then there was his sibling that was another pain altogether. Prodigal had assumed that once they had gotten to Inferni then Silence would make his own way and pick a living quarter separate from where he had chosen to stay but that simply hadn't happened. No, Silence had chosen to bed down in the same cave that Prodigal had picked out for himself. So not only did he still have to contend with Silence's mouth but his sibling had found something else that proved to be more annoying than their incessant yapping and the chipmunk they kept around. Now Silence had found this object that made noise every time they squeezed it, and this being Silence they were always squeezing it.

So as not to murder his sibling Prodigal had headed out to find a spot to hide away from the constant noise. He didn't travel too far from the caverns but simply went to the nearest shoreline in hopes the lapping of the water would lull him into the sleep that he wasn't getting by rooming with Silence. Of course the climb over the rocky outcroppings did nothing to help his injury but since he stayed in pretty constant pain anyways it wasn't something he was unused to.

Prodigal picked a rock shelf upon which to rest his quadrupedal form and stared off of it into the water. He wasn't really saying anything but that hardly mattered for out here he couldn't hear SIlence and their chew toy.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:31 am

(286) Had to pop in! Hello! :)

The beach was one of the last few places that Izual actually found calming. Yes, calming. The beast can be tamed. His mind can be calmed. The waves with their fluid in and out, front and back motion was calming the beast and his raging eagerness to murder, maim, and mutilate. The pumpkin-eyed male stood on the shore, allowing the icy water to lap at his toes just when the big waves came in. Otherwise, then he stood at the edge of cool, moist sand every other time, allowing his eyes to follow the waves as they oozed back into the salt water. Whenever he stared for too long, he got dizzy feeling as though the ground was being pulled from under him and sucked into the sea. He stumbled back during those times and regained his footing, only to promise that he wouldn’t focus too hard on the waves. And then it would happen again.

At one point, he stumbled and managed to look over his shoulder at the same time. It was at that moment that he recognized a blonde mass laying along a rock that he hadn’t noticed before. There was a distance in between the males, and over the sound of the waves and the direction of the wind, Izual wouldn’t have heard the brute come and climb onto his resting place. There was distance to close between them, and Izual took long strides towards the blonde Infernian.

He looked comfortable, but that wasn’t something Izual took into consideration before his approach.

”Jesus, what happened to you?” He eyed the Coyote’s many abrasions, claw marks, and scars. Did he get into fights on purpose? Or did trouble just happen to find him?

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:55 pm

317 Words; Heya, surprised someone joined so quick, thank you.

I act as a saviour but I am not the Saviour. Prodigal responded when he was address and rolled an eye up to look at the other male whom had neared him. To save a wolf's soul doesn't come without risks. Certainly the other had to have seen scars before. It couldn't be that much of a surprise to see someone with old injuries. Have you not any of your own? From his positioning Prodigal was unable to fully see the other male. And it proved to be a struggle to lift his head but he managed it through a grimace of pain.

Did Silence drive you out too? For the way that the caves were formed the sound of the squeaky toy was sure to have echoed out on past the cave that they resided in and bounced around the walls of the system enough to disturb the neighbors as well. Prodigal wouldn't be surprised if Silence had more members fleeing from their spaces to outrun the noise. I've told them to stop but they just don't listen.

With a grunt, a mixing of effort and pain, Prodigal roused himself to sit up, though his left forepaw remained lifted into the air and not touching the rocky surface. Have you see Messiah or Nephilim? His older brothers were certain to have some abrasions, of course Nephilim's had been self inflicted. Or what of Stigmata or Prophet? The older lot seemed to be missing but there were a couple from his own litter here, they were the ones whom had accepted him. Still the others had left long before and they weren't to be found. Prodigal had to wonder what had happened to them. He didn't know who would be privy to any sort of information on his siblings so he was forced to ask around until he found someone who knew and could tell him something.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:06 am

(226) You're welcome!

”Savior, huh?” Izual murmured, looking down at the scars on his chest. The only difference between his and the blonde Coyote before him was that they easily blended with his fur. Prodigal’s not so much. His scars seemed pinker, and in some places, redder, than your average scar. And from afar, Izual thought they were all fresh. Upon closer inspection, he realized he was really mistaken. ”I do. Messiah did. Nephilim did because he hungered for his own flesh...” Kind of not the point, but at the same time, Izual questioned whether Nephilim even deserved to be mentioned. All his scars were self-inflicted.

