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Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:59 pm

WC: 300+ OOC: Dated to 26th of July. Myra is in optime and She is actually alone. no kitty today!

Myra was training extra hard lately. WIth all the things going on. After finding the traps and hearing the news about what was happening Myra was scared for her family and for herself. She didn’t want anyone hurt and she wished there was something more she could do besides sit and wait and wonder if something was about to happen. She was not the type to sit at home, but she knew better than to just run off in the midsts of all that was going on.

So she found herself again in the training yard that day for the second time. She had finished her chores and instead of exploring like she normally did she went straight back to training. She wanted to be ready for anything. Her mother was paranoid but she had a point when she mentioned anyone could hurt her if they wanted to. She did remember that lesson even though it was mostly about those that she met, but she still did not count Raine as someone who could or would hurt her. After all He was pack now and he hadn’t hurt anyone at all since he arrived.

Well she wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her if she could help it. She was at one of the dummies, taking things a little slow. There really was only so much she could do with an inanimate object after all. She did practice places she would hit if someone were trying to hurt her in one way or another. She kept doing different various ways she’d learned from Veri not to mention various others in the pack that had some small thing to teach her about it. She was sweating quite well within the half hour she was working out but she wasn’t ready to stop. She just wished someone was there. She just didn’t know if she would have the energy to leave and find someone to come back and work on her skills again.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:13 pm

Everything I touch isn't dark enough
Iorek is a derp300+

The massive Optime shape of Iorek padded on all fours towards the training ground. Riley had been trying to train the beast to fight after seeing how the black wolf had managed to get the upperhand despite being two inches shorter. He wasn't the best at fighting, though. The jackal-dog had managed to "slay" him in every fight with his sheathed scimitar. Safe to say that the beast wasn't very good at fighting even the smallest warriors. The wolfdog padded towards the training grounds with his flower crown on his head.

The brown behemoth arrived and looked at one of the training dummies. He hadn't noticed Myra at first, but when he did, he didn't bother her. She looked quite busy. So, the beast decided to look towards the dummies. First, he took off his flower crown to keep him from smashing it, and placed it on one of the farther away dummies. And then the beast stalked towards the dummy on fours. The chocolate saddled brute was accustomed to this way of fighting.

The red-eyed Recruit stalked around the dummy, pretending that it was one of the bad loners. That's what the Rockateer had told him. And then the beast struck, leaping up and tackling the dummy with a crash. And then the beast paused, sitting on the object's chest. What was he going to do to subdue the enemy. He remembered the move that the green-eyed male had shown him. The crimson-eyed Cavalier balled up his fist and landed a punch on the dummy's cheek.

The dummy was hard and a small whine echoed through the massive yearling when his fist hurt a little when he punched it. The dummy wasn't moving, so he couldn't tell if he had dispatched it or not. The feral giant sat on the chest, staring down at the defeated dummy with confused carmine orbs.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:29 pm

WC: 200+

Myra wasn’t fully into her training so she noticed when Iorek came. She had met him not long ago so she knew him. He helped her with the traps though he tended to seem more lost than anything he was a big help to her. She did continue practicing but as he started his own work she slowed to a stop and just stared at him.

Wood splinters flew from the cracking wood when he took down his “opponent” and Myra back away a short ways to stay out of the line of fire, but the battle had ended when it began. He smashed his fist into the face of the dummy. She stood quiet when he stopped what he was doing. She blinked at him. He really was a strange one. “Would you rather practice with me instead?” She asked. He would be a real opponent. He could smash her face in, from the way he pulverized the dummy itself.

She was confident that he wouldn’t try to hurt her though. He seemed like a gentle giant, a little confused in some things, but she could tell he was kind hearted. “I need some practice too. You are tall so if I can practice with you i can take almost anyone on if I get into a fight right?” Well she did believe it. He was TALL, very tall and quite big and she really was a little nervous she might be in over her head.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:54 pm

" If I seemed dangerous, would you be scared?"
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Iorek crouched on top off the dummy, trying to figure out what he was going to do next when Myra called to him. She asked him if he wanted to practice with her. Well, she would go easier on him than Riley. Iorek nodded and padded towards her on all fours. But, how was she going to defend herself from him? She didn't have any weapons? Garunteed, he didn't know anything about weapons or how to use them, but how was someone so small going to defend herself. Even Riley used weapons. The wolfdog was confused.

The brown behemoth rose to two legs, towering over the small princess. He wasn't at his full height, hunching lower from both his feral stance and slight cower. He didn't know what he was supposed to do, so he would let the girl start, or at least direct him. He didn't underestimate her, since the jackal-dog that was two feet shorter than him had managed to best him every time. He just didn't know what was going to happen. The chocolate saddled behemoth looked lost.

The red-eyed Recruit wasn't afraid for once. The Rockateer had been helping him and he was getting better. He had learned a few breathing exercises, and he had been coached in how to subdue an enemy. The beast was a quick study and he had learned a few things. He wasn't as afraid anymore which made it easier for him now. He wasn't exactly catching on to the combat training, however. But, the crimson-eyed Cavalier had been learning.

The massive yearling readied himself. Though, with most of his weight on his thighs and his hunched stance, it would be easy to take him down. But with he was easily twice the hybrid's weight and towered over her. But, his inexperienced made him make easy mistakes. The feral giant didn't know who would win.

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Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:55 pm

WC: 300+ OOC: PP was accepted by the silver <3

Myra was no experienced warrior and she wasn’t sure what she’d gotten herself into either. She knew he was big, and he wouldn’t TRY to actually hurt her but he was still so tall. She learned to live with her height. Though it was still quite a hindrance to her she learned that it did have its advantages. Most of which was speed and she could find herself in smaller spots that would be too tight for someone larger than herself. Not to mention she was able to ride ALL the horses they had, even the smaller ones. Though that was just a plus and she wasn’t going to do that.

