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Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:39 pm

WC: 200+ OOC: Myra is in optime and yeah she knows about traps but never really learned about using one nor seen one so this is her first encounter. Also Dated for the 6th of July if that's ok :3

Myra had finished her chores and was now busy walking the pack lands. She was actually just daydreaming of Raine. His give to her not long ago was still fresh in her mind and she smiled widely. He was an amazing wolf and he spent a lot of attention on her. She still didn’t know THAT much about him, but he had told her a few tales of his adventures. Maybe someday she will have adventures like him and she wondered where that would take her.

It wouldn’t be far she knew. She loved her pack and her family to go far at all. This was her home and her place and she doubted she would leave without any good reason to. Myra’s attention caught on a scent. It wasn’t the border scent, though it was nearby. It was in fact a scent she hadn’t smelled before and it was coming from…

Her head looked in the direction, ears perked but she saw nothing. No movement, no body. There was a tree though and she could barely tell there was a rope there. Curious she walked towards it. What in all of the pack was this? She thought as she cautiously moved forward. Her eyes went from the tree and followed the rope, but whatever it was doing didn’t tell her anything except…. It did not belong.

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Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:35 pm

Minor powerplay

Word Count → 352

The massive Optime shape of Iorek raced after a pretty insect. It was small and red with black spots. He thought it was very pretty and he chased after the creature like a pup. He wasn't very fast and he was very awkward running in this shape, but he couldn't be bothered to shift. He might lose the bug! He tore after the red and black bug, wanting to catch it. It was only a miracle that his flower crown was still on his head. He was like a pup as he chased after the bug. The wolfdog didn't want to hurt the bug, he just liked chasing it.

The brown behemoth saw the beetle take a hard left and he couldn't make the turn. He skidded into the bushes with a crash. He wasn't very agile and he was also quite large. He rolled, getting a lot of foliage in his fur. And then the creature tried to get up from his fall, putting his hind paw in the wrong place. A whimper and then a shrieking whine echoed through him as his world went upside down. His flower crown fell away from him as the chocolate-saddled brute was yanked up.

The trap didn't hold the red-eyed recruit for long. But even for the moment it hold him, the beast flailed. What was this thing? He had no idea about traps and had no idea what held him up. But the trap or tree couldn't hold all three hundred pounds of the beast. So, with a crash, he hit the earth, but he was still frightened as he struggled against the rope. He didn't know what this was and he didn't understand why it was holding him. In almost no time, the rope had gotten tangled around the crimson-eyed Cavalier.

The feral giant looked to see a small female looking at him. He calmed down a little, though he had fluffed up in fear. He looked at the maiden with wide eyes that slowly turned a bit less wide. He looked at her for help. H-Help? P-Please? The massive yearling asked.

Image courtesy of Gerardstolk@Flickr; table by the Mentors!

Re: Foiled

Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:37 pm

WC: 300 OOC: Plop the pp is ok :3

Myra looked at the rope that was taught against the ground and traced it to its origin, but it was buried in the thick of the tree and she was going to have to try to look for it. She was learning to be cautious of things, especially unknown things. She was about to step closer to the tree when she heard the thumping of large paws and then the whimper of a canine before she saw the brown coat up in the trees and caught sight of the red fearful eyes.

She stared in astonishment as he struggled and then fell and struggled again before giving up. She was in shock of what the thing was. A trap. She learned about them but it was so close to an area that was frequented by luperci it wasn’t made for actual animals to be hunted and killed. It looked big enough for wolves. It seemed that way but it did not work very well, though it did get the man tangled up pretty good.

The words of the male knocked sense into the small girl. “Y-yes, I’ll help you. Hold still;” She said and pulled her flint knife out of her shoulder pack. “I’m going to cut the rope, ok? You just have to stay still okay?” She asked slowly moving forward to cut him loose. The man was a stranger to her, but she could smell the pack well established within his vicinity which meant he was a part of her pack and had been for at least long enough to establish himself. She wasn’t certain if he would lash out though and he was scared that was why she was moving slowly as though he was a hurt scared animal. Which if she thought about it, he was.

