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Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:46 pm

I have only come here seeking knowledge

Familiarity set the recruit's paws in the direction of the library. Too much time had passed since Everett had the luxury to wander the aisles, trailed a finger along the spine of a book or tasted the welcome scent of old books. In an effort to maintain a favourable impression upon his peers, the silver male had tasked himself with organising the pack's collection of books, various documents and codices. He had clothed himself in simpler garb than was his usual, a long-sleeved shirt and black pants. The absence of a waistcoat had not deterred him from embellishing his appearance; jewels glittered at his wrists and fingers. An observant set of eyes might notice the gradual gain of healthy weight upon an otherwise lean build. Pack life had been kind to Everett, and the gauntness that he had arrived at their borders with slowly faded.

Tomes had been stacked in piles besides shelves. He had started small, a few shelves at a time. The gentleman paused in the centre of the room, as a hand rose to comb his spiked mane. How should he go about sorting the collection? By name, or subject matter? Everett grunted thoughtfully as his cool gaze swept over the items he had amassed. The majority of the documents were military-themed, which came as little surprise. What was noteworthy to the male was that the rest of the collection was a potpourri of themes, from cook books, canine anatomy, craftsmanship and things he had no name for. Everett leaned down to pick up a handful of books on combat and piled them neatly towards the entrance. Surely an eager Cavalier would appreciate pertinent information being close at hand?

The once humble building was filled with the sounds of a man's gentle hums, pages being turned and books being carried from stack to shelf. Everett strode over to the remaining columns, and crouched to examine the titles on the spines to better determine their suitability. His curved tail awoke dust that had lain since who-knows-how-long as he contentedly read the words aloud, testing them on his tongue. Pale orbs lingered on the outline of a book that jutted out from underneath a shelf. Everett canted his head to one side as he gently pulled it from its resting place and sneezed at the amount of dust his discovery had disturbed.

The document lacked a front cover, and bore the signs of old age and disrepair as all books did. The mutt sat cross-legged on the floor, so absorbed in untangling the mystery of the book that he did not notice the thick gathering of dust that coated his legs. Everett frowned as he turned stained page after page, unable to find an explanation of what its contents were. He paused as suddenly words, and then sentences emerged from the emptiness. The text itself was hard to understand, so whilst the gentleman could comprehend most of what was written, it did not enlighten him.

What was an embryo? What sort of play was foreplay? Everett felt increasingly light-headed as his hands flicked through the pages, and finally stopped to clutch at the edges of the book. Diagrams of hairless creatures involved in what appeared to be a wrestling match spilled from the book. Notes and diagrams littered the empty spaces that the text and it's highly detailed illustrations did not cover. "What in the gods name is this...?"

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Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:37 pm

Word Count → 208
Secui | Day | June | Library

A feral creature padded into a humanized place. Iorek had been exploring all around the fort after having chosen his room. His pink and white flower crown sitting on his head. He had never been in a place so grand and pretty. He had poked his head through the wooden thing that Grynn had referred to as a "door". It was open which was good for the Secui creature. And then the wolfdog's jaw dropped.

This was a big place and a strange one to the hybrid beast. There were weirs things all around and tall structures. He bumped into one of the four-legged things and into another smaller four-legged thing, bumping them a few inches with his massive bulk. He looked around, noticing a man in the weird things that he'd heard people refer to as "clothes". He looked preoccupied so the brown behemoth occupied himself.

The red-eyed recruit's massive head could see over the table just fine as he turned to a table a bit away from the man. He sniffed the weird boxy things. They smelled dusty and weird. There was only one way for him to figure out what it was. So, the crimson-eyed Cavalier opened his mouth, intending to taste the weird thing.

Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:17 pm

I have only come here seeking knowledge

Wide, icy orbs flicked from the page Everett was studying to stare at a strange beast that deigned to join him at this precise moment. If he had been a less dignified man, he might have let loose the few curses he knew but fortunately for the unfamiliar creature this was not the case. Quickly and in the fashion of a scolded child, he snapped the book shut firmly and staggered to his feet. Gods, this is embarrassing. The damned thing should be hidden. The gentleman made a show of smoothing the dust from his shirt as he secreted the obscene book away into a pouch at his hip. With a final smoothing of his hair, he turned his attention upon the newcomer.

