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p. Crucifix | the Grotto | FD to 6/08

POSTED: Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:24 pm

(000) wrap this one up in the next few to start the next installment? :D

It was hard enough for the brute to accept that Crucifix would now be his after getting pawed all over and knocked up by his mortal enemy. Now, she was asking if he’d accept her daughters, too? They had more in common with Basilio than Crucifix did – try a bloodline. They could be his undoing someday. They could be his enemies.

Even though he ignored her question and wouldn’t give it a second thought anyway, he briefly wondered what Crucifix would say to Faith to get her to trust the male again – after all that had just happened.

He knew he wouldn’t tolerate Basilio’s daughters stepping in the way to suppress his actions or protect their mother. He just wouldn’t have it. They would wind up dead – just to keep them from getting in the way of Crucifix and his relationship.

He would do anything to make sure nothing came in between him and Crucifix.

He sloshed a step over to her and grabbed her hand, taking it within his own. ”Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.”

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