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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:12 am

OOC - Arlen votes to ATTACK

Arlen sat up groggily. "Dad?" He grumbled, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He looked around, expecting to see his dad standing at the door with the light already shining through the window. This was not the case. It suddenly struck him that his dad hadn't called out to him in the literal sense as he saw his siblings rise around him. He'd called from the Courthouse.

That realization pulled Len from his tiredness, dragged him from bed, and pulled on a pair of pants swiftly, looking back and calling his brother and sister to hurry up behind him before rushing out the door after his mother.

He ran to the Courthouse, weaving through sleepy packmates to get ahead as far as he could. He arrived to see his mother standing grimly by his father, Howland at their side. He briefly remembered the guard having been sent out... What had happened during that mission? He glanced through the crowd, looking for his siblings. Seeing his brother's grey head poke out from the masses, he hurried towards him. "Do you know what happened? Did Dad tell you anything?"

Luca called for attention, explained the reason for their gathering. It left the red Stryder gasping for air. The Syndicate was before their time, but he'd been told the stories many times. How could he not have? What they had done was felt by the pack even now! His heart hammered in his chest, yearning to break free.

Sola and Lune gave their options, and overwhelmingly they voted in Luca's favor. It wouldn't come as a surprise to any when the boy cried out, energetic as always. It wouldn't come as a surprise to any who he sided with. "I say we go hunt them down before they attack us! We know where they're at, they know where we're at. But they don't know that we know. So let's use that to our advantage before it's too late."

The hot-blooded teenage boy wanted a fight. He wanted to get his hands dirty, but he didn't know what dirty meant. He'd heard the stories of heroes and legends, not knowing the sacrifices of the martyrs who paved the way.

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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:28 am

Iork votes no but Silver votes....WE ARE BOTH CLUELESS! PP of Arlen was approved by Kris500+

Iorek had finally begun sleeping in the room that Grynn had helped him chose. He didn't know much about decorating, but the flowers around the room in clear things with water inside of them (glass) was nice. Some flower crowns also decorated his room. The clothes he had received from Jace and Clara lay in one corner. The wolfdog lay sleeping on his bed in his massive Secui form. He looked peaceful for once.

At the sound of the howl, the massive creature jerked awake. For a second he looked groggy, and then he wondered what it was. He could hear his pack-mates moving so, he poked his head outside. He was still scared after the attack. He was a monster, no matter what anyone said. He ducked back inside his room to grab a flower crown, the bear boy's security blanket before nervously walking out of the room.

The hybrid beast kept to the sides, still a bit paranoid. He had been traumatized from the attacks, him killing someone and attacking a pack-mate. There was a monster inside of him and he was afraid it would come out again. He was afraid that it would come out and hurt someone else. No matter how many times Arlen had counseled him and no matter how many flower crowns he made, he was still scared. The brown behemoth would never let that monster out again.

The brown-painted brute trailed the other Cavaliers to a massive room. He was aware that everyone was in their Optime form. He was afraid that his Optime form was the key to the beast, but his interactions with Night said no. So, with a resigned sigh, he began shifting up to his huge two-legged form. His cowering and feral posture lowered his height and he fluffed in anxiety. He took a deep breath before entering the room. And then the scarlet-eyed creature's anxiety went sky-high.

This was a lot of people. The most that the red-eyed recruit had been around. He scanned around before seeing a familiar red shape. He shambled over, trembling as his solitary upbringing had not prepared him for this much people. He leaned against his friend and felt the boy's fingers combing through his fur. He had made himself even shorter than the hybrid prince and his wide eyes took in the people. The crimson-eyed Cavalier's tail tried to tuck itself between his legs and his ears were lost in his fur.

The giant yearling caught sight of Teagan and winced, He remembered the scars he had left on her arm. He was even more scared. Was this a meeting to cast him out? He was a murderer and a monster and part of him thought that they should cast him out. He hurt two people, and that was very bad. The bear-like wolfdog hunched as low as he could.

The yellow king and the moon-hued queen talked about things that the fluffy monster had no idea about. His head tilted and his face displayed confusion instead of fear. He did understand that they leaders wanted to attack these bad people. His crimson eyes widened as he shook his head. "F-Fighting b-bad...n-no f-fight." The feral recruit stammered, hunching down and his eyes widening. Fighting was bad.

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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:56 am

OOC: Night votes with Lyris to attack

Night had heard the call from her Lune, but she still didn't arrive to the meeting on time. Having to walk with a crutch was proving to be extremely bothersome. She hobbled out of the house Remus had her staying in and whiled she walked as fast as she could, the little girl was extremely slow in making it there. By the time she did make it there, the meeting was already well underway.

