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[M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:45 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

(200+) For Crucifix. Pls let me apologize for the level of suck this is.

The steamy waters relaxed Izual almost as much as the cool rains of the former month had: little to none. Even with the sickness cleared up and things returned to normal, Izual was still discontent. He was restless in his own right, and he was anxious in his own time. What was it that was making him so on edge? The changes, the happenings around Inferni, his fights with both Nicola and Virue, and his encounter with Cartier. Not that any of these things would have bothered him before, but the last thing on his mind was having Vesper run him off for trying to drown one of his pack mates…

In all honesty, he deserved it though. And he would’ve deserved the death, too. In a logical mind – that sometimes happened to be Izual’s on those good days – he would have appreciated that Nicola had survived, so that maybe in the future, he could repeat the sequence once more, and maybe finish him off for good.

He watched the bubbles seep up to the surface, tickling around his submerged limbs, fizzing from deep beyond the surface of the grotto waters, orange eyes transfixed on them as they came up for air. He imagined the bubbles that seeped from Nicola’s breath, his nostrils as Izual mashed his face into the dirt of the pond. He wondered what would have happened if Virue hadn’t come to his rescue. He knew he would have killed the poor sod. He knew that very well. But it wasn’t that with which he wondered.

He wondered what would have come next.

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Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:45 pm

A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

So much was changing over the past month. With all of her praying and even medical practices coming into play, it didn't seem like Basilio was getting any better.. if anything he was probably getting worse.. Many of Crucifix's days were spent taking care of her mate or locked away in the chapel for long hours, praying for God to stop his punishment over her and her mate. She couldn't understand it. If this was indeed a punishment for a sin, what had she done to deserve this? How could she correct it? Was it something Basilio had done? How had he not made up for the sin he had committed before now? What more could even be done?

Her daughters could see the effect of their father's condition that was being pushed onto their mother. While Hope did everything to learn from the Magister so that she could take care of him, especially now that both the girls had reached the point in their lives when they made their first shift, there was so much more potential for the two of them. While the lighter daughter agreed with her sister to stay and watch their father, it was up to Faith to try and help her mother get some of the relax she needed. She was her mother's protector, and her own health was just as important as their father's, even if it meant sitting in the chapel, happily praying to the Lord with her for salvation.

Today had been one of the rare occasions the dark daughter had managed to get Crucifix out of the mansion. A walk to clean her head would do her some good, and even though she was getting older, there were still many places in Inferni that Faith had never laid eyes on before.

Heading in the direction of the Grotto, the brown woman could feel herself relaxing. It was just as Vesper had once said, her girls were growing up, and soon enough they too would be making their way through Inferni's ranks. She had no doubt in her mind that both of them would serve God just as all in her family did, and make Inferni just as proud.. just as long as they did not allow pride to consume their souls.

Heading to the spot itself, Crucifix couldn't help but stop in her tracks. Izual was already here. A male she had done he best to avoid due to past experiences. Her tail began to curl between her legs, hands moving up in front of her as her green gaze focused on the man before them. Faith paused, turning to her mother at the sudden change, "Mama? Is there something wrong?"

Since we are forward dating this, I figured Faith would have shifted, so she's in optime with Crucifix. +400 words.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:32 pm

(200+) cool with me!

Izual had lost himself in thoughts of pain, thoughts of violence, and thoughts of treachery. The tickle of the bubbles helped to quell some of his angst, and the sound of the water distracted him from bird songs, rustling leaves, and the whistling breeze between his large, erect ears. The dried blood broke away from his coat, following the bubbles up to the surface. Izual’s gaze had been transfixed on the murky waters for a long time as images in his mind flashed and flickered through.

It hadn’t been until the gentle steps of two Luperci reached his ears that he looked up – and what he caught sight of lit up his face.

”Crucifix! How lovely it is to see you,” he exclaimed, standing up in the water suddenly. The water fell down his muscled body like a waterfall. First his eyes rested on his charge… and then to the younger girl at her side. He crinkled one of his lips, sensing her heritage and seeing Lykoi in her blood just by looking at her.

Automatically, he despised her.

Ignoring the girl, he ushered Crucifix forward with a wave of his hand. ”Join me. The water is… warm. It will get warmer, though, with both of us in here.”

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:49 pm

A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

Why did it have to be him out of anyone else? Was this another punishment? What had she done that caused the Lord to be this angry with her? Was it because of the doubt she couldn't seem to escape from? Was it because of her relationship with Elisabeth? The one she had been trying to repair? Was it because she was showing sympathy for wolves? Was it for the sins of others? Why her and why now? Izual was not making this situation any better. Crucifix wanted to turn right around, but her daughter's attention only brought her back to this mindset. How was she supposed to tell her about this? A soft sigh passed through her lips as she trailed her gaze down to the daughter at her side, "I'm.. fine.."

