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He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:59 am

The deer carcass was no more than a day old, but it had already been visited by several scavengers in the hours it lay cold on the forest floor. The teeth of foxes and thin loners had gnawed at the bones, and ravens had plucked soft tissue from its face and abdomen. Insects and their spawn covered the wet hide, a wriggling and buzzing mass that made Vesper curl her lip with disgust.

That didn't stop her from ducking her head into the hollow of the deer's ribs to see if there was any remaining morsel worth digging out.

Her companion, Stormeye, was marginally less picky and began to peck at the carcass' gnawed ear. Her head remained on a swivel when she looked up, fixing her good eye on her surroundings while Vesper settled a few yards from the corpse and began to groom herself. Slow, rhythmic licks covered her heavily scarred legs, and she stopped to paw at the side of her face, almost like a cat, to remove her cheek fur of some of the deer's stickiness.

A stray maggot fell from her fur. Intrigued, the young raven hopped down from the carcass and lunged for it. Vesper laughed at her.

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:20 pm

Word Count → 529
Secui | Day | July | Dampwoods?
Iorek's flower crown

A bear-like male padded through the woods. He was massive, almost a giant to some. He walked in his Secui form, making him even more bear-like. His fur was long and thick and waterproofed. He had large webbed paws and his legs were a bit longer than normal due to his sighthound blood. His ears were rounded like a bear's ears and his bobbed tail was also reminiscent of a ursine mammal. His snout was broader than a wolf's and he had a broad build that made him seem even bigger.

His fur was a haphazard mess of darker browns splattered on a tan canvas that dulled in some places. His saddle was the aspect that stood out from the canvas as it was a splattered mess of browns. It stopped abruptly once it passed his ears and then his face was dipped in dark hues. His legs were also dipped in the dark hues, or more of splattered in them. A white hue was also present on his pelt, streaking his shoulder, tipping his tail, and painting his chest. He had blood-red eyes.

A pink and white flower crown lay on his head. It went around his bobbed ears, adding a splash of color to his brown pelt. The flower crown had many flowers and was ever so pretty.

Iorek relished getting out of the pack lands sometimes. The houses and structures around Casa di Cavalieri were still foreign to him and he was still getting used to the concept of two legs and still learning about the more humanized lifestyles that the knights enjoyed. The bear boy had grown up in a very feral upbringing and it was very isolated. Safe to say that he still had hard time introducing himself or even making conversation.

The flower crown the brown behemoth wore was a reassuring weight and presence. His friend, Arlen had made it for him. He liked the calming colors and didn't mind looking at his reflection. It wasn't really vanity, it was simply him observing how the flower crown made him look. The object gave the red-eyed recruit an ounce of confidence. And that was something he didn't have much of.

The brown-painted Secui was too caught up in his mind and didn't realize where he was going. And then he collided into a tree. S-Sorry! He said and then checked if his flower crown was okay. And it was! And then, his sense of smell kicked in and then he smelled food! A carcass! His stomach rumbled as he was almost always hungry despite getting food in his new pack. The wolfdog peeked from behind the tree.

A strange woman was next to the carcass. She was small and her features were peculiar. She had long legs and sharp features, something that the youngster had never seen before. She didn't have an ear which was extremely weird. And there were many scars on her which piqued his interested. Another aspect was the piece of shinny thing in her ear. The yearling was baffled. She didn't smell all wolf either,

W-What y-you? Y-you...y-you n-not a-all...a-ll w-wolf? The hybrid beast stammered. W-where e-ear? W-what s-shiny th-thing?

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:53 pm

Great footfalls heralded the approach of another, and Vesper stiffened though a quick sniff revealed the scent of Casa di Cavalieri over the reek of the deer. She did not think that the knights had any current quarrel with Inferni, and certainly their reputation for honor afforded her some protection, but it was best to be cautious until she knew what sort of knight greeted her. After all, her unlikely friend was no longer at the pack's helm.

Stormeye squawked and took flight, flapping up into a branch overhead to look from a safe distance while Vesper rose neatly to her paws. Her ear flickered when she heard an apology from behind a nearby oak, and she grunted in acknowledgment before a Secui youth peered around the trunk with apparent bafflement.