Re: Foiled

Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:51 pm

Minor PP! Feel free to have Myra cutting Iorek out in your next post!Word Count → 300+

Iorek's red fearful eyes looked at the girl. She was quite small and looked surprised. He didn't exactly know how she was going to help him out of the trap as she looked too small to take off whatever this stuff was. How was the girl going to take the weird thing; the thing that seemed like one of the many plants he had gotten stuck in as a pup. But, the plants were easy to break, this thing however wasn't. The strong-plant didn't break as he strained against it. Finally, the wolfdog stopped struggling when he heard the girl's voice.

The brown behemoth didn't understand why she pulled out the sharp shiny thing. He didn't like those things and didn't know why she had brought it out. Another fearful look came from the vermilion orbs as he looked at the object in fear. His fur raised, fluffing up in fear as he didn't know why she brought it out. The maiden said that she was going to cut the rope. The strong-plant was a rope? And the sharp shiny thing was going to cut it. F-Free f-from s-strong p-plant? N-No h-hurt? The chocolate saddled brute asked.

And then once the red-eyed recruit's question was answered. He held still. The rope was tangled around his legs and his body, wrapped around his stomach. His hands were also tangled as well. The rope, in some places seemed to be lost in the shaggy fur that the bear boy bore in his Optime form. He didn't like this rope, when he moved, it hurt. He didn't know how the rope had yanked him up. Was it alive? Was the girl going to kill it? The crimson-eyed Cavalier wanted that.

The massive yearling held himself as still as a statue, not wanting to be cut by the shiny thing.

table by the Mentors!

Re: Foiled

Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:04 pm

WC: 300+ OOC: be free!!

He was even more scared when she took out her knife. That made her stop and watch and hold her hands up, the knife in the one loosely. She had no intention of scaring him. Then he spoke again and Myra had the impression that he was younger than she was… but that couldn’t be true he was sto tall, and he was full grown she was certain of it.

The way he spoke made her think of a pup though, innocent and confused and she looked him in the eyes for a few seconds then at the ropes, knowing she would be challenging him if she kept her gaze. “Yes, I am going to free you from…” She hesitated; “The strong plant, the rope. I won’t hurt you but you have to stay still.” She was trying to sound as reassuring as she possibly could. She wasn’t certain how well she did it.

He went stiff though. Stiff but still and she slowly walked up to him, looking at how the rope tied around his body. She tried to think of the best way to cut it. Her knife was sharp but it wasn't much like the metal knives that adults wore. It would take a few sawing motions to cut one piece. She made her decision and as slowly as she could cut the piece that looked like it was giving him the most discomfort, what was holding him taught. Then she sawed at a few more before she was certain that he would be able to get out. Though she cut the piece that had initially triggered the trap around his ankle. She put her knife away and helped pull the rope off; “There you go. All better?” She asked him with a sweet smile on her face and then bent down and picked op the flower crown he was wearing and handed it to him.

Re: Foiled

Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:36 pm

" If I seemed dangerous, would you be scared?"
Optime | Day | July | CdC Borders

OOC here
Word Count:

Iorek didn't move a hair as the girl cut him out. It took a while to do so and he acted as though he was frozen. He didn't want the sharp shiny thing. He had been cut by one of those things before and it hurt. The girl did have good intentions, but there were accidents. He was patient though. It helped that he couldn't move much and he was good at staying still. He barely even took a breath. The wolfdog was like stone.

The red-eyed recruit didn't know why the rope did it to him. It didn't smell alive. He remembered his mother saying that the scar around her paw came from something called a "trap". It was a lifeless thing set by Luperci. His mother wasn't the biggest fan of those who walked on two legs, though the prejudice hadn't rubbed off on her son. He didn't think that the trap was set by his fellow pack mates. The crimson-eyed Cavalier didn't know who would set a trap like that.

The brown behemoth was surprised that it didn't take very long. The maiden helped him take off the ropes and he shook himself. Then, he looked back at the rope, almost glaring at it. Ropes were bad. Slowly, he rose to his massive height, but hunched over, like a bow. He accepted the flower crown with a shy smile and placed it on his head. Th-Thank y-you the massive yearling said.

I-I Iorek The chocolate saddled brute said, introducing himself.

