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The massive shape of a Secui Iorek raced through the territory. Well, raced wasn't quite the word one would use for his fast-paced shamble. His broad-shouldered form with all his thick fur bounded through the fields, tongue lolling out of his mouth. He wore one of his brighter flower crowns and he looked like a puppy. The wolfdog was after one thing, the elusive butterfly.

The brown behemoth leaped up every so often, rearing up to his hind feet to swat at the butterfly. He missed, but that didn't bother him. He still chased the pretty orange and black insect and snapped at it. He didn't want to hurt the butterfly, but he wanted to touch it. He wished he could put the butterfly on his crown. The chocolate-saddled brute didn't know he was heading into the woods.

With a thunk, the red-eyed recruit collided with a tree. He tumbled backwards and was too dizzy to get up. So he laid on his back, waiting for the world to stop spinning. He did have enough brain-power to manage an apology to the tree. "S-Sorry." He said and then with hesitant movements, he got back to his feet. Putting the flower crown back onto his head, the crimson-eyed Cavalier looked back at the butterfly. "S-Stupid b-butterfly."

"I've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match"

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Jace Denahlii Wolfe

It wasn't so warm this day that she was uncomfortable out in the sunshine. The repeating actions of slowly scraping her knife over the taut length of leather was soothing in the way that all repetitive tasks were to the she-wolf. Not too far away from the royal arctic woman her son sat fiddling with his bow and arrows and humming a tune beneath his breath. It was a song that she had taught him, sung in their native language and Jace gladly listened to the resonating tones and undulating highs and lows.

The music had always been a part of her, the haunting lilting tones that called her inner spirit out, the woman that she might have been had fate and death not strove to turn her cold and hard like ice. If she closed her eyes she could see a time that was now so many years ago and thousands of miles away. Where a trio of white pelted dancers with their golden eyes leaped and bounded too and fro around a great roaring fire. She could smell the smoke as it teased her nose and almost taste the excitement in the air.

Lost in her thoughts Jace watched within her own mind, hands continuing on their task. In her memories a young wolf-dog girl stood to join in with the three pristine dancers, all covered with beads and decorations and their hair braided as was traditional. She was not purest white like them but her spirit belonged to them, she was only a six month old girl newly transitioned to her upright form. She was joined by another girl of the same age and coloring. The twins tried their best to follow the steps of their elders, laughing and grasping at each other when either would trip.

How happy and content they were, not knowing the devastation that would descend from the south and not knowing that soon only one of the girls would survive to escape the massacre. Jace winced as the knife sliced into her thumb, uttering a sigh and licking the blood from her pad.

Her melancholic musings were interrupted however by a bear of a male barreling through their camp chasing a butterfly and then running into a tree to which he promptly.. apologized? The wolf-dog narrowed her eyes and watched him, taking in his large size and bulky stature. But she said nothing and made no move to engage him. She still sat upon the grass haloed by the light of the setting sun.

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