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[J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:01 pm

Notes:Word Count:
Secui → Optime | Day | CdC's borders | Mid-June
Here's Iorek's joiner! Iorek doesn't know what a horse is, btw. Assumed that all of Iorek's threads w/ CdC members led to recruitment

A large creature padded towards Casa di Cavalieri's border. He was a large individual, almost a giant by some people's standards. He stood in Secui form, almost looking like a bear with his bulky body, rounded ears, and bobbed tail. He also had large paws and his legs were a bit longer than what one would expect due to his dog heritage. He had a rough mane and a broader muzzle than what a normal wolf would have.

His fur was a canvas of tan hues that dulled in certain areas. His saddle was a crazy haphazard mix of brown hues that seemed to be splattered across his pelt. The saddle stopped past his ears and his face was dipped in dark brown. His legs were also dipped in dark brown as well. An off-white hue was also present on his body. It streaked his shoulder, tipped his tail, and splotched his chest. He also had red eyes.

On his back were two cats. A large brown and black tabby with long fur and amber eyes was perched on his shoulders. He looked somewhat interested, though a bit bored. A pretty silver she-cat was draped over the canine's back. She had green eyes and wispy fur. The two cats looked mostly uninterested.

Iorek remembered all the nice people he'd met that hailed from this pack, Casa di Cavalieri. He was still afraid though, because of his solitary upbringing and lack of social skills. Though, he did know that there were safety in numbers and he knew that he might starve without help. So, the bear-dog decided to take the plunge. He was scared as ever and had no idea what to do, but he would try.

The cats really didn't care about joining a pack. They did know that Luperci often meant warm places and meals so they came along. The wolfdog was shaking slightly as he gazed at the border. His ears were pinned against his head in fear and his short tail was desperately trying to shove itself between his legs.

The yearling remembered how many members of this pack stood upon two legs. Would that get him into the pack? He didn't know, though it sounded like a good idea. And they stood on two legs, not on fours like he did. The youngster would have to challenge his boundaries it seemed. He told the cats that he was going to shift and with a groan, the two jumped off as he began shifting up.

The brown behemoth began shifting: his body changed shape, bones cracked, muscles reformed, fur grew and shortened. Soon, he was on all fours, but in a two-legged shape. He stood that way for a second before hesitantly rising up onto his legs. The hybrid beast's arms remained curled near his chest and his posture was very hunched and feral.

The bob-tailed boy sniffed the air, trying to decide on what to do. He looked around nervously before remembering that howling was a way that his mother used to call him from far away. So, he decided that it was worth a shot and maybe he would at least draw someone to him. So, the crimson-eyed loner lifted his head up and howled.

NPS Photo / Nathan Kostegian

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:09 pm

Words: 362
Date: 15 JUN
Place: CDC Borders
Form: Secui
OOC Stuff.

As was often the case, Callum's paws were taking him around the outside of Casa's borders, his head lowered, nose scenting the ground. He was not hunting, but tracking scents as they crossed the zone of land where the scents of Casa's members were strong. Rabbits and deer did not care so much about the markings as to prevent them from crossing freely, and he did not care if they did besides to report to his fellow Cavaliers and to make use of the information himself when he was hunting.

Similarly, even the children were growing big enough to leave the pack's borders alone as long as they did not go too far, and the other members' movements in and out of the pack lands were not his business to comment upon, unless something happened. However, if he had come across instances of trespassing by others, Callum would have felt it necessary to track down the offenders and remind them that they were to respect the scent marks.

So far, Callum had found nothing but for a couple places where those who had approached Casa had been greeted and accepted into the pack or, apparently, their questions answered and they turned away. Nothing suspicious and nothing exciting. So when Iorek howled, it was a welcome distraction. Callum's head came up and he loosed a short howl in return, to let Luca or Lyris know that he was going to answer, and to let the potential joiner know that someone had heard him and was inbound.

His secui stride ate up the distance even at a lope, and the mostly-white wolfdog was soon standing in front of a familiar face. His pumpkin eyes scanned the brown and white male he had encountered while hunting several days before, noting that he looked no better fed than he had when Callum first met him, though otherwise unharmed. He stood in his Optime form, a pair of cats flanking him. Tail waving in the air and his tongue lolled slightly out, Callum greeted him with, Iorek, wasn't it? Who are your friends? What brings you to Casa di Cavalieri?