Image | Background | Table by Andi

Re: Foiled

Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:44 pm


The man stayed still for the entire time she cut him loose. It was amazing. If it had been one of her brothers they would be squirming by now especially when the felt the first bit loosened. She thought she knew it must have been the knife. He didn’t seem to like the knife at all. She was thankful she put it away so he couldn’t see it anymore.

She smiled as he took the crown back and wagged her tail happily as he introduced himself; “Myra.” She said as simply as he did; “I don’t know who set these traps, but I think we should look to see if there are more.” She took the rope up. They were not cleanly cut but the rope was mostly intact and she knew she could use it. Perhaps to help disable another trap from far away or she could use if for something else. She couldn’t waste it. She took the best pieces she could find, there were some long strips still even from when she had to cut him out. The rest would lay until they disappeared from the weather.

She looked at him; “Do you think you can help me with that? I don’t want you caught in one again, but an extra pair of eyes helps see if there are more.” She said. She was curious about this man. He seemed like a gentle giant. Nothing like her uncle Enzo who was strong and showed what he could be capable of with his strength. This one acted as though he didn’t seem to understand what he had.

Re: Foiled

Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:13 am

Minor pp! Myra can find the next trap!
Word Count → 300+

Iorek nodded, these traps were bad and he didn't want anyone else to get caught in them. It was horrible, not good. The traps could hurt someone! Myra began picking up the rope and he didn't question it. The rope could be useful and it shouldn't go to waste, even if it was from a trap. He considered shifting down to a more comfortable form, like Secui. But his Secui form was smaller and maybe the traps wouldn't break if he got caught in them in his halfling shape. The wolfdog would stay on two legs for now.

The brown behemoth nodded "Y-Yes." He said. He didn't want anyone to get caught in these, nor did he want himself to get caught in one of those traps. He debated between dropping down to fours to look for traps, but what if he got his hand stuck in a trap? He decided to keep his bipedal stance. As they walked, he was on the lookout for the cursed traps. He didn't want to get stuck in one, nor did he want anyone else to stumble into the traps. The chocolate saddled brute kept his eyes on the ground.

The red-eyed recruit spotted a familiar enemy, rope. It was tied to a tree and he knew that it shouldn't be there. "Th-There." He pointed at the rope. And then he carefully padded towards it, still staying away from the rope. If he touched it, he might accidentally set it off. He looked at the trap, trying to figure out the best way to break it so that it wasn't dangerous. And then he swiped at it with sharp claws. The crimson-eyed Cavalier's claws ripped through the rope.

"G-Got i-it" The massive yearling announced. The trap was no longer dangerous and he pulled the rope away.

"I've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match"

Re: Foiled

Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:20 pm

WC: 300+ OOC: I am so sorry about the delay :((((

Myra smiled at Iorek. She liked help and he seemed like such a good natured wolf. He didn’t speak much but she liked him all the more for it. In fact she felt like she was talking way too much now and she wanted to speak less. She watched curiously before following beside him and turning her eyes to the brush and trees. It was Iorek who found the next one and thankfully in a safe way.

He pointed, calling out and Myra saw what he was pointing at immediately. He was the one to go up to it though and she stayed a little ways away just in case he triggered the trap. That way she would still be free to free him again if need be. Yet he managed without tripping the trap at all. Myra smiled and clapped happily, her tail wagging. “Great job!” She said, then she began walking again, figuring he would keep the rope to himself. After all it was his prize. Her eyes scanned the ground and she did note something on the ground that was out of place. Frowning she stopped; “Be careful over here, I think this is a pit…” She said. She looked around. She could see there was fresh dirt, mixed with leaves from the deadfall of the woods, but it was still fresh.

She got down to her knees and pushed on the ground, schootching up a little and pushing on the ground lightly until it gave. She then searched and found a well hidden hole. The trap was well made, strong enough to hold leaves and debri but weak enough that a full grown luperci, or almost grown one, would fall right in. She pulled the trap to reveal spikes at the bottom and cringed. She looked over Iorek’s way; “This one seems like a real problem.” She said. She wasn’t sure if she should take the spikes out or just try to cover it all with dirt.
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