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resting on your laurels

Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:17 pm

That's Our Kind of Love
The leather suits were not as appealing as Alyssum had originally thought they would be. While far from having a romanticized mindset, she had thought that the suits being used for the swordsmanship completion would have been visually attractive, but as she regarded one of the suits, holding up the weighty leather in the air with both of her hands, the more frivolous side to her could not help but be slightly disappointed at its less that eye-pleasing appearance. But, the more sensible side to her reasoned that the suits were of great, durable material, and were prehaps more reliable at their purpose than something more gaudy. Their ragged appearance proved as much; though worn and old, they were not broken. Good, hardy material to protect one's self from a metal blade.

The time for the second event to take place were upon them soon enough, and after instructing the children to get out of the ring for the final time (she had lightly threaten that she would sent them home, and miss out on the competition. They had undoubtedly listened to her then), she lifted her head to the head to the sky and called for eveyone to gather. The spectators came, and the Champions entered the ring, meeting at the middle where their leather suits awaited as well as the Luna. As the last of the crowd trickled in, she spoke up, her voice rising for all to hear.

Good afternoon, Cavaliers and Courtiers alike! I welcome you to the sword competition, where our two Champions, Liam Catori of the Court— She rose one hand, gesturing to the tall wolfdog with the bi-colored eyes. —and Alister Callow of Casa— Her opposite hand pointed as well to bring attention to the well-muscled lad. —shall compete and display their skill and ability with the blade and test each other to see whom will be victorious. The rules are simple: our Champions will wear the suits, and the first man to perform three hits upon the upper torso will be the victor. But, there is to be no swipes anywhere where the leather isn't located. Any attempts to harm and maim will result in immediate disqualification, and ultimately a lost for the offending Champion. To simply put it, play nice and have fun!

With a lowered voice, she instructed Liam and Alister to strap on the leather suits, and once everything was situated and inspected, she took a step back. Good luck to the both of you boys, she said in a whisper, smiling at both of the men, and exited the ring. The moment her foot was out of the ring, she declared, Begin!

Dated for Jan. 22. Spectators may only post once in order to best allow the Champions to reply to one another. / +444

Re: resting on your laurels

Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:17 pm

See the weakness in the world, and choose to be strong.

Today was the day.

Some men might be nervous, but Alister was filled with an unwavering determination. Win or lose, he would represent his pack to the best of his ability. He'd dueled publicly before; Elissa's disdain for the hybrid being living proof of his prowess. He'd risen early, bastard sword in hand, and wreaked havoc on the sandbags in the training room, preparing himself for the battle that was to come. He'd never met the man he was facing, and could only imagine what his background might be. He wondered if he was anything like Skoll, as really, the blonde youth was the only male Courtier he knew. Big or small didn't matter, what mattered was his skill, or hers? He really wasn't sure.

His body was loose and his muscles warm and ready as he returned to his room. Amatha was already awake and just as excited as he, if not more. Alyssum's summoning cry had a grin on his muzzle and he glanced at his young charge, "That's my cue." He said, exiting the room and making his way to the ring with a swift stride, Amatha bouncing happily along behind him. As Alyssum and the pup's bodies came into view, Alister bade Amatha to find a place as he stepped into the ring.

Hazel eyes came to rest on a slightly taller man with bi-colored eyes who entered on the opposite side. His glance was measuring, but pleasant as mentally he sized up his opponent. The ghost of a grin was on his features the entire time. There was nothing he liked better than a good contest- or formal beating as he liked to think of it. His smile was warm and he bowed his head to the Luna, waiting as Cavaliers and Courtiers both arrived.

He glanced at the leather armor between them before his attention refocused on the Luna as she announced the competition. As his name was called he placed his right hand-balled into a fist- to his chest, and bowed his head in acknowledgement. His brown ears were turned towards his Luna as she continued to announce the rules. 'Three hits' It sounded straight-forward enough, definitely more refined than the usual 'until one party yields' that he was used to. He didn't have to worry much about the rest, he wouldn't be aiming to cause the man any injury. The Tournament was for strengthening the bonds between the two packs, a noble goal to be sure. He wasn't about to jeopardize that.