Head snapped back to the male as he stood up from the water, inviting her in to join him. Faith too turned her head in his direction, having taken notice to him as well. Was he the one causing her mother to behave like this? Why would she be frightened of someone in her own clan? Even so, sticking close to her and being cautious was best.

Tail curling a bit tighter between her legs, a soft shake of the head was all she could muster, "I would.. rather not.. Izual.. I don't.. wish to.. bother you.. and my.. daughter and.. I were.. going to.. explore some.." An excuse? Maybe but there was still some truth to what she had said. She hated to hide the true reason she wanted to leave, but doing so might just prove to make another scene like what happened with her niece.

Faith's head tilted a bit to the side, eyes drifting between the male and her mother. Perhaps she could say something as well? Adjusting her fur just a bit, she too addressed him, "Mama's been really stressed and I wouldn't want to put anymore on her. Besides, there's still so much I haven't seen yet."

+300 words.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:15 pm

(200+) ooc text here

Izual stood in the middle of the hot pool, watching Crucifix further curl into herself. It took a few seconds for her to respond to him, and even in that short frame of time, a large grin formed on the Massacre beast’s face. He rather enjoyed the discomfort he caused her. It was the discomfort that made her more malleable in these kinds of situations.

His head snapped to the young girl and his grin fell as he took in the features of his arch nemesis’ daughter. He spoke slowly to her through clenched jaws. No one is talking to you.

Then his orange eyes slid back to Crucifix.

”You're stressed? Why would such a delicate creature be stressed? Is Basilio not treating you right?" He pushed for his reasons. He just wanted to poke the right buttons to make Crucifix implode on herself. Maybe then she'd come running to him... or at least tell her daughter to go home and join him in the Springs. "I think the hot springs would be just the thing to help you relax.” He trudged through the water some towards the two women, though his eyes were fixed upon Crucifix. If the daughter said no more, he would have forgotten entirely that she was there.

He’d have preferred to forget about her existence entirely.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:42 pm

A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

Faith could feel the ears pulling down against the top of her head. Why was this male talking to her in such a manner? What had she done to him? She didn't even know him. Her poor mother.. here she was in such an uncomfortable situation, trying to get some help from her daughter, and even she was not fond of him. What could she do? She couldn't just leave her here with him.

Crucifix gaze a small shake to her head at Izual's question. Why would Basilio treat her wrongly? Because he didn't like her mate? That wasn't right. The brown woman's gaze began to drift down towards ground, her fingers intertwining with each other, "No.. Basilio has.. been treating.. us fine.. It's just.. since the.. plague that.. came here.. he seems.. to have.. only gotten.. sicker.. I'm very.. worried for.. him.." What would he care though? Perhaps sharing this information was a mistake. What if he were to go and try to do something to him? What about Hope? She couldn't put her family in even more danger..

The daughter at her side was just as uncomfortable as her mother, feeling some form of negative energy in the air. Her eyes caught him moving closer to the edge of the water, trying to draw her mother in. How.. unholy. Stepping out a bit in front of her mother, she let it fixate on him, "Mama doesn't seem to want to. Can't you just leave her be without adding more stress to her?"

Crucifx's head moved up slightly, seeing the body of her daughter standing before her. Faith had never been as.. vocal or as outgoing as her sister, prefering to stay near her and make sure she was alright. She didn't want to burden her with anything as well.. she knew the kind of power Izual had, and if he wanted to take advantage her, he easily could. But what could she do? There was that doubt lingering again...

+300 words.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:16 pm

(300+) ooc text here

"He is? How... terrible," he sneered. The mock-concern in his voice did not manifest on the rest of his face. Instead, he appeared to be somewhat delighted at the news.

It was exciting to hear that Basilio’s health was declining! He had somewhat known this – or at least that the sickness took quite a toll on him. Some weeks back Izual had found him staggering along in the mansion. Even at that time, the minute coyote didn’t have much fight left in him. Izual was able to taunt him freely, without worrying about consequence.

Not that consequences were something that graced Izual’s mind regularly. Izual thought he was a creature above those. He had been – so far – able to kill, taunt, and maim those around him without too much consequence coming to bite him in the ass. The lack of consequences made him feel somewhat like a god.

Perhaps he could have been Crucifix’s god, come to save her from that false god she bowed down to everyday in the chapel. At least he would answer her… and he would do anything she asked of him.

As Crucifix sunk more and more within herself, Basilio’s annoying daughter stepped between him and his Crucifix. Crucifix was rapidly sinking to the level in which he could easily manipulate her to listening to him. But Basilio’s daughter would pose a problem to this. She was in the way.