She looked the man over, checking his center of balance. He didn’t seem to be making a move but he was watching her. He stood and she had to look up to see him and gulped a little. He didn’t have an angry face, or even a challenging face. He looked a little uncertain. Or a lot. She couldn’t tell. She couldn’t really read his expression.

He did finally move, to a more hunched position and she readied herself as well, though she was more straight backed and her legs were in a good position to keep her center of balance. That wouldn’t matter for him. He could probably just pick her up. She was quick though. He might not be able to catch her. She took a step toward him and he made his own move, raking at her with his right hand. She rolled under his punch, her heart pounding as she felt her hair catching a little in his fist but she didn’t stop. She was behind him quick enough and found the back of his legs. He was not grounded and she kicked at his backside.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:10 pm


Iorek looked quite uncertain. He knew that he was stronger than her and she seemed like he could easily beat her. But, he knew that he was as disadvantaged as Myra was, probably even more because of his lack of training. He was slower than her and he was a bit more hesitant. Riley had pointed that out to him, how easy it was to read him because he hesitated. He hunched down even more in preparation. Then, the wolfdog stepped towards her.

The brown behemoth struck out, his hand raking the air and coming towards the little princess. His claws were sheathed, and his attacks barely had any weight or power behind them in case he hit her. He was surprised that she rolled under his attack and his carmine orbs widened. Her hair did catch in his claws, but didn't tangle at least. Before he knew it, the pixie was behind him. The chocolate saddled brute was unbalanced and she kicked him, sending him falling.

The red-eyed Recruit fell towards the ground with his hands outstretched. Did the maiden know that the beast was more than capable on fours. He leaped away, turning towards her on fours, stalking her almost. He was more stable on the ground like this and he was easily capable of attacks on the ground. He was careful to watch her; the last time he had done this in a fight, Riley had sprung onto his back. The crimson-eyed Cavalier didn't want that to happen again.

The massive yearling thought of his plan of attack. He stalked around the girl on all fours, shifting down to Secui form. He was better in this form and it was easier to tackle in his smaller, yet massive Secui form. He crouched down and then leaped up, ready to tackle her. That was one of the moves that he hadn't used in an actual fight, yet. He would be careful if she didn't manage to dodge and he was prepared to land with his limbs spread so that he didn't crush her. The bear dog leaped for the princess.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:42 am

OOC: Please forgive how crappy late i am. Tell me if i need to change something up.... I totally forgot if this was close to the end of the fight or not D:

Myra was a little surprised at her triumph and failure at the same time. She had knocked his center of balance and he had stumbled to all fours, but that didn’t stop him and he started circling her. She had little room to get up as he shifted to his secui form or she would have been on both feet at the same time.

Then he leapt at her. She didn’t panic though, though her mind wanted her to so much, instead she braced herself as quick and solid as she could, her elbows tight to the ground, her butt being her pivoting point and let him nearly on top of her when she kicked up and sideways. Catching him right in his hips. The perfect spot to throw any opponent off their guard.

The results of her accidental flip was amazing! Though the man was twice her size, his momentum from coming at her helped her in a way as he flipped to the side. It wasn’t a perfect front to back flip like she’d planned but it had kept him off of her. She had moved with him and rolled towards him, so it was her that was straddling him. It wasn’t so easy for even a secui to get out of a pin when he was on his back and she on top of him though at his size probably not impossible. She did make a brief follow through with her curled fist to his throat, but she stopped within half an inch of it. She didn’t want to hurt him after all.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:36 pm

Sorry for the wait! :3 200+ Secui | Day | Summer | Training Grounds

See galleries for credit.

Iorek didn't see that coming. He expected her to either dodge out of the way or for him to pin her. He thought he pinned her when he was almost on top of her when she kicked him, sending the wolfdog flying. He outweighed the girl in his halfling form yet she manged to flip him. A yip echoed through the flower boy as he flipped in the air, a perfect somersault that he didn't even know he could do.

Myra rolled with the red-eyed Recruit and he found himself looking up at her with her hand at his throat. A curious whine came from the beast as his head tilted. How did she do that? He didn't expect her to do such a maneuver, he didn't even know that it was possible. He was bewildered by such a move and barely registered the young lady getting off of him. He scrambled to his paws, still a bit dizzy from the somersault. Then the crimson-eyed Cavalier looked up at the girl.

G-Good j-job, The massive yearling said and then added, H-How d-do th-that? He was curious to how the princess learned such a move. He didn't know if he could use it, though it could work for more than just small fighters. He shook the dust from his fur as the bear dog waited for an answer.

Re: Hands fists, feet, and wit

Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:50 pm

She got off of him her own face dazed at what she had done. How was that possible? Could she re enact it? She was curious now! If she could, it would help, but what would happen if one was already on her? The questions came to her more and more as he spoke. She smiled at his compliment; “Th-thank you!” She panted, catching her breath from the adrenaline that still coursed through her. She was happy with her accidental win.

She shook her head, trying to remember exactly what happened; “I’m not sure. I, um I just kicked up and it just happened.” She said. It was obvious that she was going to go with it after the fact. She was training as a warrior so she was taught to always follow through. It seemed like instinct more than anything when she did that. “I don’t know if I can do it again, that was so neat though!” She said with a grin on her face. “Do you think I should try it again? Or maybe it was a fluke…” She said more to herself than to him though it did seem to be directed at him. She moved away and laid back on the ground for a second, almost in her own thoughts; letting her legs kick up again. She turned to the large man and shrugged; “I really don’t know how it happened!” She eclaimed sitting up on her elvow.
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