Everett's gaze settled on the chocolate-pelted secui as he clattered from one table to the next. "Hello? Can I help-" The male winced and emitted a low growl as books scattered across the floor in the other's wake. The stranger seemed not to know, or either didn't care about the damage caused as he tramped over the debris of the scholar's hard work. "Don't worry." Everett sighed loudly as he bent at the waist to retrieve the books, stacking them in his arms with practised grace. The male was about to turned them to their former home when the darker wolf did something unthinkable.

Why had he not paid attention to that glint in the other's eye? The scholar would question himself numerous times after. The sight of the secui's head descended over a defenseless book, jaws wide, was enough to spur him into action. Everett dropped what he was holding and flitted over to the other's side. In one smooth motion he rescued the book from its slobbering fate and held the wolf's crimson orbs with his own. "What are you doing?"

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Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:48 pm


Iorek didn't notice that he'd knocked the strange objects off of the four-legged things. He wasn't very aware of his own strength sometimes. He heard something snap shut, but didn't think much of it. He was more curious of the structure and the things in it. He sniffed around, sniffing the thing that had fallen in front of his before stepping on them. The wolfdog didn't notice the words that the man had said, nor the growl that had came from him.

The brown behemoth only noticed the man when the item he was going to taste was grabbed from underneath his jaws. His scarlet eyes met icy hues and he moved back suddenly in surprise, knocking over the smaller four-leg thing. He was a bit afraid and he fluffed up in fear and cowered slightly. He noticed the weird hues in the man's fur and tilted his head. And then the dog asked what he was doing. "T-Tasting i-it." The brown-painted brute said and then noticing how the man cared about these things, "N-Not f-food?"

The red-eyed recruit noticed how the once tidy place had become messy as he entered it. So, knowing that he needed hands for this, he began shifting up to his Optime form. The change didn't take as long as it had when he first came, as he became more accustomed to shifting. However, it did take a bit of time, but it ended with him on the floor in his gargantuan two-legged form. He rose to his feet, towering over the man, even in his hunched state. With his flower crown and slightly cowering posture, the crimson-eyed recruit looked a little bit more threatening than a leaf.

The feral beast bent down to pick up a few of the weird things on the ground. "I-I h-help." He said, making his new intentions clear as he put them on the big four-legged thing. He then put the smaller four-legged thing back on its feet and then picked up another strange object. "W-What th-this?" The hybrid beast asked, holding the object and finally asking his question.

Secui → OptimeDayLate June?Library

Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:31 am


The haste of Everett's maneuver in coming to the book's rescue caused the secui to slink backwards. Another piece of furniture fell to the other's clumsiness. His face softened at the fear he saw in crimson-eyed male, the way he cringed backward and the way is fur rose in an odd gesture. He had not raised his voice in anger, so he was at a loss for the other's fearful behaviour. For a moment, the gentleman's eyes had a distant look about them as he was lost to a memory he longed to forget. Slowly, Everett kneeled so that he was on the same level as his darker packmate. "Do you not know what these are?" He gestured with an arm to encompass the library as a whole. Gently, he asked, "What is your name? I am Everett. I don't believe we have met before." The male would recall such an encounter, surely.

At the stranger's uncertain tone, he shook his head softly and chuckled. "No, not food." Everett followed the other's gaze as it swept about the once pristine space to take in its current state. "Quite the mess you've made," he drawled, not unkindly. The male shifted his attention toward his guest, but quickly glanced away to give him privacy in his transformation. It did not matter that his packmate was unclothed anyway, but old habits died hard or so they said. Once the sounds of metamorphosis had faded, he stared wide-eyed and against his better feelings of politeness at the gigantic optime sprawled on the floor where once a large wolfdog had stood.

Everett watched as the male assumed a bipedal stance, and effectively loomed over him. The gentleman rose slowly from his kneeling position, and with the height disadvantage as it was, craned his neck awkwardly upward to meet the other's eyes. Would there ever come a day when he did not feel the inward shame of being surrounded by giants? Despite the now ridiculous looking floral crown that sat askew the other's head, and submissive posture, the dark stranger still cut a rather ursine figure to his own delicate physique.

