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Living in a world so cold

Mon May 01, 2017 1:10 am

Insidious is blind inception

The world had changed in the few short weeks it had taken for the sickness to overcome Inferni, for Inferni to slowly overcome what it had taken from them. His children were safe, that he was sure of. Well, the two that really mattered. There would, fortunately, be no further symptoms for either of them. They were strong and always had been since the day they were born. They were both bigger than him, more profound in the way they saw the world. He saw their mother in the way they acted and the way they looked at him. One with a reverence, the other with something of an addled confusion. Faith had always been closer to her mother than Basilio and Hope had always followed him around like a... well, like a pup.

For them to be away from his side, he found himself slipping into idle depression. The days seemed longer and colder than they normally did. He felt himself cough aloud, nearly cursing at himself in the process before he buckled over, fell and landed with a heavy hmph against the table beside Crucifix's and his bed. The work on the room had been completed for a few weeks now. He'd put everything he'd learned into building things up nicely, though Cru's garden had been picked clean by her for the sick, leaving only what she needed to get it going again when things had passed. He could smell that now along with the dust of the floor. Hands pressed into the solid ground, hefting him up, and he quietly made his way to the door, pushing it open.

He was still unsure of himself in the presence of his other daughter in the pack. Words hadn't yet gotten out on her relationship to him. At least not so much that others had approached him on it. Part of that brought some semblance of peace, part of it left him in shambles as he tried to piece himself back together so that he could move on with his life and prove himself to Eire as he had promised. He was not accustomed to feeling this weak.

The sickness had taken something out of him, something he didn't feel like he could get back. He cleared his throat, tasting blood at the very back of his maw and quietly eased down the hallway, hands holding onto the wall to steady himself as he crept down the passage toward the stairs and toward the sickbay.

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Re: Living in a world so cold

Sat May 20, 2017 9:51 am


The smell of sickness wafted all throughout the mansion. It even smelled like sickness in his room - though it did not occur to him that his own sickness might’ve been the cause of that. Izual had head-cold symptoms. He had a sniffly nose and an access of mucous built up in his face. Somedays he felt alright – as if the sickness had passed overnight – other days he was caught in a fit of sneezes and snot.

The Massacre man left his room with the intention to hunt – maybe that’d make him feel better. With some wolf meat on his tongue, perhaps it would help drive the sickness away. A grin set in his maw, but his eyes were searching as he made his way down the hallway. Out of the other smells that intermingled in the mansion, there was but one that he was delighted to see.


He found the little Coyote stumbling down the hallway in front of him, and Izual rushed over to ‘help’ the pygmy. ”Why Basilio, you don’t look so hot,” he spoke in mock worry. The grin remained upon his lips – unwavering. He reached for Basilio’s arm – the one holding the wall as he walked – in attempt to replace it with himself so that he could help his enemy. ”Sickness got you down, huh?”

I couldn't resist. Izual will always seize the opportunity to mock Basi while he's down xD (000)

Re: Living in a world so cold

Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:34 am

Insidious is blind inception

From the moment he'd become the Bellator, a few things in his life had changed. With the rise in rank, he had welcomed Crucifix into his life more permanently as his mate. He had chosen to live out the rest of his days here in Inferni. He had wanted to start a family. Most of his life's goals had been accomplished. He had never liked leading others so had never felt the desire to rise any further than where he was currently in life. Sickness had not been a part of his plan but with it, he had a renewed respect for those healers that often wandered the hallways, the healers who often did not fight as the warriors of the clan did.

During his time, he had always sought strength and stability, even if he had been more than a little competitive in his youth, going out of his way to impress his father or even his siblings.

There were several in Inferni who had won his respect and earnest trust. None of them knew the monster he knew himself to be. At least not yet. None of them knew his secrets. Even Crucifix did not know everything about him. In the most recent months, he had not vanished as he had before into the woods outside of Inferni. When he did not have to leave, he remained within the borders, patrolling or teaching others how to fight. Hope, despite being sick, was content with learning how to fight in lupus form even though, as she grew in size, he found her to have a weight advantage on her side while he would never grow taller or bigger. They wrestled like other children did at times and other times, he allowed her freedom enough to explore her roots with the help of the other children of the clan. It was in those times he found happiness. But now, he only felt nauseous and sick.

He would have been okay if it was someone else, someone like Fang who he often joked around with and teased on occasion but no.. it had to be Izual who found him sick and wandering the hallways. Bared fang was the appropriate response either way. That and, well, slapping at the hand or shoulder that was offered by his enemy. Despite being sick, despite feeling like he was going to keel over, showing weakness in the face of danger was not how Basilio lived his life. "Don't you touch me," he growled, his voice livid and rather content to snap at the other. "I don't need your help."

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Re: Living in a world so cold

Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:07 pm


The reaction he received from the sickly pygmy was half-expected. In his dreams, Izual thought about Basilio falling into his weakness, his pride giving away, and him accepting help from his enemy. However, it would seem the sickness took ahold of the coyote’s body, but not his mind. His pride still stood strong.

Basilio slapped the offered hand away, which left Izual walking slowly behind the small brute as he hobbled through the hall, using the walls for support. Izual could have easily pushed him and probably made him fall over. But he didn’t want to touch him. He didn’t want to become sicker with whatever Basilio had. It seemed to be a much worse version of whatever everyone else was suffering from. The symptoms that Izual was experiencing weren’t all that bad and he wanted to keep it that way.

”That’s not what it looks like.” Izual gazed down over the pygmy’s shoulder, eyeing his weak legs and feet dragging across the raggedy carpet beneath them. He tried to think of something that would both strike up a conversation and annoy Basilio at the same time. ”So, I saw Crucifix the other day. She’s looking rather radiant in your absence. Bed-ridden, dear Basilio? That must be a bummer. You have beautiful daughters, too.” Although, he inexplicably loathed his daughters for the sole fact that they had come from Basilio's seed.

I don't blame him xD (200+)

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