She scoffed lightly at his questions and simplistic words, but she was not the sort to lecture him on the rudeness of being blunt. After all, Vesper was hardly tactful herself -- and she saw no reason to punish ignorance.

"I'm a coywolf. My mother was a coyote." She lifted her head. "You're not all wolf either, are you? I don't see masks like that on wolves." He was large and thick, too -- overly thick, overly large. She might have been intimidated if she wasn't used to being smaller than most others all her life.

He stammered more questions. She twitched her ears -- first the mangled remnants, then the one that bore the silver ring she'd almost grown to forget.

"This one? It got bitten off, and the rest sliced. I've been in a lot of fights, you know." She smiled, playful. "And this is just an earring -- some silly Luperci thing I fancied when I was younger. No point in taking it out, though if it got ripped like the other ear I wouldn't necessarily miss it."

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:33 am

" If I seemed dangerous, would you be scared?"
Secui | Day | July | Dampwoods

Let me know it the table isn't okay. Also, I hope Vesper enjoys the level of clueless and shock.
Word Count:

Iorek towered over the stranger, though his slight cower suggested that she seemed bigger to him. The woman had an air around her that he couldn't place, though it did seem slightly familiar. He didn't understand what her scoff meant; he didn't actually know much about scoffs and didn't exactly know what the meant. She was weirdly colored with her blue hues and her fur was a pretty mix of soothing colors. She was very scarred, but the scars looked interesting as well. The wolfdog scented bird on her. Did she eat it?

The brown behemoth tilted his head as the female said that she was a "coywolf". That term flew over his head. She elaborated further, saying that her mother was a coyote. That made him tilt his head the other way and an even more confused expression crossed his face. What was a coyote? Was it a disease? No, it wasn't that, but it was something that he had never heard of. The woman said that he wasn't all wolf, which was true. His mother said that she was a wolf, and referred to his sire as a dog. M-My m-mother w-wolf. M-My s-sire d-dog. He said and then she went on to answer the other questions, though the chocolate-saddled brute could ask the other questions later.

The red-eyed recruit had a shocked look on his face. Her ear was ripped off? How did that happen? He hoped his ear didn't get torn off. His small ears pressed against his skull at the thought. How could she hear without her ear? The coywolf said that the thing in her ear was called an "earring". How was it attatched to her ear? And why couldn't she take it off? His head tilted the other way. Another slightly shocked expression crossed his visage as she said that she wouldn't mind getting it ripped off. B-But th-then y-you be d-deaf! The crimson-eyed Cavalier exclaimed.

Image | Background | Table by Andi

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:29 pm

Confusion contorted the monstrous youth's face when she explained that she was half coyote, and she realized that he must not have had a run-in with "her kind" before. She snorted in amusement.

"Coyotes are much like wolves, but smaller, and don't come in so many colors like black and white. Coyotes don't bow to alphas like wolves do, either. We're more independent, and use our smarts more than strength."

"Smarts" seemed to be something that this boy lacked. His simplistic sentence structure and constant confusion spoke of something more... profound than mere ignorance. Even Vesper, raised a non-shifter in the wilds, had been cleverer as a youth and hadn't balked when she encountered something new. Sometimes she'd pretended to be more knowledgable than she was, and she certainly didn't hesitate to call something stupid if it didn't make immediate sense to her -- including jewelry, though experimentation and sentimentality had softened her views on this.

She thought of a horse carved from wood, dangling below a white flower, then shook her head at the buzz of flies.

"Ah, not entirely deaf probably," Vesper said, grinning. "Just pretty deaf. I can hear out of this ear if you speak into it, but I can't swivel it to catch sounds, so it's kind of useless at telling where things are."

She glanced at him for a moment, thoughtful, then sighed. "Where is your mother?"

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:16 am

Sorry for the wait! 300+ Secui | Dampwoods | Day | Summer

See galleries for credit.

Iorek didn't know how coyotes and wolves could think differently. He understood that maybe they came in different colors since he didn't look like many other people he had met and he knew people looked different from each other. But "being more independent"? That was one of the words he knew since his mother often used it. But the boy saw the value of pack life and respected it. He probably would have starved without Casa di Cavalieri. And how the woman said that coyotes didn't bow down to alphas? The wolfdog didn't know what an alpha was either. His head tilted slightly, but he didn't look as confused as he had been before.