The silver-tipped male watched with growing admiration as the other spoke his intention to help, and proceeded to pick up books. Everett dipped his head and bent to follow the other's lead. "Thank you." He lifted his head at the other's timid, questioning tone and smiled. "These are called books. We use books to learn about things, such as how something works or how those before us thought and lived. It is quite fascinating. Tell me, do you know how to read?"

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Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:04 pm


For a second, Iorek didn't notice the man had bent down to his height, he was too busy cowering. Though, the beast was still massive compared the the male. The man actually made himself a bit smaller than the beast as he was close to he male's height while standing. He shook his head in response to the man's question. He honestly had no name for even the four-legged structures that he'd knocked over and moved. The dog male introduced himself and the wolfdog replied with his name. "I-I Iorek."

The massive yearling's head tilted as Everett said that it wasn't food. What else could they be if they weren't food? He didn't understand what they could be, though the male thought they were important which was something. The the blue-eyed male agreed with the beast's thought, that he'd made a mess. Though, when the boy shifted up, he didn't understand why the male had looked away. The feral hybrid didn't understand the action and gave the male a confusing look.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier got to his feet. He was much taller than the smaller dog. He was used to that, though he cowered as if he was half his height. The silver-hued male got to his feet, barely at the male's chest, though the bear boy cowered and stood with his feral posture, which lowered his height by a couple of inches. The red-eyed recruit was massive in general with his broad build and shaggy fur, which made him even larger than his pack mate.

The brown behemoth didn't take long to help the male clean up. He picked up the items he'd knocked down and was able to move back some of the four-legged things back to their places. His question was answered quickly, though it confused him. How could a book teach someone? He opened it and there was only patterns on the inside. He gave it a confused look as the fellow recruit told him that it also told stories. The chocolate-saddled brute squinted at the book, trying to see if there was a mouth or something.

The gargantuan youngster looked up as the blue male asked if he knew how to read. The confused expression probably said everything, but he still replied. "N-No. W-What i-it?" The scarlet-eyed boy asked. He'd heard the word used before, but it was one of the many words that he didn't know.


Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:20 pm


The gentleman nodded at Iorek as he introduced himself. The timorous quaver to his voice persisted even as he spoke his own name. Fascinating. What was the root of such behaviour? The tilt of the other's head as Everett declared that books were not consumables was a succinct answer in itself. The poor thing did not know what books were, or why they mattered a great deal. Well, it was fortunate or both parties to have met in that case as the silver male could not diminish his own enthusiasm to teach and learn.

Puzzlement furrowed Iorek's brow as he met his eyes. "Iorek, what is it?" His accent became more pronounced upon tasting the unusual name. An ear flicked backwards as he realised his packmate was openly taking him in, as Everett had been of the other not moments before. The scholar yearned to know what the other thoughts were on the subject, not for vanity's sake. It was perhaps rather pessimistic of him to assume others would consider him pathetic or pitiful, but he had thought he had seen enough of the glances of strangers to know this was true. The twin rubies were wide and curious as opposed to hateful.

With little else to say the two men commenced their efforts at tidying up the space. Iorek seemed unperturbed by the sheer volume of tomes he could lift and set upon the table, which was something in his favour. Everett, in the midst of collecting several books, noticed his packmate open a book and stare blankly at its contents. As he settled his own stack upon the table, he inched closer to Iorek. His heart ached at the lost look that crossed his packmate's features, and he pondered what the other saw on the open page between them. For a moment, the scholar was at a loss of for how he could describe something he had come to regard as second-nature. He would try, for the boy's sake though. Everett licked his lips, "These marks here," he pointed to a line of text, "all mean something. To read we learn what these markings mean and sound like."

He hoped he had not lost Iorek already. Glacial eyes swept hopefully upwards. "Do you understand?"

