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[M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:17 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

(200+) For Charlie, dusk. Set at Anathema's borders...

She had asked him to come for her. She had consummated the promise with blood, and now here he was. Here. For her.

He had never gone to another pack’s borders before – never needing to do so. Though, it wasn’t like he didn’t know how it worked. It was all drilled into their brains at one point. He had been the first out of him and his brother to join Inferni, so at one point, he had to do this at Inferni’s borders. Stand there and call for someone else to let him in… or let her out.

He threw back his head and yapped into the sky – uneven, unpleasant was the call of the Coyote. He felt kind of strange standing there, waiting. What if he was met with someone else? He hadn’t the slightest clue of what he was going to say if someone questioned why he was there. He hadn’t the slightest clue of how not to get chased off. What if she decided she wasn’t going to come? What if she had led him to the wrong pack? Females were tricky like that sometimes. There were tricks all over the forest.

With his hulking form, he stood there peering expectantly over Anathema’s dark borders. The sun set slowly towards his left, leaving him with the darkness they both knew and loved. Darkness he could work with.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:02 pm


Much excite



With her mind in a haze, and her body placed under the strain of sating her need with unfit substance, the pit of her stomach constantly churned with longing. Who knew it would be so hard to cram a monster down her throat. Even through focusing intensely on new interests, it seemed impossible to quiet her aptly-named sinister companion.

On the creaky boards of her run-down, slanted porch, she'd settled in, a book propped on one shin, her hand moving up and down to grace her lips with a joint—a botched, homemade pleasure she'd pioneered with supply of Anathema’s garden. She flipped a page, and began humming a soft tune that seemed to emulate the jutting tones of classical violin. It helped her relax, and subside the rush that occasionally conspired within her head.

The hush of the waning sun was upon her. The black wolf reached across the rail and flicked her smoke, about to bring it back across the yellowed pages for another drag when she heard a sound. It was horribly drawn out, awkward, and she decided ornately perverse. Much like the deathly screeching of the bird she'd been punished for stoning, this sound brought great delight. Quietly, she swept herself away from her home, leaving the weathered pages of Othello behind to meet the only person she knew who could possibly produce such an alluring noise. Charletter ran towards the borders, her heart skipping with elation, her mind burrowing itself in what she would tell him about the past few weeks. A few times she may have tripped, and all the anger she had kept all wrapped up inside threatened to burst from its homely cage; but no such thing happened. In a timely manner she'd arrived, having already slowed down minutes before to catch her breath—and hopefully not look like a total idiot in front of Izual. There he was, standing before her, his scenic orange eyes wading through the noise to catch her attention. Charletter drew near, the glow of her joint delicately cradled in her bony fingers, her breath leaving a trail of smoke behind her; lingering oh-so faintly in the dim infancy of dusk.

Charletter only hoped he would approve of her tame appearance; the tidy hair, pulled into a ponytail, and held together by a bright-pink ribbon; her back held straight, carrying some kind of muddied civility; and the overall mannerism she held aloft, which would normally be neglected by choice. She was trying to change, for the sake of her own security, and less importantly, for the safety of others.

She grinned wide, but not so wide as to give him any ideas. “I've waited quite a while for you, I thought you might never show up.” Then she simply looked at him with those unforgiving, slightly-reddened eyes of her’s, and nothing else was bothered to be said. What else could be said besides the obvious anyway? She couldn't really commit to telling him of her recent troubles, at least not yet. The young girl's free hand crept to the side of her head, and began fidgeting with the side of her ear with an outstretched finger, the remaining fingers curling across her right cheek; the one cheek still completely unscathed in her many fights.

Her credibility as something impassive was slowly deteriorating—giving way to her wild feelings for him, feelings she didn't know how to stop. It scared her, maybe even more so than her inner self did, but it was a fear she could get used to, one that she could decide to live with. In the interim of silence which followed her words, she took another drag from her creation. It wasn't quite as strong as the stuff she'd savored in her previous exploit of hijacking, but it was good enough to resort to when she needed to be calmed. It was one of many tools she used to keep the encircling darkness at bay.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:00 am

(200+) ooc text here.

Izual’s eyes scanned the Anatheman borders for a long time, it seemed. Long enough to lose his mind to thought and begin planning his next hunt, his next kill. Where would he do it? How would he do it? He’d do it not too far from here – the first Luperci he found. He hoped it were a woman, though it wasn’t often he got to ravage a woman. He rarely found them wandering the forests when he was hunting for them.