Apparently she had missed part of what was said, though she could still manage to make out what was going on. There was talk of a rescue of hostages and either charging in for an attack or sneaking in to rescue the hostages. There was no question what Night wanted to do, attack. She wanted nothing more than to go after the ones who hurt her mother, and possibly still had her. The Lune and Sola would never allow someone as young as her to partake in a fight, at least she assumed they wouldn't. Besides, it wasn't like she could even train to be able to fight with her injured leg. The young girl would more or less be useless. Still, she could speak her mind and voice her opinion on the matter. It was her mother who was one of the hostages after all. I'm with the Sola, I say we attack.
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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:31 pm

The night swept the lands in her dark embrace, and in its gloom one could find either sweet relief in the form of sleep or hours of unending torture where repose could not be found. Everett found himself in the latter category as he leaned heavily against the wall of his room, his hands buried within the silvery tangle of his hair. How was it that the security of having others to depend on and a shelter to call his own could not drive the darkness away. Pale eyes glanced about the dim room, to stare at the shadows that grew and coalesced into nightmarish forms. The hairs at the base of his neck rose as the phantom lingered at the edges of his room, a grim mockery of life and his failures. The creature had visited him before, and Everett knew it wore the faces of the both friend and foe alike. If he closed his eyes, and focused on something else it would disappear.

Everett focused on his breathing, on the pressure of air being inhaled and expelled through his lungs. Slowly, glacial orbs opened to reveal the shadow had inched closer. The male backed away, as a whimper left his dry throat. "Why?" The creature had not uttered a word in all of its nightly visitations, but from the contours of its face it appeared to be taunting him. The gentleman coughed and cleared his throat, insistent upon reasoning with the apparition. "Why do you do this?" A cry rent the air that instinctively turned his focus toward the sound. The summoning howl had brought Everett back to his senses, as he blinked and studied his still dark, but empty room.

The pack had gathered at the gates of their homeland, as the gentleman joined their number and stood at their flanks. It was a strange feeling for the former pariah, to be amongst his fellows and even counted as one of them still. Everett placed a hand upon his hip as he listened with growing concern to what their Lune reported. The male's own efforts alongside Arlen and the imposing warrior woman Jace had proven there were strangers intent on disrupting and harming his new-found home's way of life. The silver male had been fortunate that his own brush with the strangers had left him bruised but otherwise unharmed. Everett absently rubbed at his ribs where the worst of the damage had been dealt while he processed the events that had transpired.

The Syndicate was not a name that held any meaning for the Recruit. By the cacophony the assembled voices produced, however, there was a history behind it. The names of the captured members were strange to the foreigner's ears as well, but that matter little. The actions of the group were inexcusable, and would likely not go unpunished. The thought of aggression and violence, weighed heavily upon Everett; who was he to order such things? He lacked the strength and will of the hardy folk that dwelt within its walls to support such an action. The strong voice of Lyris cut through the silence like a finely honed blade, and offered a solution he hoped they would not be forced to make.

Luca supplied another option that appealed to his sense of caution. To gain intelligence on their enemies through subtler means, and rescuing their kin in the same stroke was a greater plan in his mind. Everett turned his gaze upon each packmate as he or she voiced their opinion on the course of action they wished to take. Arlen's youthful tone rang out amongst the clamour, his a call to arms. Everett closed his eyes and cast his head downward, "I support Luca's plan. Subterfuge may be the key to learning valuable information about our enemy, and using it against them. Lest we forget we have loved ones that are depending on us not to lose ourselves to senseless violence. I feel our priority must be their returning them to our midst first and foremost."

I cannot write short posts it seems, lol. I vote for Option 2, Stealth. +673words

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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:19 pm


The grey furred male had spent the previous days caring for the injured child of the missing Hartt Hushhowl, tending to her wound, providing the girl with food and comfort, but the last night Remus had told the girl he would be out for a bit, and the grey male had snuck out to get some training in before the night came to an end. In his tiredness however, Remus had hobbled his way back to the house of his siblings and parents, and gone to sleep in his old bed rather than in the house that he'd had young Night staying in. It wouldn't seem to matter much however, as only a couple hours after Remus had fallen into bed, his death-glare gaze opened to the sound of his father calling everyone from the courthouse.

Remus saw Arlen get out of bed and dress quickly, and with a grumble of resignation, Remus pushed himself off from the bed and grabbed his own trousers to slip into. Following his brother to the meeting, Remus quickly lost sight of Arlen in the crowd before a familiar voice found him and Remus looked over to see the red furred boy. "I wouldn't know any more than you, man..." The earthen toned brother replied as he ruffled his own hair and pulled his claws through it quickly to smooth out his bed head in his usual effortless way.

The meeting had started then, and Remus looked up to see his father speak. Hearing his mother suggest that they mount an attack on the syndicate, and then his father suggest that the pack instead use a stealth approach, Remus thought about the two options as voices began to pipe up, but as Remus heard Arlen speak, he knew his own answer as well. "How many more of us have to get caught in traps or kidnapped before we put an end to this? I say we take them out before they do any more damage!" The grey boy spoke up, frustration audible in his voice as he thought about Night and how lonely she had become because of those assholes, and how she had been injured for the same reason.
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POSTED: Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:46 pm

The winner is Stealth 8 to 4! The OOC Plot News post will be updated with the next step. Please feel free to post your vote if your character has not done so yet, but it will no longer be counted towards the result.
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