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TOURNAMENT - Sword Combat

POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:20 pm

Slight PP of Al blocking good gravy its been so long since I've written about swords >..>

Liam had his mind set on beating Alister and he wanted nothing more then to make his family proud of him. He wanted to be able to show off to his mate that he was a champion. He knew that she would love him no matter what and that made him happy. He almost didn't notice Rio in the crowd today, though with the way she was now shouting he couldn't help but smile. he flashed her a quick look as he tried to pay attention to the fight.

Alister was skilled and liam needed to focus. The problem was Liam was a bit hot headed with the sword in hand, he didn't think of this like a game of chess. He looked at this like blind war, he didn't look at what it truly took skill wise. He was at a tie now and Liam was listening to Rio in the back ground. He was almost distracted by her.

Liam turned to block the swing that came his way by Alister only to completely miss feeling the contact of the blade with his chest. He sighed for a moment stepping back as he tried to pull himself together. Alright that was one to two he still had a chance.

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