Alister nodded as Alyssum instructed them to put on the armor, he did so ensuring that the straps were just tight enough, confident that he was protected, but could still move freely. Decked in the armor he rolled his shoulders and loosened up his arms and legs, getting used to the feel of the leather on his pelt. Once he and Liam- as he was named- were finished Aly wished them luck, and Alister smiled fondly to his Luna, picked up the sword, and turned to face his challenger. He bowed again, the same chivalrous gesture- placing a fist to his chest, and bowing his head.

When it was finished he backed a couple steps, putting a enough space between them, took the sword's hilt in both hands and dropped into a fighting stance. His knees flexed, ready for anything as the Callow man prepared himself. His hazel gaze never left Liam as he studied his movements intensely, attempting to predict his strike before he made it.


Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:34 am

With the discussion we had I started it off, feel free to PP

Liam was nervous he had never been in a fight like this. He knew that his sister was hoping that he would do well for her and all of the Court. Liam also knew that he was no highly trained swords man, but he knew at least how to hold one. He had spent a few hours in Silence cleaning his weapon and talking to his mother. It was odd but when he was alone he'd talk like she was there and it made him feel better.

Before leaving the court the bi eyed man had gone to the grave where his family lay. He spoke to them and hoped that they would be proud of him. He wanted to make them proud like he had during the war. From the first time he picked up a sword to defend his family he had battled a bit with being nothing more then a medic. Liam ran a hand through his hair and looked out.

He glanced at Alyssum listening to her speak. He then turned to his opponent, the man looked as though he had been training all his life. Liam was a medic focused and precise on what he did, with a sword though he was a bit sloppy. He was bull headed though maybe that was just a Haskel trait since Skoll to was rather bull headed. Liam looked at the man and gave a slight bow as he readied himself.

Three hits thats all he needed to win this. He would be fast sharp and precise, he would have this over in mere moments. Liam pulled on his sword and charged at Alister, the skilled medic was able to study a body. He only had one true strength going for him and that was his ability for quick study.

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Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:40 pm

See the weakness in the world, and choose to be strong.

The Catori man bowed his head in exchange and acknowledgement, which pleased Alister no doubt. He didn't appear haughty or overconfident, and he watched as his bi-colored eyes took in his form, Alister, himself, doing the same. He was larger, fit, as well, but his grip on the sword's hilt was sure, but his posture. Alister's head cocked quite subtly, brows furrowed in thought and careful calculation. He couldn't make any true judgement until he saw his movements.

Before Alister could think much more into it the Catori man came charging. The move was amatuer Alister judged immediately, but not unkindly. An untrained fighter would always rush in quick and aggressive, and attempt in vain to finish the battle as fast as possible. He charged with such brash aggression it took all his strength to halt the blade with his own, a loud clanging and scraping noise resulted as he parried, but with the motion being so swift it continued to move along his blade until it came to stop at his chest. The first strike. It was at an angle and place that it couldn't be lethal, but the blade had collided with his chest and the leather upon it. One point for Liam.

Alister disengaged and acknowledged the hit with a sporting grin, beginning a slow, cautious semi-circle. He gathered his blade again in both hands, and advanced on Liam, hazel eyes regarding him all the while. He watched the blade and his face, keen on any signal he was giving off. When he was in range he struck in a controlled motion, meant to test his opponent's reach, strength, and skill at blocking.

His opponent wasn't entirely unskilled, but Alister had been training all his life, just as Liam had judged. He was impressed that he'd gotten the first strike, however. Of course he hadn't planned on the sword reaching him, but the result appeared chivalrous, a fact that pleased him. As he'd read knights were rarely the ones to strike the first blow- their foes were, not that Liam was an enemy. But it was a pleasant thought. The battle was proving to be a good one for both the Cavalier and Courtier.

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Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:29 pm

Slight PP of Al blocking good gravy its been so long since I've written about swords >..>

Liam had not truly picked up his sword in what seemed like a long time. The young Catori was bold and wanted to show the world that he was in fact something more then just a medic. He had calculated based on the man's size the strength it would take just to push past enough to make contact. He knew he had to rely more on his brains then the actual skill with a sword. He knew that there was a great chance he could lose but he had to ignore that and give it a good try.

