Re: Without a Sound They Fly


POSTED: Tue May 16, 2017 11:54 am

The fawn female was grateful as the silver healer joked lightly about the situation, allowing the younger Anatheman to feel more at ease with herself and the fact that she had embarrassed herself if just a bit. The tea really was helping her stomach to settle down, and it gave the tiny young Tuyul a new found respect for herbs and medicine, and she decided that she would like to learn as much as she could about these things even if she was not going to be a healer. With a small smile and a shy laugh the girl responded to Avinalora's statement about her wards forgetting that they smelled like her.

As the silver healer went to leave, accepting May's thanks and saying that she was going to be going about her rounds, the young adolescent nodded in response and continued to sip the warm soothing liquid until there was nothing but an empty cup that she then sat atop the table as she was instructed. Standing up, the girl glanced up into the rafters, about to call her bird back to her, but the young female raised her eyebrow and smiled slightly as she saw the two owls nestled up together and catching a bit of shut eye.

The young intellectual couldn't help but smile, thinking that she should just leave the pair there to get to know each other better. May would come back for Aywin later in the day, she didn't mind letting him have this time to simply be a bird.

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