Callum Knight

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:13 pm

Word Count → 211
Optime | Day | CdC's borders | Mid-June

Iorek heard another howl greet him. His ears lowered and his tail tried to tuck between his legs. He was scared, he was afraid. He didn't know much about packs and was quite socially inept. He hunched even lower, almost dropping down to all fours. His fur fluffed up, making him seem more fluffed up than usual. The hybrid didn't know what to do, he was just scared

The white-furred form of the man that the bear-dog met came into view. He was in Secui, which surprised Iorek. He'd thought that most walked upon the two-legged form. The man still remembered him, which was somewhat of a surprise. Not many remembered him. The wolf-dog nodded, and then dropped down to all-fours.

Callum asked for the cats' names which came to a surprise. Before the brown behemoth could reply, the cats did first. "My name is Addison." The silver she-cat said. "And my name is Jackson." The tabby tom said. The hybrid beast just nodded, not exactly knowing what to say.

And then the black and white wolf asked why the bob-tailed boy was here. That was something he could answer! Though, it didn't exactly come out as he wanted to, which was typical for him. "J-Join p-pack." The brown-painted loner said.

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:49 am

Lyris is in Lupus until shifting to Optime in the last two paragraphs :> We'll continue the thread but I'll get you titled up now so you can start posting! (+400)

The day was unforgiving in its heat. Lyris had departed on her morning hunt before the sun had risen, but by the time she returned the golden rays were in full force and she was panting around the pair of rabbits she had caught. After dropping the prey in the communal stores, the Sola went to lay in the shade of the gardens' trees and attempt to reduce her body heat before continuing her duties. Damn this thick fur. While it may treat her well in the winter, the summer months usually saw her uncomfortably warm and exhausted.

The bubble of the nearby stream and buzz of the bugs was akin to a lullaby for the woman who had been raised sleeping by the sounds of the wild. Lyris found herself asleep when a howl sounded in the distance, the faint but distinctive sound rousing her from a dreamless slumber. The queen glanced across the Fort and made convenient eye contact with Luca, who nodded subtly in her direction. The signal was known between them, and within moments the scarred female was on her feet and running with swift ease through the Fort. She barked to Howland as she passed him standing at the gate, and he nodded back to her as she vanished into the fold of the territory's trees.

Lyris moved quickly despite knowing that Callum had already greeted the caller. It was best to approach these interactions quickly and without delay. Through the trees she moved, her Lupus form skilled in its movement across the grounds. It was not too awfully long before Lyris broke from the depths of the territory to instead approach the border, where Callum's thick secui form was facing the ferally hunched posture of a complete stranger. As Lyris walked, she shifted up into Optime, the transition quick with constant practice. Within moments, she stood tall and stopped next to her brother by law to assess the stranger.

She had caught the last few words of the two's rough conversation, and so the Sola was able to pick it up again. "I see that you know Callum." She began, nodding towards the Officer. "I am Lyris Stryder, Sola of Casa di Cavalieri. Why is it you seek to join us?" Her words were very matter-of-fact, and little warmth was in her voice. Lyris crossed her arms over her chest, and despite having no intention to, intimidation was clear in her posture.

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:50 am

Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!

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Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:

  • Check out the Game to see how you can start collecting points for fun prizes!
  • Look at the Map and Territory Descriptions to see the various places your character can explore within the pack.
  • Look over the list of Co-Ranks that are available for you character to pursue once they reach the Bracciante ranks.
  • Please read our Policies so that you and your character can abide by Casa di Cavalieri's standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Melissa, Ann, or Nat and they will do whatever they can to help you! If you're ready to get to roleplaying right away, post in the Thread Requests forum or snag an Open Thread! We hope you enjoy your new home!

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:22 pm

Word Count → 142
Optime | Day | CdC's borders | Mid-June
Poopy post, sorry

Iorek's posture changed even more as a new person came into the conversation. The woman looked scary and intimidating to him and he went back down to all-fours in fear. He cowered, his ears pressed against his head and his bobbed tail trying to tuck between his legs. The wolf woman asked the bear dog a questions and he answered, stumblling over his words and his response being stammered out.

"M-met n-nice p-people. C-Can't h-hunt o-or f-fight w-well, b-but c-can l-learn." The hybrid beast said, his response not quite what he wanted it to be. He was just so scared and intimidated. He'd never had much of a conversation with one person, much less two people. He looked up at the woman before his eyes darting low. She had a raggedy scar on her face and a weird mark on her thigh.