As he blinked, he smelled his favorite smell on the wind and when the thoughts of a brown female – covered in blood – faded from his mind, he was beheld with the image of the black femme he met in the woods. Charletter-Ebony. A grin stretched upon his lips – how could it not? – at the sight of her. Though, quickly, he noticed the subtle differences that weren’t present in the forest. For one, she seemed a lot calmer, tamer here. Rather than the wild animal he met in the woods, reaching into the wounds of others, she was as virtually tame as she was physically.

In his eyes there were questions. ”I had a few things to do before I came to see you again,” he spoke, taking a step forward, itching to touch her face. ”But of course I was coming.” He nodded his head to the right, as if to say let’s go? and then he backed away from the borders, hoping she’d follow as if he had hypnotized her.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:21 am


A novel by Daniel <3



It was magic. His voice alone seemed enough to part any clouds which threatened to suffocate her. Perhaps he could bring her back to life more readily than she could, although the process would be messy—this seemed to be his way.

He was enigmatic; a rogue to her as much as the wickedness which lurked within. Though, she knew him—not by name or face—but by essence. The very air he breathed was the air she had consumed many times before. It began with the desire, the nagging urge, and ended with a purging of weight with drastic, serene violence. It was remarkably pleasurable on a level unfathomable to those who lacked the psychological discrepancy that they shared. In a way it was easy to see him, and to instantly want him just as easily as she might want herself.

She edged closer as he edged further away to maintain their distance evenly. Somewhere along the line, she couldn't help but pursue what she wanted. Eventually she broke the neat little constant she had preserved, and stepped with the intent to gain ground without first losing it. This small game left her breathless, her body floating on the suspense. In the midst of this, she made herself well aware of a question teetering, hanging above both of their heads like an empty frame awaiting one who was brave enough to grace the canvas, and cultivate the rules. Both wanted to know: “Who is the prey?”.

Her eyes wouldn't release him from their icy bite as she bid towards him with the delight seen in a carnivore; licking it's chops, waiting to corner it's meal. But she wouldn't corner him. Charlie was already overtaken, swept away. She might as well have been meaty remnants; being carelessly picked from between the man's sharp teeth. Thus, the answer was given. She would gladly be his meal. She reached out to him quietly with her free hand, hoping to have him hold a few of her fingers in his grasp, so as to be sure he wouldn't lose her in the tangle, the speed, the devilish desire which enshrouded him like stray emanations from a dangerously day-to-day star. The wrongness made it all feel warmer somehow, the inevitable explosion, impossible to resist.

The smell of him so close permeated her senses, and her body drove itself mad remaining so calm. “Where are you taking me?” It was already answered—an unspoken, mutual understanding between two lunatics—but it nevertheless, needed to be said.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:39 am

(200+) ooc text here.

Her hand stretched out to him as he backed away, and he took it – an uncharacteristic thing for him to do, but he wanted her to come with him. If holding her hand and leading her towards the death that they would for sure cause in the near future was what he had to do, then he would. Slowly, he led her towards the forest, deeper within the wood than they had been already, away from her pack. He had smelled others in the trees earlier when he had come, and even then they had been in the early stages of setting up their camp for the night. They would be their fresh targets.

”You’re going to hunt with me. We need to stretch our legs, and we will do it with a little blood. What do you say?” he asked, letting go of her hand now as he stood beside a large, sinister-looking tree. He wouldn’t drag her with him, but he also didn’t feel the need to drag her anywhere. He had a feeling she would come willingly.

”I passed a camp of loners on my way here, and by the time we reach them again, they should be nice and relaxed. If we play our cards right, we might even get a drink out of it before we spread their blood all over the forest.” Plus, he vaguely noticed that they might’ve been Wolves, so in reality he was doing both Inferni and Prodigal a favor by “saving” more souls.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:13 pm


Ah, weird, crazy-person romance



As the forest swallowed them, and their surroundings dimmed under thicker foliage, she dropped her joint through loose fingers and left it behind. The dull buzz which licked at her skull remained, but there was something much more potent alongside it now, a shadow which hung like a crooked-smiled arsonist; preparing to light the first match.

Her fingers fell through Izual’s, and he finally asked her. Clinical, poignant elation had her reveal her teeth in a side-long crawl of white. “Why, yes.” She answered, her voice systematic, still accompanied with the proper glee a schoolgirl might emit after being asked to prom. Her brow went hard-wrought. The mention of drawing and spreading blood was inspiring, but not at all critical to her enjoyment. She longed for something else, something more demanding of an audience, as well as meticulous and artful. More artful than simply displaying the natural sight of blood. She agreed to his ritual, however, mostly because she didn't have one of her own.

