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Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:50 pm

A small shape walked along the outskirts of the human city known as Amherst. She had an exotic look, one that seemed very much like a fox or coyote; a fusion of those if that could exist. She was small, shorter than average. She had a long, bushy tail that seemed like a fox's but, she also had long legs that were unlike a fox's and seemed more coyote-esque. She had long ears that were coyote-like but her muzzle didn't taper. She was a jackal, something that was quite rare in 'Souls.

Her fur was a mixture of monochrome hues. Her fur was as silver as snow, almost white in color; like the moonlight. Running down her back was a darker saddle, an attribute given to her by her jackal ancestry. Scattered through the grey were black hairs that seemed like something from her mixed jackal blood. The tip of her tail was white, like a fox. Her eyes were two different shades of green that spoke of the greener times. Her left eye was lighter than the right, a trait she shared with her sibling.

She wore clothing due to the drop of wolf blood doing nothing to give her even a slightly thicker coat. She wore a moss-green anorak with a fur-lined hood. Under the coat she wore a long-sleeved shirt to provide even more protection from the cold. She also wore a pair of jeans to protect her legs. A grey and white scarf was wrapped around her neck to add even more protection. Around her neck was also a wooden pendant that was the shape of a crescent moon.

Avinalora didn't know why she didn't go to Amherst often. She didn't mind living in houses; she actually prefered living in houses to caves. But there was something about Amherst, maybe it was the buildings. Or maybe it was the fact that there might be a few unsavory individual living in the city. Adrian had lived in the human relic for a bit and said that it was fine. But the vixen just didn't feel comfortable in there. But, she was curious today.

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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:31 pm

Word Count → 315 :: Minor PP that she was moving around, lemme know if that's ok!
Huffing an irritated breath, he pushed back his fringe, eyes flicking around the landscape in mild interest, unaccustomed to such huge human relics like this; his home had been built by luperci hand, each construct serving a purpose and designed vastly different to the empty, crumbling ones that surrounded them now. Ryker didn't appear to even notice how vastly different this place was, taking it all in his stride without batting an eye lid. Then again he'd always been the one to notice things, lingering in the shadows as he did, seeing things was what he did, whilst Ryker was the thing to be seen, the being in the spotlight, drawing in everyone's attention.

Hard to believe they were littermates at times, how unalike they were in temperament. Not that it was a bad thing; if it hadn't been for Ryker, he'd be struggling to stay a float in life. Following in his brothers shadow was easy, he didn't have to make any hard decisions, nor did he have to do anything himself. Ryker did it all and made living, being in control and being an adult look so easy. Grateful as he was for everything his brother was doing, that of course didn't mean he wouldn't complain about things.

Maw opening to speak, a scent upon the wind had him freezing, sucking in a sharp breath at the shock of someone approaching ahead of them. Needing the contact to ground him, he quickly crossed over to where Ryker stood, head to the wind, picking up on the strangers scent just as he had. Moving behind his brother, a hand clutched at the coarse material of Ryker's shirt, the pale hybrid hiding in the shadow of his brother, whose posture shifted, spine straightening as he brought himself up to his full height, before calling out to the female that wondered they way.

“Hey there.”
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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:43 am

Avinalora's ears twitched as she heard something. She could hear what sounded like two people. The wind was against her today as it blew her scent towards them instead of blowing it towards her. She didn't like not knowing about strangers, she could have been mistaken and end up walking towards a bear or something. She couldn't learn anything about the beings she was going to meet and that scared the vixen. She wasn't fast, nor could she fight which made detection of possible threats important to her. She also was nearly blind which made scent all the more important for her.

The fox maiden didn't stop walking, though. They already had her scent by now and there was a chance that there would be a peaceful interaction if she just kept calm. Last time she had freaked out and over-reacted, she had almost met her death. The Anatheman healer hoped Morai would be kind to her today.

A voice called out to the moonlit medic. The voice had an accent that she recognized after her sister had taught her, it was French. She didn't know much about other languages, if she could she would learn. But, she didn't have much access to bilingual people so that was out for her. The tone was masculine and sounded friendly. The voice put the people to her left and not very far away. The silver lady turned so that her good side would be able to see them.

The wind was in the moon-washed maiden's favor and shifted to allow their scents to come to her. Two males that were Luperci and of dog ancestry. They seemed to be loners, lacking a pack scent. Before the attacks, she liked meeting loners, having been one herself, but now she was a bit wary but didn't show it.