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:39 pm

Words: 269
Date: 15 JUN
Place: Casa borders
Form: Secui
I suck, I'm sorry ><

Callum nodded as each of the cats sounded off, storing their names with Iorek's. The boy told him, almost tripping over his words, that he wanted to join the pack, and that surprised the white Knight somewhat. Casa was so humanized that it would be quite an adjustment for Iorek. Before he could respond, his ears swiveled as Lyris approached from behind and came to stand beside him. He genuflected, then listened to her words.

Iorek responded, and Callum nodded. He spoke quietly to the boy, It's alright, you don't need to be afraid, and then louder, When I first met Iorek I was out hunting and he... assisted... in taking down part of my quarry. But he looked as though he hadn't fed well in at least a couple weeks, perhaps more, so I gave him the kill he helped with. He looked up at Lyris, awaiting the Sola's words. Iorek needed help, clearly, and he would not be the first untrained person Casa had accepted and shaped into greatness.

His gaze lowered again to look over the boy. Despite his unkempt, shaggy coat, he was tall and bulky. He was uncomfortable in Optime, for one reason or another, but that wouldn't prevent him from learning to defend himself in one of his more feral forms, as Callum had had to learn to do in New Dawn and then chosen to continue training in Casa. And with his size, he could assist Cal in taking down deer after smaller, faster members had chased the ungulates toward them. There was definitely potential there.

Callum Knight

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:28 am

where is the slow trophy, for it is mine (+400)

Somehow, the stranger's inclination towards the unhumanized lifestyle spoke greater volumes to Lyris than should the opposite have been true. Her sharp eyes were quick to understand and remember the posture of the male, as it had been one she'd used to commonly wear herself. The Sola remembered the sting of a shift she did not want all those years ago, and the disorienting feeling of standing on two legs and using fingers when all she had ever known was the forest from four feet high. While neither Callum nor Iorek would be able to tell the difference, the hardness in Lyris's eyes lightened.

It did not, however, help the bearish boy's case when he spoke. Obviously unfamiliar with straightforward speech, his jerky and uncertain sentences revealed that he had no predetermined skills. Casa di Cavalieri would be taking in a mouth to feed rather than one that could provide. Lyris blew air through her nose, considering. Her tall posture did not change.

When Callum spoke, the Stryder spared him only a glance. He was not soft in the deliverance of his words, but he was far from harsh or matter-of-fact. Lyris blinked, and she could almost see Luca. Despite their hard outer shells, those brothers still carried the kindness of Jazper with them. It came out in the most unexpected of situations.

The Officer finished speaking, and Lyris was silent. She was still appraising the sorry soul that groveled in front of her, obviously terrified and weak. Her instinctual roots encouraged her to turn Iorek away because he would be a burden before he could be of use. The pack of her birth had been no stranger to doing just that. Only the strongest shall be welcomed into our fold. But Lyris did no such thing.

"Casa di Cavalieri will not house you and coddle you like a child. You will be expected to give as much as you take, and you will be required to learn defense and useful skills so that you can benefit yourself as well as others. If you want to be welcomed, you must toil." Each word fell without a note of warmth from Lyris's sharp teeth, her eyes frigid and intimidating. But before she turned around in order to lead Iorek into the territory, her expression of intimidation softened. Only for a flicker of a moment. "Follow me, Recruit." And so she turned and purposefully returned to the fold of the trees in order to lead the newest Cavalier to the heart of Casa.

Re: [J] Do you have room for one more troubled soul?

Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:43 pm

Thanks for the thread, guys!200+

Iorek didn't seem to hear Callum. The woman looked intimidating despite the beast being taller than her. He crouched on the ground in front of her, too scared to stand. He listened as the white and black knight shared the story of how the pair worked together to bring down the deer. He didn't know why the man shared this, though it was probably for a reason. The ice queen remained silent and the wolfdog didn't know if he was going to get turned away.

The massive yearling listened as the snow-furred Sola delivered her verdict. He didn't understand half of the words, though the message was clear. He had to be useful to his new pack. He didn't know how he was supposed to make himself useful, though he hoped he could do something. He wasn't skilled at much, or anything. But, the feral giant nodded as firmly as his docile nature allowed.

The carmine-eyed creature followed the winter wolf into his new pack. He rose to his massive height, though cowered. His arms were held close to his chest, his ears were pressed flat against his skull, and his bobbed tail tried to tuck itself between his legs. He kept close to the woman, though staying behind her. The red-eyed boy was off to a new life.

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