They made their way to where Izual had scouted out the camp. The time was spent without word, saturated by the sound of the man's hefty breathing. Charlie's eyes—more often than not—found themselves meandering about the slight definition on the tall man's back, and her own shallow breathing became deeper as her mind busied itself with fantasy.

The camp was situated in a mere thinning out of trees rather than a clearing, which allotted space for the pitching of a small tent and a few bedrolls. Three beings performed what could be their last actions; one of which, piling branches and twigs for a small fire; the other two, chatting about what the day’s worth of hunting had brought them in terms of food. They did so beside the tent, while the taller of the three wolves quietly prepared their source of warmth for the night. ‘Very soon they will be cold, colder than me if I dare believe it.’ The promise was alluring, but not at all easily committed to. The monster was calling, and she was, for once, terrified. The shred of conscience that was within her cried out—screamed in fear of what the future held. She grew restless at the thought of what she was truly capable of, and took to Izual’s side rigidly, so she might feel less alone inside her own head.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:32 am

(300) ooc text here.

From their position in the dark forest, Izual watched with eyes glinting with flickering fire. Two men, one woman. A man piling sticks into their campfire to keep it burning for a few more hours, and a man and a woman chatting about their days’ worth of meat. Izual licked his lips. Deer wouldn’t satiate the hunger than burned inside of him. Only blood, wolf blood. His orange eyes twinkled with delight as he imagined the kill and their blood sizzling in the fire.

”Follow my lead,” he murmured to Charlie and led her – again, by the hand – out of the trees towards the strangers. The snarl that lingered on Izual’s face before melted away to an unnatural smile; his eyes now reflected the same smile, instead of the intent that his mind still tightly clung to.

”I’m sorry to bother you,” he began as the strangers paused in their activities and looked up at him and Charlie unsurely. His tone soaked up a sickly sweet flavor. ”Would you spare a place at your fire for a little while? You see, my mate is pregnant and I’m afraid traveling for so long will affect the pups badly. Could we rest our feet for just a few moments?” Izual took a breath – all this niceness was taking a toll on him.

He looked down at Charlie in mock worry, and then back up at the strangers. The woman still watched them with untrusting eyes, but one of the males must’ve had a similar experience because the one gathering the twigs scooted over on the ground. ”Please.” He stretched his arm, designating a spot in the dirt where Charlie and Izual would sit, closest to the fire.

Izual would allow Charlie to sit first, watching how well she would fake her pregnancy.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:41 am


Why is this funny?



It was his hand that led her amidst the eyes of these wolves, and this surprised her. She had not been expecting him to take hold of her again and lead the way, but he did, and what happened next was even more unpredictable.

She smiled neatly, her posture creating little room for doubt as he explained their “situation”. It was a clever ploy, one she admired, but she found herself contemplating a real pregnancy for the first time, and this made her uncomfortable in the least. She almost forgot she was capable of such a thing as reproduction. Children couldn't possibly amount to anything but her own personal expense. Charlie had never understood children, even when she was one herself. There were always complications that in her case made emotion impossibly difficult to process, and children were quite simply raw emotion. Now it was up to her to play the part, however, and this she was capable of.

Whether it was natural talent, or a skill that progressed as she grew up, Charlie had always been a strong actor. Throughout her childhood she was constantly wearing a mask; saying what should be said, and mimicking the behaviours of a being with a capacity for empathy. Recent events had caused the girl to fall back into her old ways, and she instantly had found she was even better than she remembered.

She let out a dainty little breath of surprise. “Oh thank you, it's so good to see that there's still generosity in this world.” One of her hands had wrapped around Izual’s arm while he was talking, but she broke away now slowly, as if wary of leaving the protection of her partner. Her fingers gently trailed down his arm, and she quietly made her way to the fire, and sat delicately in the dirt. Her eyes flicked up to his with a dirty glance, to speak to him and only him. It wasn't sexual, but perhaps mutual in the sense that they both craved what would happen next.

The one woman of the trio came over and sat beside Charlie, her mismatched eyes sparkling, her mouth set in a ridiculous smile. “Have you thought of names?” She asked. “Not really,” Charlie responded, “I think we just wanted to wait until they fall out of me.” The other girl laughed; a bubbly sort of noise that made Charlie grit her teeth. A mild-mannered shoulder nudge followed, and then she went on to say, “You're a funny one huh?” Meanwhile, the black wolf's jaw muscles were still knotted as she slid the other a quaint smile. “Yeah, I make jokes like that all the time,” Her dull eyes swept longingly over the gray-furred female. ‘You die first’

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:04 pm

(300) Take it awayyy! Your call on what happens next ~

Once Charlie had made her spot on the ground, Izual followed. As he bent, he met eyes with her and reflected the same dangerous look. Soon, but not yet. His gaze lifted to their other company, and he studied each of their faces with a fake smile upon his own.