They were tall, from what the monochrome fox could see. One was of lighter hues and the other one was darker colored. They both seemed humanized, standing in Optime and clothed. She didn't feel that they were going to harm her, but she slowed her pace to a stop before replying.

"Greetings." The winter wraith replied.

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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:05 pm

Word Count → 273 :: Small note; Ansel and Ryker are average height (not tall) and exceptionally slim.
With each step she drew closer, the fist clutching to Ryker's clothes tightened, threatening to tear the material clean free from his brothers torso; if he had the strength for such a feat, that was, which he most certainly did not. Ryker, ever the noble knight and protective brother eased himself into a position to better intercept the female's line of sight, blocking Ansel from view, the pale hybrid forced to lean out and look around Ryker to see anything of what was going on. Not that he particularly cared to show himself; being social was stressful, tiresome and something he tried his best to avoid at all costs.

“You from around here?” his brother made it so easy, making small talk, asking a question like it was nothing. The small, petty part of him wanted to hate and be jealous of his siblings lack of faults and how he seemed to excel at everything, whilst Ansel just persisted in failing spectacularly. Ryker was the only one who didn't judge him, didn't force him or laugh at his discomfort with practically everything in life; no, his brother stood beside him and helped him, in all his perfect glory, making it rather hard to hate the male.

Snorting in frustration, he pressed his nose to his brothers back, nudging the space between his shoulder blades, trying to sink into Ryker's presence and hide away from the world. It was a necessary evil to speak to the residents of these lands, if they were to learn more and be able to gain enough of an understanding of things to figure out their next move.
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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:20 pm

Avinalora smelled two scents, but she could only see the dark haired one. But, she could make out lighter hues behind the dark one. The light one was afraid of her? They were a lot bigger than her and she wasn't the most threatening of creatures. This confused the vixen greatly, but she didn't let her confusion show. The light-haired and dark-haired reminded the her of her sister and she, except she wouldn't be cowering behind Adrian. Maybe the guy was afraid of jackals? She couldn't imagine someone being afraid. Wary, she could get. The fox maiden had faced prejudice before, but never fear.

"I'm from a bit down south." The moonlit jackal said in response to the man's question. She didn't know if the two knew about Anathema. Unlike some people, she wouldn't hide her affiliation with the "dark pack". She would defend her pack and choice, though she didn't know how to defend other than with words. She knew that there were many with prejudice against Anathema, she had faced that before.

"So what brings you two here to Amherst?" The monochrome fox asked. The two smelled similar, but she didn't know if they were brothers or something. They seemed like brothers, they smelled alike but their fur color. She knew that there could be dark and light siblings, she and her sister were totally different colors, but had similar build. Maybe it was the same for them?

The winter wraith was still confused about the light one. She smelled fear coming off of him which was something she wasn't used to. She wouldn't ask about him, it would be insulting and rude. She tried to act as if she was talking to two people, her eyes gazing at both of them. But, she acted as if she was talking to two normal people.

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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:00 pm

Word Count → 238 :: OOC.
His tongue felt heavy, lungs freezing as the panic set in. Forcing himself to breath through the inevitable anxiety that always surfaced in the face of social situations with strangers, he closed his eyes: he didn't have to speak. Ryker was handling everything. No one here was going to yell at him, to try and force him to do anything; Ryker wouldn't allow that to happen. And when they were alone again, everything would be better, his body would be under his control once more and he'd be back to normal.

It wasn't fear, it wasn't conscious and he didn't have a choice, couldn't stop himself from freezing up like this, couldn't make himself speak or even gesture if he wanted to. All he could do was predict when he was about to enter an unfavourable situation and remove himself from it; in this case, grab Ryker and use his sibling as a meat shield.

“Amherst? So that's the name of this place? Well, we're kind of wondering, for now at least. Learning the land, who lives where. Getting our facts straight before we decide to settle down or move on,” his hand twitched, pinching the flesh of his brothers back, disliking how much his darker sibling was sharing over their intents. Unable to tell him to stop, that small pinch was all he could manage; even that was a huge feat with someone unknown so close.

Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:26 pm

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Word Count → 229

The light one's fear scent was really putting her off. She had never had this much fear directed at her; she was shorter than the guy's shoulder and weighed a lot less than him. She could deal with prejudice, but fear was a whole new experience for her. The vixen had always been someone that wasn't intimidating. She was tiny and had no real offensive or defensive capabilities other than her words. But this guy was acting like she was a wolf-bear.

The dark one spoke again. He didn't seem to know what the city was called. So they were new to the land it seemed. The fox maiden remembered when she was new to Nova Scotia and how she had to figure out what was what. That was a long time ago for her. When Jarix was with her. When Midnight Shores was still around. She shouldn't be thinking about that. It would being back too many painful memories for her.

"So, you're looking for a pack or something?" The monochrome fox asked. She didn't know if they were traders or just loners. But most Luperci joined a pack since it was harder surviving with only two people. She had been there and had quite the encounter with another guy whom reacted fiercely towards her. Maybe if she had been in a pack, maybe that wouldn't have happened.

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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:30 pm

Word Count → 225 :: Ansel wouldn't smell of fear (stress perhaps). He's intentionally removing himself from a situation that could trigger his anxiety by hiding behind Ryker. Therefore his fear response isn't actually being triggered yet.
“Eh, our plans are up in the air right now. Just got here, learning the land, the packs, the faces. Want to get all our facts straight and make plans from there,” Ryker responded with ease, the tone giving away what the male was doing without Ansel even having to be looking at his brother to know. Certainly if he were to look there'd be a smile upon his brothers expression, all demure and charm to cajole his target into being open to discussion so that he could pump them for the information that he was after.

If only they were alone he'd be able to mock his sibling, taunt him with the way he acted with others, discourage him from doing it again. After all, Ansel was a petty and selfish creature; Ryker could go anywhere, be anything, get along with anyone. So easily his brother could leave him alone, abandon him to a life of dealing (or as the case would be, not dealing) with his problems.

Yeah, he knew all too well how dependent he was on Ryker and how easily his brother could cast him aside for an easier life. So he tried to manipulate, to anchor his brother too him, keep him close and make it impossible for his older brother to abandon him.

“You a local then?”

Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:10 pm

Avinalora remembered when she had been a loner with Jarix. They had talked to as many loners as possible, trying to figure out which pack they would join. They preferred talking to loners since there was a less chance they would be biased, And now these two brothers were doing the same thing. She just hoped they wouldn't try visiting every single pack like the weirdo she had met planned to. They seemed sensible at least.

The fox maiden wasn't very biased about packs, except for her dislike for Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles. But she wouldn't try to sway them away from those packs, or sway them towards her own. She knew that they wouldn't fit into Inferni, but that still left a lot of other options for the pair. She didn't know how well they would fit into Salsola, though. She would think that they would fit well into any other pack, though. They had a lot of options, more than the pair of jackals had.

And then the dark one asked if the moon-washed medic was a local. She was a local, though sometimes, she didn't feel like she was. She didn't know much of the land, having been bound to a small expanse of area because of her bad leg. She hadn't gone very far past the peninsula. But the waif was technically a local, having spent more than six moons in 'Souls.

"Yeah, I guess I am." The monochrome fox said. She didn't know if they wanted information, but she was willing to give it if they needed it. "Any questions?"

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Re: Bright lights and city sounds are ringing like a drone

Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:52 am

Word Count → 259 :: Out of Character text
Clearly she was a local; she was here, in this area and to him that made the answer obvious enough – foreign wouldn't so casually wonder around without a care in an area their were unfamiliar with, would have a strange accent or something about their conduct that otherwise made them stand out or seem less self-assured. Clearly though, this basic logic was not obvious enough for Ryker, since his brother had still felt compelled to ask her, the female responding with a positive as he'd assumed she would.

And then she asked if they had questions or, more accurately, if Ryker did, because he sure as heck didn't want to be here talking to her. Resigned to his brother prolonging this painful experience, he began to imagine a million and one ways to kill or torture his brother as revenge for making him suffer through this. Ryker knew what being around strangers did to him, knew all too well the effect anyone unknown would have upon him, yet still dragged him into these messes.

“Well, you wouldn't happen to know of anyone from the Asylum or Lykoi families? We're looking for some friends who are meant to be around here,” Ryker explained, not caring for anything else. They weren't going to waste their time going to every pack; doing so wouldn't benefit them or their cause. Loners and those in neutral lands were telling enough about packs; gossip usually had some basis, after all and they already had the general gossip on most packs in the area.
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