”Didn’t you teach Basilio’s kids manners?” he asked Crucifix, coming to his witt’s end. Tsk tsk tsk… ”I thought I told you, girl. No one is fucking talking to you.”

He reached the end of the pool and climbed up onto the bank. He towered over both of them now, and the expression on his face was more like one of annoyance and frustration than the happiness of seeing an old friend. The happiness had faded, and would continue to fade, the more Crucifix avoided him and Basilio’s daughter got in the way.

There was little holding him back from grabbing the child and throwing her into the springs, but somehow he had not done it yet.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:33 pm

A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

Crucifix knew of the mistake she had made, and was sure God was going to punish her more for it. She needed to correct this sin in the chapel. This was a dangerous man who had been after her mate since the day he had rescued her from the fake kiss. Her ears pulled down knowing full well that he would take whatever advantage he could now.. There had to be some way out of this, and it was clear that Faith was doing her best, but not even she could take on someone as big and powerful as Izual. She was so frightened.. not for herself, but for those she cared for so much. Where was Antioch when she really needed him?

The dark daughter narrowed her eyes to the male, finding a new disgust in his treatment towards her. What was she supposed to do? Just remain silent? No, since she was smaller, she had been there for her mother, and nothing was going to change that. If she was going to be the one to watch over her mother, to protect her, then she couldn't let this fear hang over her, "My mama taught me plenty of manners. I am just saying you are making mama very uncomfortable." She was reaching her point.

As the brown woman's head began to move back up, she could see the hulking male coming towards them. Something needed to be done now or who knew what he would do to her daughter. Was it better for her to just endure the pain rather than put someone else in her life at risk? She couldn't lose anyone anymore.. especially not her daughters.. not after what they already went through as pups.

Stepping out in front of her daughter, the Magister raised her head, though could feel her body sinking down more and more with each closer step he made, "Please Izual.. I'll stay.. just please.. don't hurt.. Faith.. and please.. don't hurt.. my family.." Faith's eyes widened. Why would she submit to this unholy man? Her head shook, "Mama no."

+300 words.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:54 pm

(200+) ooc text here

Despite telling the young girl that what was happening wasn’t her business, she was a persistent little pest. If she had continued to get in his way, he would have had to do something about her. However, just as he advanced on the small family, Crucifix did something surprising. It made Izual think about how a mother should sacrifice for her children. He smirked, licking his lips as he watched her like a starved predator.

Hurt them? Who said I was going to do that? Did I? No?”

With Basilio’s daughter behind her now, and out of the way, he no longer needed to get rid of her by unnecessary means. Despite looking as though he would devour the small family once he reached them, he only paused in front of Crucifix. Looking down at her – their height differences pretty extreme – he gently reached out and caressed his Crucifix’s pretty cheek.

”I won’t do anything to your troubled little family,” he purred. ”I just hate how Basilio keeps you away from me...“ In Charlie’s presence these past few weeks, Izual had gotten better at women in general. Instead of a rough-edged beast all the time, at least he was getting better at subduing the ladies… or so he thought.

Re: [M] To feed upon the conquered ones

Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:21 pm

A single thread in a tapestry, though it's color brightly shines
Can never see it's purpose in the pattern of the grand design.

Crucifix could feel the chills creeping down her spine, the doubt flooding back into her head. Was she doing the right thing? What would Basilio and Hope think of her? Would they hate her? Did Faith hate her now? So much came back to her, couding her from the male's continued advance towards her. All she wanted was to rush back home and be with her family, away from him.. but if she didn't do this, all of them were sure to pay the price. Her head moved back up to his words, worry filling her eyes, "I am.. just worried.. I know.. you don't.. like Basilio.. and I.. just thought.. you might.. try to.. hurt him.. or my.. daughters.."

Speaking of, she could feel the darker girl's body pressed against her. Her mother could tell Faith did not agree with the decision she had just made, but what other choice was there? Leave her to his mercy knowing what he was capable of doing to her? No.. she couldn't do that to her family.. not again..

Eyes shut as she felt the hand moving about her cheek. It was such a terrifying feeling. It wasn't the first time she had experienced his touch, but it was never a good feeling when it was happening, "But Basilio.. is my.. mate Izual.. I love.. him.."

The dark daughter was growing tired of hiding behind her mother. Out of an act of bravery, she reached from behind her sinking mother, grabbed the male's wrist, throwing it off her mother, "Enough. You're upsetting my mama. Don't touch her like that." The brown woman's eyes opened, ears pressing down more to her daughter's act, "No Faith.. please don't.. I don't.. want him.. to hurt.. you.."

"But mama.. I can't sit here watching him do this to you." Crucifix could not have been happier to see that her daughter was growing up, wanting to make sure that she was ok.. that she was safe.. something Basilio always wanted to prove to her, but not now.. The worry only came back ten times worse..

+300 words.

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