”So, where’r’ya guys from? The area? Or somewhere farther?” The man who had been feeding the fire craned his neck, looking to his right at Charlie and Izual. He paused in his task for a moment and offered a warm smile to the strangers at their camp. He might’ve been a father once… He understood the hardships.

It almost made Izual feel bad about killing him. Almost.

In the back of Izual’s mind, he wanted to shut him up and tell him that it was none of his goddamn business, but instead he continued to play his part. ”From around, yeah. West, actually. Nearer to the Burnt Church Mountains. The journey to her parents’ pack was longer than we remembered.”

”Yeah, the peninsula is definitely bigger than it appears on the maps,” the second Wolf said; his coat was a couple light shades of brown. Izual thought the way they blended was actually kind of aesthetic. It reminded him of his mother’s coat.

”No use coming up with names when you don’t even know how many males you’ll have,” Izual butted in to Charlie’s conversation. ”We like to come up with them when they’re born… This is our second litter. Our first…”

”I see.” There was a bit of sadness in Sticks’ voice, but Izual intended to finish his sentence.

”They didn’t make it.” A normal parent might’ve looked sad at this moment, but there was a broad grin that eased over Izual’s lips and his eyebrows curved down to reveal a menacing expression. The expression of a sociopath.

Re: [M] I'm planning a revolution when I break out

Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:48 pm


There it is Charlie, ya happy now? I uh, "took it away."



Her hazy, cold eyes intensified to a point of absolution. She thought back to her childhood: her loneliness, the grating complexity of her thoughts, her inability to understand the distances between herself and others. As a young child she had suffered through her sickness, and the insurmountable pain of abandonment, and she did so all alone. Something inside had always wanted to split the air with a scream, to cry out for some sort of connection with someone, anyone. This part of her always remained, but it rotted inside, unanswered; she no longer expected love. She never understood love, what it meant, or how it felt to love or be loved. This lack of understanding frustrated her. It was an outrage that she couldn't seem to receive, let alone feel what she needed most from her childhood.

She hated what the world did to her, she hated the world. She hated it so passionately, yet so quietly on the exterior, as she was preparing something so meticulous and vast that might procure her revenge. It started with this very moment. The meaningless crawl some called life could be taken, it was meant to be taken, and there was nothing the world could do about it. She would kill these people, she would kill a hundred more if she could, just take what the world could not give to her. If she could just feel something, anything. If there had been doubt within her, there was nothing now.

Charlie leaned back in her seated position abruptly, and perked her ears—one of which, marred—missing half. One hand went to her stomach roughly, while the other fell back behind towards her thigh in support. “Oh,” the Leishman said in near-perfect mock-surprise. “There was a kick,” she claimed, “I think, y-yes there it is again. Come, come, listen, I bet you could hear something!” Charlie told the other female excitedly, calling her over with a welcoming motion of her head. The other girl complied, and Charlie moved so that an ear could be placed on her stomach. From the corner of her eye Charlie saw a glint of something, but it wasn't enough to distract her from her focus. The Leishman swiftly grabbed the woman—who was listening for the sweet sound of unborn pups—by the back of the neck, slid her knife free, and abruptly pushed it into her chest. There was a grisly slosh, the sound of steel goading it's way through her body, and the sudden morbid choke which came thereafter. Then the stabbed woman's hands came shakily toward the foreign object, that violent intrusion, while Charlie's blank eyes widened with but a snapshot—a glimpse of utter feeling. The girl smiled, if you could call it that. Smiles were natural, homogeneous, but this was something else, this was something truly terrible, and it crawled across her face now—this massive, vile epitome of nightmares. The knife remained inside.

A shriek of terror rang out, one that called: “Riley no!” and strong arms that had once been feeding the warmth of the fire now wrapped around Charlie's throat. One hand frantically fought for control of the knife that was still in her grasp. It was removed from the motionless Riley, and it was pulled off to the side where she struggled to keep the stronger wolf at bay. Now the pungent stench of blood had permeated her nostrils, and death settled in. Charlie grunted in the frenzied contest over her blade, but nothing could take away the elation produced by something she'd dreamed of doing since she was a very small child. She had been so hopelessly lost, but now she'd found some light; she had found what made her happy. It showed in the way her mouth was still half-caught in that twisted display of joy that only Izual might ever understand. All while the knife teetered dangerously under the influence of two hands, and venomously-clenched teeth.
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