We are the numb

POSTED: Sat May 06, 2017 12:33 am

school is killing me ugghhhhh
be kind to my boy hes lowkey nervous : >


Settling down in a new environment was harder than Auspicium had ever thought. He was used to years of never-ending travel, and his entire body seemed to be missing the adrenaline and even the exhaustion that long journeys to unknown places bring.

But don't get him wrong, he was loving the warm feeling of having a new home and family.
He had dedicated the past weeks to exploring the Anatheman territory, healing himself from the physical and emotional damage that being a loner had caused. So far, Anathema really seemed to be the right place for him.
Today he would explore the residences, since most of his exploration had been reduced to Dawn's Breath and Phosphagos Foothills, with the sole purpose of avoiding social interactions until he felt confident enough with himself. Today, hopefully, he would find a permanent den to claim for his own, and even get to meet some of his new pack mates.

The male decided it would be best to start with the Howling Caverns, because of its attractive name and mysterious setting. So, slowly but surely, the wolf made his way into the caverns in his Secui form, and blindly walked into the general common room, in hopes he could find out how the cavern system worked out.
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