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turning point

Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:36 pm

Oriole is in secui 313

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At which point does the boy become a man: was he assumed an equal once he ascended to Tirones, at one year old, or was there something more he still had to do? The conflict in the recent past was over and the Clan was recovering. Clover and his dads had made it known to him early on that he was a child and had no business fighting, that he had no skill. Young Oriole had protested, but now he was learning; they had been right after all. He wasn't the defender he'd pegged himself to be, he was the defended. He wasn't a man...yet.

Purposeful footfalls and a set brow saw him out the door and drew him to the arena. If he wanted to be a true defender of the Clan he had to work at it, there was so much now to learn.

He thought of Dove with her bow, not much older than Oriole and already so skilled. He didn't think a bow would suit him, at least not to start out with and his thoughts turned to Vesper and he flinched. His Meemaw was a ferocious feral fighter but her role in the conflict had been diminished by an act of foul play. He grew uneasy at the thought of her wounds and sought another example. She materialized almost instantly as he came to a stop at the entrance to the pit, Aunt Clover.

The secui formed adolescent hesitated and flattened his ears. And boy had he gotten an earful from Clover after that first assault with the arrows. It'd been weeks ago but he still tread lightly around his aunt and dad's.

His desire and willingness to learn soon trumped his worries and he lifted his ears and entered the pit. Aunt Clover. He called to her, his determination setting in. I want to learn to fight.

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Re: turning point

Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:00 am

200+ ; Form → Secui

Pink flesh glistened under coarse guard hairs as Clover turned her head, sniffing the air. Her wounds had healed into shiny scar tissue, gone the days of scabbing and pain -- and she wore the mark like a badge of honor and reminder both. Perhaps it was her growing confidence or the company that she kept, but fewer coyotes seemed to look at her with the confusion and disdain she saw in eveyrone's gaze when she first joined the clan, and Clover attributed this to her role as a loyal soldier in the war. She'd helped save two Bellators' children, had fought in battle, had perhaps earned her place here.

It was not an honor that everyone could earn.

She looked up at Oriole's bark and was unsurprised. A brow streaked with soot, darker marks on grey fur that made her look fierce, wrinkled as she studied him. Every day he looked more and more like an adult, with only traces of adolescence affecting his proportions, his carriage. She did not regret punishing him for his carelessness in the war, though; he was something too precious to lose to inexperience and a boy's desire to prove himself.

But her face relaxed almost immediately and she woofed at him boldly. Come on, then, she said, and adopted Vesper's manner of teaching almost immediately. Attack me, kid, and we'll see how you do.

Re: turning point

Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:17 am


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Clover, ash streaked and studying him, didn't argue or begrudge him his desire to learn. In fact, she didn't waste any time at all. Oriole did a double take. But all the signs suggested that yes he'd heard her right. It took him a few moments to gather himself until his face scrunched up in concentration and he took his first tentative steps towards her.

His head and ears lowered in line with his spine and he sidestepped into a cautious semi-circle with enough room left between them that he had space to pounce her or jump away. He kept the distance as he doubled back to retrace his steps. His whole body was teeming with nervous energy but his will was stronger.

He flinched at her slightest movement, overager and inexperienced. Then finally he charged, making perhaps the most common and glaring mistake by attempting to take her head-on.

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Re: turning point

Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:44 am


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The coydog lowered his head, revealing the blush of lighter gold fur along his spine, and began to circle around her. He used the space well, allowing himself room to dodge her and to think and breathe, size up her weaknesses. She turned slowly to keep him within her sight at all time, lifting her bushy tail and bristling to make herself appear larger, because sometimes bluffing was half the battle.

Finally Oriole rushed toward her, and Clover growled. He would find himself facing heavy paws and a full set of snarling teeth, as she lunged forward in an attempt to clamp her jaws around his muzzle and use her weight to force him down. She might have teased him about his idea had she not thought that experiencing the bruises would be a far better lesson for the eager youth.

Re: turning point

Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:07 am


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Clover followed his progress with a steady gaze and frayed his nerves with an accompanying growl. Oriole was hesitant to so much as bare a fang at his sister-aunt, whom before now had served as a comfort and companion. Clover obviously felt differently.

Clover grabbed his muzzle and forced his forelegs out from under him as he thrashed his head. Her teeth scraped against him painfully as he did so forcing him to give up his head. He was down...but not out.

He began to twist his body beneath her to break her grip. It was an altogether risky move as it would bare his belly if successful, but at least he would be free.

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Re: turning point

Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:57 pm

She did not bite him half as roughly as she did Conrad when they sparred, but neither did she pull her punches too much. She wouldn't be doing him any favors by instilling false confidence in him; already this had gotten him into trouble during the war, and her teeth grazing that scar on his mouth would remind him of this.

The golden coydog thrashed and squirmed, and she was forced to let go of his snout. However, she didn't give him more than a second to breathe; her paws aimed at the flash of his darker orange stomach, and she tried to shove him down into the sand and pin him with her weight -- which, while mostly fluff, was still substantial enough.

Of course, if he stayed flexible and quick, most of her pale underside was close enough to his dark jaws and paws, too.

Re: turning point

Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:53 pm


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As they struggled and scraped Oriole's inhibitons melted away. His aunt's attack was bruising and relentless. He scarcely realized when this happened, if he noticed at all. It was as if his instincts, sensing a threat, had taken control. His body worked overtime to throw off her grip, twisting until he became impossible to hold.

Clover gave him just enough time to seize a single blessed breath until she bore him down to the ground. Oriole was a little more prepared this time. He fought against her weight and snapped his jaws at her chest then the inside of her foreleg, reaching his front paws out to rake his claws along her underside, whatever he could reach.

His jaws found purchase on her leg and his teeth clamped shut around it as he squeezed just hard enough. If she’d been a real opponent he might've thrashed his head back and forth to break and tear away the skin and flesh as well as remove her hold on him. If this worked they'd be back to square one and he could start over. And this time he wasn't going down so easily...he hoped.

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Re: turning point

Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:48 pm

He would grow into something stronger than his father, Clover surmised as she felt his muscles beneath that golden coat. She tried to stay on top of him as he writhed and snapped, his dark jaws surging up to the pale of her hest and legs, shoving and kicking. She growled fiercely when his teeth clamped around her limb, pain sparking up through the bone.

"Good, you can break it if you bite hard enough,"
she said, and slid from him -- attempting to jerk her leg from his mouth. If she succeeded, she would be just as quick to smash that same foot back into his face, batting him sideways... or maybe he'd taken her lesson to heart and wouldn't release his grip so easily. That would be awkward on her end.

Re: turning point

Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:03 pm


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He nodded as best he could, still gripping her leg in his jaws. Even as she began to withdraw Oriole didn't release the pressure. For the first time he had her in what could be a comprising situation and he wasn't keen on handing back the advantage. He growled against her flesh and countered back with a hard tug, attempting to drag her leg back to it's original position and further.

Still beneath her began to twist again, using her withdrawal to try and upset her balance. Jerking his head and her leg with it he twisted his shoulders and tried to roll back to his belly. If he was successful it would break his grip, but at least he would have his feet again. Maybe he could slip away from beneath her and initiate another face-off.

His mane bristled with the excitement and his heart raced. He could feel it pumping blood through his body, warming and priming his young muscles. It was a good feeling but not wholly new. He'd encountered a similar sensation during the Boreas attack when arrows had whistled through the air. But that was fear. He'd been too young, all but useless to himself and his Clan. Oriole didn't want to feel that way ever again. The thought drove him, filled him and he twisted and fought with all he had.

He would be a Bellum, he would make them proud.

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