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POSTED: Mon May 15, 2017 9:56 pm

Avinalora took a second to think about the questions that the man asked. She wasn't very keen on last names since she had none. She remembered that there were Lykoi in Anathema, or she thought there were. Yeah, his name was Kentaro Lykoi. She didn't know if he had children, hell she hadn't even met the bastard. Nor did she want to.

"I think there is a Lykoi or two in Anathema." The fox maiden replied with a shrug. She didn't want to say exactly how many since she didn't know and might mislead them. And then she rebreed that the new Angela was also a Lykoi, or at least that was what she thought. And wasn't Kentaro Aeron's son? That meant that either the lady was a Lykoi or mated with one.

"Now, if you don't mind, I best be getting home now." The monochrome fox said. It was a long way home and she wanted to get home before nightfall or she'd be in danger. She didn't even wait for them to say anything since they were just loners and she had no obligation to them. But, she did say over her back, "Anathema is that way if you want to see your family member or something." And then she continued on her way, not caring if they followed her.

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