Liam smiled as he was acknowledged the first contact, well it was a start. He looked at him as the man readied himself once more. Liam would have to try and be smarter. He had seen the way Alister had blocked him, this wasn't a war where skill meant little. He had to try his best to keep up and study as the fight ensued.

He griped his sword and went in for another attack, this time though calmer. Maybe that was the key keep his head and his focus. He wanted to win and he ken that being brash may now not be the answer. Alister was very skilled maybe he could find a way to get under the skilled defenses. He swung his sword hearing scrap across Alister's. He tried to push into him a bit harder to get a second contact. Choosing to back off only for a moment to make a shallow swing to try to come up and under maybe knock Alister off guard.

Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:52 pm

See the weakness in the world, and choose to be strong.

A ghost of a grin remained on his features, he loved fighting. It made him feel alive. With careful control and a constant presence on his opponent's position and movements he kept his breathing steady. His body was relaxed, not tensed, and his stance remained flexible- prepared for an assault from any angle. The Catori man was looking more self-assured, and smiled as Alister acknowledged him. But, the fight was far from over. Alister wasn't aggressive by nature, but he never turned down a challenge, and kept himself separate from his emotions whenever he entered combat. Thinking with a cool head was never easy, especially as a sword or weapon was flashing in your face. Hazel eyes paid attention to every detail, time seeming to slow when the blows were delivered.

Steel clashed as Alister parried, dodging the second attack with a careful sidestep. The blade caught only air, and once his body turned again to face Liam straight on he saw his opportunity and pressed the assault. He drove at him more aggressively, striking at an angle that was mostly straight, only to hear the scraping of metal as he caught Liam's blade. But...he'd never meant to make true contact with the man, and drove another strike just as swiftly, this time forcing the sword to the side with his own. Control the sword-- control your opponent. Once the blade was turned away Alister withdrew his blade swiftly and slashed wide across the Catori man's, now, open chest.

Liam was defenseless as the blade made contact. "One." Alister thought as he sidestepped his opponent once again, before Liam had the chance to retaliate. Alister did another semi-circle before rushing in, testing Liam's ability to move and attack at the same time. It was an intricate dance, and one the tawny man knew well.

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Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:26 pm

Slight PP of Al blocking good gravy its been so long since I've written about swords >..>

Liam tried to stay calm and use good judgement on how to best get through this. He knew that he had nothing to really rely on. So he looked at the male and tried to study him as they fought. the first real strike from his opponent was blocked and Liam smiled a bit to himself more then anything. He could do this it wasn't as hard as he thought. Though he wasn't really expecting the other to use Liam's strategy against himself.

Liam had left himself open and Alister came in the contact was true. 'one' That made this a tie game. He gave a slight nod to Alister in a ya you got me. He watched as he came around again. It was horrify how fast Alister was. He was able to move and use all his years against Liam. This man showed true swords skill something Liam could only dear of having.

Liam was slightly nervous with Alister moving around him. It brought back feelings that he had tried to drown after the war. The other came at Liam and he clumsily flinched bringing his sword up to block the other leaping back. He huffed, trying to shake the thoughts from his head. He watched again at the movement made by Alister and Liam lurched forward hearing metal on metal and the sound was ear ringing. He blocked his chest better this time trying to not leave himself as open.

Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:57 pm

ooc: just a little ole’ spectator...nothing to see here :P

Mr. No Name was MIA today and frankly Lola just wanted some time alone, otherwise she would’ve gone off to find Hadley, but instead she found herself following the denizens of Casa di Cavalieri to where all the excitement was coming from. The silver fae had passed countless faces and heard snippets of dozens of conversations now, but her ears were attuned to the sudden start of metal clanging coming from the crowded ring. She scowled when someone shoved past her, but quickly forgot about the rude transaction when a parting in the crowd revealed the source of all the racket, a sword fight. Her smirk was replaced with a genuine smile of interest, as she approached the outer rim of the dusty ring and joined the countless others watching

She had just found a place when the crowd’s cheering died down and a woman, seemingly the leader of the Casa announced what was to take place. Names were thrown out and Lola couldn’t help but eye up the competitors. As the cheers broke out once more. Both males were impressive to say the least, but the silver fae’s eyes were drawn to the swordsman of Casa, something about him had caught her attention, she’d catalogued away his name. The fight began with a flourish, first point going to soon and yet that boyish smile Alister bared had her smiling along with the rest of the peanut gallery. This fight was far from over.