”No, Silence did not drive me out,” Izual answered, turning to face the waves once more. ”Silence is what brought me here.” On a metaphorical level, of course. He hadn’t seen much of the sibling that Prodigal spoke of, however, the Coyote had seemed to be a bit hyperactive when he had. He was good at disrupting the peace, Izual could tell.

”Come to think of it, a shitload of scars seems to mean you’re closer to death in this pack. Messiah had a lot of scars, true, but where is he now?” Izual turned back to look at Prodigal, quirking an eyebrow at him. He wasn’t sure whether the Coyote knew of his sibling’s fate, but that really didn’t matter to Izual.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:11 pm

308 Words

No, Messiah does. Prodigal didn't miss the past tense usage and sought to correct it, for Messiah though not for Nephilim. It wasn't much of a surprise to hear, even if it was in a roundabout way, that something had happened to Nephilim given what his brother had always done to himself. So yes, Nephilim could be a did but certainly not Messiah. Messiah had always been the most devout among the whole lot, something that Prodigal attempted to model himself after. There had been an unspoken contest between them about who could save the most souls. Of course, Prodigal had been the one to decide on that. It was what had drove him off after the starving wolf and had been the cause behind him getting lost. He had wanted to beat Messiah and therefore earn his respect in that fashion.

You aren't going to get much silence out here. The breaking of the waves could prove to be noisy, though it was a soothing noise. One could relax out here with this noise unlike should one spend time with Silence. His sibling was the complete and utter opposite of their name. Granted that hadn't been the name that Silence had been born with, though no one could remember what it was, for silence is what they were told so often, for even as a pup Silence was incessantly noisy, that eventually they had started responding to it and it had become a name.

I would assume that he is here somewhere. For the last thing he knew Messiah had come to Inferni. But then all of his siblings that had set out had headed for Inferni. It was always the assumption that they had made it and made a home here. How many souls have you saved? For he correlated scars with the saving of souls.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:52 pm

(316) Time to ruin poor Prodigal's day.

Did,” Izual re-corrected, casting a glance back at the golden Coyote. It was at that moment that he realized he was probably going to be the bearer of bad news, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed the devastated expressions he sometimes caused. He was ready to see Prodigal’s and wondered whether the man would be surprised that his brother had been killed for saving these so-called souls or understanding that maybe Messiah got a little sloppy in his task by causing trouble for Inferni.

Prodigal informed Izual that he would not find the silence he sought at the beach, and the Massacre smiled. No, maybe it wasn’t dead silence Izual sought, but the beach proved to be as relaxing as he needed it to be. The waves soothed his mind and massaged his thoughts as they pulsed forward and trickled back. Even talking to his pack mate was somewhat relaxing with the beach in the background. Without the beach, it would have been a regular conversation.

”Dead. Messiah’s dead,” Izual informed flatly. He hadn’t attended the trial, but he had heard about it. Messiah had been caught blood-handed in his attempt to free souls. Who taught these Coyotes to kill? They were sloppy. ”Vesper called him to a trial, and he confessed to his crimes. He got Inferni in a lot of trouble with other packs. Vesper wasn’t happy. Messiah killed Nephilim, and was later killed by Vesper.” Or so he had heard. The berries thing was hard to prove without science, and unless Prophet leaked that she had made her brother commit suicide, none of them knew about that part.

”Saved?” Izual went on as if the bomb he had just dropped on Prodigal was nothing. ”Many.” A grin stretched along his maw revealing dangerous fangs that had seen Luperci meat – both Wolf and Coyote alike. Izual didn’t discriminate when it came to his prey.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:42 pm

309 Words

It would only be a crime if he harmed a coyote. And for Messiah to have confessed then that must have been what had happened. If he isn't around anymore then that means that I win. There was no devastation to the revelation but just a solemn acceptance of what had transpired. And perhaps there was a smidgen of gloating over the fact that he could easily beat Messiah's record since he no longer had the other to contend with. There was no need for Prodigal to fret for he knew that Messiah had done God's work and that he would be welcomed with open arms into the ever after. Messiah had done more than his fair share and now he could be at rest. That was all that any of them could hope for in the end.