It's better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality

Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:07 pm

Iorek is holding the book, "The Little Engine That Could". Idk if you know about it, though it's a really old and popular children's book. I have a copy in my house if you need pictures <3

Word Count → 400+

Everett looked confused as to why Iorek was confused. The beast didn't understand why the man had looked away when he had shifted. Nobody had ever done that before. He was quite confused as to why the man would look away. He was fine with others shifting in front of him. What had made the man act so strangely. Wh-Why y-you l-look a-away wh-when sh-shift? The feral beast asked.

The massive yearling didn't know much about the books he carried, except that they were light. He carried them carefully, though. He didn't want to break them. He noticed there were pictures on the front, though some of the images confused him. He didn't know what the weird shaped animals on the cover were. He didn't understand much of the humanized world with his feral roots and he couldn't understand how these books spoke to tell their stories or give instructions. He couldn't understand how something that wasn't alive, spoke and told. The flower boy regarded the books with confusion. 0

The brown behemoth could understand that the markings had meaning. He looked back at the book he was holding. As he looked at it, he saw that sometimes, the same marks were repeated and the markings had copies. So, Everett could read this and understand what it said? He looked at the markings, willing himself to understand what it said. He stared at the markings with confusion clear on his face. He wished that he could read, he wanted to understand what this text meant. The blue male asked if he understood. "Y-Yes." The chocolate-saddled brute replied.

The ruby-eyed recruit looked at the text again. Reading would be nice, though would he be able to learn? He didn't know if he'd be able to understand so much in so little time, but he could understand at least some concepts, he hoped. Maybe even be able to learn at least a little. He didn't expect the scholar to teach him how to read everything, though he wanted to learn at least a few words. The crimson-eyed Cavalier looked at the male hopefully.

C-Could y-you t-teach m-me t-to r-read? E-Even a-a-a l-little? The hybrid giant asked. He hoped the male would at least teach him to read easy books. Or at least a few words. He scanned around for a thin book. Maybe those were easy to read? He saw a thin book on the desk and held it. It had a blue thing on it and had bright colors. He opened it and it had a lot of pictures and not many words! He liked the happy expressions on their faces. The bear boy held the book, looking at the dog hopefully.

Image courtesy of Gerardstolk@Flickr; table by the Mentors!

Re: Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:17 am


The puzzled expression he had worn had not gone amiss by Iorek as the other rumbled a question. It was easy enough to answer, but that did not necessarily mean the other would understand. "In my culture, it is polite to allow one a degree of privacy whilst they change." Everett wondered if he should explain that nudity was a taboo as well, but left it at that. The scholar kept his eyes respectfully upon the ground or else upon anything that was not the unclothed bulk.

The male instead focused on Iorek's strangely careful handling of a book, as he turned it over and stared at the images. Everett quirked a brow as an idea formed in his mind - he pondered why he had not come upon the solution earlier. His mother had not weaned him on dense tomes first, and nor would he wish the crimson-eyed male to. The scholar hummed aloud as he internally compiled a list of books he could suggest the other try to learn from first. Everett had collected a good deal of material on lots of sources, some clear and useful while others had dwindled to a sorry state. There were those books with bright pictures that told their stories, with large widely-spaced text that was easy to follow. That's it!

From the creases of concentration on the boy's broad face, the pale man could assume he was trying desperately to decipher what he was being told. His heart ached for the other; it had not been all that long ago that he too had been that boy. Wanting to know, and understand. The question of why he was unwanted and unloved may have been partially solved but that did not mean the forsaken-prince accepted it. Pale eyes closed to shield Everett from his suddenly too-bright surroundings. Why had that damned memory resurfaced? The male drew his handkerchief across his nose and inhaled its lavender scent. Olivia used to steep his cloths with plant oils, something he was ever-thankful for at times such as these.

Everett met Iorek's hopeful glance as the dizziness subsided, and realised the other had spoken. "Of course, it would be a pleasure." He dipped his head to the other, with a smile upon his lips as he studied the other male thoughtfully. The youth's attention drifted toward a thin book that displayed colourful images and the male nodded, approvingly. As Iorek opened the pages, simplistic figures spread across the pages alongside unfamiliar shapes. Despite its age, the cheerfulness of the scenes were not diminished and the scholar's mouth fell slightly open in wonder. "Yes. I think this would make a good starting point. Iorek, come back here tomorrow and I will teach you."

It's better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality
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