Her eyes danced with glee as the swords flashed in the sunlight and grinded against each other with each parry. She knew a thing or two about daggers, but wielding a sword was definitely a different story. Her mind wandered to the muscles each man had to bare underneath the protective vests in order to control such a weapon. They were so quick and agile, each trying to get the upper hand on the other. Its was fascinating how they transitioned from one attack into the next. Alister’s point was next and Lola found her own voice added in with the crowd’s as she gave a cheer of triumph, she drew up her hood to keep herself anonymous, but continued to watch with bated breath. Heartbeat pounding with each sword swipe now. They both had two points to go.

she would change everything for happy ever after

Re: resting on your laurels

Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:44 pm

See the weakness in the world, and choose to be strong.

One to one the score was set, only two points to win for either champion. The next move would be crucial to the victor's success. Whichever combatant that would be. The Catori man began to watch Alister with the same measuring gaze, trying to get a feel for him, and absorbing his calm, cautious manner. The Callow man was never more self-assured as he was when it came to combat. Really, it was the only thing he was sure about- it wasn't that he thought himself exceptional, he'd been trained to disregard personal biases. Sword fighting was complex enough without them. The Catori man's pleasure at his block was evident in his face, but Alister wasn't daunted by the display. It was good to see that his opponent was enjoying himself, he certainly was.

Liam nodded his head in acknowledgement as the blade slashed widely across his chest. Another sporting grin flashed across the tawny man's face, which was otherwise composed and calculating. Liam's confidence had been temporarily bolstered, but he seemed to become nervous as the fight progressed and also as Alister began to turn the odds more in his own favor. His brown ears twitched to hear the chorus of shouts from the crowd when the blow had landed, but he was otherwise unmoved by their presence. Liam and himself could be alone for all it mattered, though it was pleasing to the ears.

Liam's sword connected with Alister's own, but the movement itself was weak as the wielder leaped back to disengage entirely. Alister wasn't about to back off, however, and came forward instead. He was a front-line fighter, after all. Liam blocked his blows, but seemed to grow increasingly unnerved. Alister's blade flashed swiftly and he stepped into the strike that was aimed to stab right at the middle of the Catori man's chest.

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Re: resting on your laurels

Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:03 pm

WC: 386 | Pts: 3 Aaanddd there's my two cents <3

Rio quickly made her way down to the ring. From all the festivities going on lately, Rio was kind of lost in the mix of it all. Today, she had heard last minute that Liam and Alister were fighting against each other. This was an event that she couldn’t miss for the world. Her mate versus the man she despised. This ought to be fun.

Rio reached the back of the crowd around the ring and pushed passed to the front, excusing herself whenever she needed to really squeeze in between others. Either way, whether they liked it or not – she was getting to the front. Finally, once she got there, her body was nearly pushed up against the gate, but at least she had a good view of the turmoil. She got there just in time, too. The round had just started and not two seconds after she reached the front of the crowd, Liam made the first hit. Rio jumped up and down screaming, holding the gates for leverage to allow her to jump higher and more excitedly. ”WHOOO! Go baby! You got this! Kick his butt!” She banged on the poles a few times before quieting down again.

She watched the two men dance around their cage, and then Liam made another lunge for the man. From what Rio could see, Liam was the go-getter. Alister sat back and watched, and blocked for the most part – getting in his hits when he saw fit. Liam was the dangerous one, and she found that extremely sexy. Though, of course, Rio wouldn’t understand that this kind of fighting required concentration and strategy – from what she knew about it was that if you cut the other with the elongated knife, it was a point for you – as Alyssum had said.

Rio watched, entwining her fingers onto the gates around and holding her arms level with her head. She watched the two men dance around some more – Liam making another lunge, and Allister turning around and catching him in the chest. Rio banged on the fence and yelled into the ring, glaring at Allister. ”BOOO!! Liam, you got this, baby!” She couldn’t really give him advice because she wasn’t a fighter herself. If they were to throw her in the ring against Allister, she would surely be in trouble.

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