The coyote woman's answer to the brown behemoth's question did clear some stuff up. So, ears could hear without the ear, but couldn't figure out where things were. But that seemed like she would be deaf, just not fully deaf. He hoped that she didn't lose the other ear because he didn't want her to become deaf because she seemed nice. He hoped would never lose his ears because then the chocolate saddled behemoth wouldn't be able to hear.

And then the coywolf asked the red-eyed Recruit where his mother was. The boy's head hung slightly as the woman asked that. It had been a while since someone had asked that, but the wound was still there. His mother always weighed on his mind since he still missed her despite having been moons since she died. S-She d-died. The crimson-eyed Cavalier said. He remembered the attack since it was still fresh for him despite it having been months ago. The loss of his mother had shaken the boy to his core and changed the way he spoke and how he held himself. The massive yearling sat down since he didn't like standing in one place for too long.

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:38 pm

The youth continued to cant his head as if he had water in his ears; Vesper almost expected something to trickle out as he tipped the massive thing, especially when he dropped it forlornly at her question. Admitting that his mother had died, the big wolfdog plopped his rear down in the leaf-litter, and Vesper licked her lips with a sympathetic glance.

“Did Casa di Cavalieri take you in, then?” she ventured to guess. “I’m sorry. My mother died too, when I was young.”

She probably should have sounded gentler, more sorrowful, as she confessed this, but Vesper spoke of her mother’s passing in a factual way. It wasn’t that she hadn’t grieved fiercely when she was young, but so many years had passed since. She was much older than Winter had been when the black wolf had killed her, and she’d had several more children (if adopted) since then. The time before she became a Luperci, before she joined Inferni, seemed so distant to her now. She’d suffered from many hurts since then.

She was quiet for a moment, then realized something. Lifting her muzzle again, she smiled faintly at the boy. “I never caught your name.” He’d not allowed for introductions before bombarding her with questions, not that Ves would rebuke him for that. She wasn’t the most tactful canine herself.

“I’m Vesper. I lead Inferni, the clan across the woods from your pack.”

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:06 am

Word Count → 215
Secui | Dampwoods | Day | Summer
Sorry for the wait! Maybe we can end it in the next round?

Iorek shook his head in response to the coyote woman's question. He didn't fully understand the question, though he knew that he had joined Casa di Cavalieri, but it didn't seem like they had taken him in. He had been alone for three moons after his mother had died, scavenging and starving as he traveled. He briefly wondered if the knight pack would have taken him in if he had come to them sooner, but the wolfdog didn't know if he would have accepted the offer, as he had needed time to grieve.

The massive yearling looked up as the woman shared that her mother had also died when she was young. He remembered how he had felt after his mother's death. Had the woman felt the same way after her mother had died? He wanted to ask how, but he felt it wasn't appropriate. S-Sorry The bear dog said.

The red-eyed Recruit realized that he hadn't thought to introduce himself which was a bit rude.. I-I Iorek He said and then the woman told him her name which was Vesper. And then she said that she led a coyote pack called Inferni. His head tilted as he wondered. An entire pack of coyotes? Were others allowed? P-Pack i-is a-all c-coyote? The crimson-eyed Cavalier asked.

Re: He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies

Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:37 am

Vesper shrugged at the boy’s condolence. “It was a long time ago,” she said. She might have added that she didn’t miss her mother anymore, but she had a feeling that he wouldn’t understand this. He wasn’t old enough, not far enough removed. “It gets easier,” she added instead, and that was true.

Her eyes narrowed in amusement. “Nice to meet you, Iorek,” she said, and shook her head and the rest of her body, dislodging a fly in the process. Their buzzing was louder in the summer air, and Ves had a feeling her little find wasn’t going to be so appetizing shortly. In a tree, Stormeye snapped at the insects that passed; at least she wouldn’t mind nibbling on a maggoty corpse.

“Inferni is all coyote. We are a clan rather than a pack.” Ves tilted her head then amended, “Coyotes and those with coyote blood, like me. I’m half.” She had said as much but figured he could use the reminder. “You see, most wolves think that coyotes are bad or weak. They hurt us and our families. The coyotes who founded Inferni did it so coyotes could have a safe place. Coyotes and wolves are different, remember, and so sometimes it’s better we do not live together.”
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