That isn't a real answer. Many could mean anything. Depending on who used the word it could have a different meaning. For one it could mean in the tens while another would think many would rank into the thousands instead. It was too ambiguous of an answer for Prodigal's liking.

Do you have a name or do I have to come up with one on my own? Not that Prodigal had seen it fit to introduce himself. But since the other seemed to know who Silence was then it was figured that his name would have been known already as well. And if not his given name then at least his surname could be figured out given the names of his relations that he had given out. Is your family religious as well? He would assume that they had to be for the other male to know just what a soul was and what Prodigal meant. If one wasn't religious then how would one understand the vocabulary that was being used?

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:28 pm

(424) or not!

”Well, Vesper seems to think differently about what classifies as a crime...”

Upon hearing Prodigal’s answer about Messiah’s death, Izual realized exactly what he had been dealing with. A bible thumper, or more formally known as Inferni’s Saviors. Messiah had been one, Nephilim had been one, and many of the de le Poer’s that came from wherever the hell they originated from seemed to follow similar beliefs. Though, he couldn’t confirm whether Crucifix and her siblings were those kinds of Coyotes, he liked to think Basilio flip-flopped between innocent and savior-type sometimes. Izual rolled his eyes, sighing as he listened to Prodigal go on about some kind of contest he seemed to automatically win with his brother’s death. It was cut-throat and savage - Izual’s type of game - but still he didn't understand.

”You win?” he asked, quirking his head in question.

As the conversation went on, Prodigal questioned how many souls Izual saved due to the vague answer he offered. Izual huffed, thinking about how many it must’ve been. He had killed so many that it was hard to keep track of. All their pelts, faces, quirks all just blended together in his mind. The only way anyone stood out to him was when their meat tasted extra pleasant. ”Do I have to give you an exact number? I have no idea how many. Probably thousands by now...” Since he hunted every couple of days... that would only make sense, but Izual wasn’t educated enough for math.

Izual had known Prodigal and his brother’s name just by being aware of who was coming in and out of Inferni. It wasn't hard when he spent most of his days wandering around Inferni. Eventually, he would see new faces, match them with scents, and look into it and find out who they were. It was kind of like that how he found out about Prodigal and Silence.

”Let’s see what you got,” Izual said, leaning back and waiting for Prodigal to come up with a name for him. It wasn’t that Izual was unwilling to tell his name, but he was more amused with finding out the name Prodigal would give him. ”I’ll give you a hint, though. We kill people.” If that was anything to go by.

While Izual gave Prodigal a moment to decide his new name, Izual considered his last question. Was his family religious? Probably not. His mother hadn't tried to push any weird religion shit on him ever... but there was Belial. ”My brother is religious.” Assuming he was still alive.

Re: And the younger of them said to his father,

Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:20 pm

302 Words

Non-believers usually do. The words were stated quite simply. He didn't seem at all bothered by the accusation. He was used to the nay-sayers and didn't pay them any mind. They would learn soon enough when troubles beset them. In fact that seemed to be the best way to get converts. Silence was the sibling more interested in converts though. Prodigal could care less to what happened to those whom thought to cause him to stray from his course. He hadn't been charged with converting others, only saving souls.

Prodigal nodded his head when his exclamation was questioned. We are all charged with seeing who could save the most souls. Messiah had always seemed to pull ahead. His task is now done and so it falls to me to carry on. Which meant that he would outpace Messiah easily now. He would become the favored son even if he should never behold Priest again. But Priest's favor mattered little to obtaining the favor of their Father.

Then why not just say a multitude? The words were pretty much sighed out. It would have been so much easier if the other male had said that in the first place. Prodigal could understand the meaning behind a multitude. It was nowhere near as ambiguous as many was.

Prodigal took the hint that he was given and ran with it. Abaddon. He gave the other the first name which came to his mind which would fit within the realms of the criteria. Of course that was without pausing to think that the other might not possess a biblical name, or that the other might not even recognize such a style of name. But then the other had asked for Prodigal to name him and Prodigal had made it clear that he was the religious sort.

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