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Making the world beautiful one step at a time

Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:36 pm

For the Groundskeeper Co-Rank! Iorek is planting flowers near the fort! 500+ Secui | Noon | July | Outside of the Fort

See galleries for credit.

The massive Secui shape of Iorek padded across one of the grassy lawns near Casa di Cavalieri. A bird was perched on his massive shoulders. He had been quite busy with a new project. He was trying to get back to his former self after the attacks and assault. So, he decided to see if maybe doing something with flowers would be helpful. He still believed that picking flowers killed them, so he decided on a different task. He would be giving back and creating new lives. The wolfdog would be planting flowers.

The brown behemoth had spent the morning traveling. He read, or at least asked Riley to help him read a book on plants and flowers. He had learned that flowers came from something called "seeds". After reading on how to harvest them, the beast had been finding flowers that he liked and harvested the pods and seed heads. He learned the method from the book (The hybrid helped explain) and now carried the harvested seeds in a canvas sack. Now, the chocolate-saddled beast was looking for a space to plant them.

The seeds had come from all sorts of flowers. The massive yearling been up since dawn, running around and collecting seeds. He wanted to make Casa di Cavalieri beautiful and he wanted to give back and restore the plants that he thought he'd killed. He was back at the fort now after getting something to eat, he was out here. He was trying to find the best place to plant the flowers. He padded around, trying to find a good place. Finally, he sat in the middle of the path, staring at the fort. The feral giant didn't know where to put them.

Plant seed on both side. Birdflower croaked from bis perch on the bear dog's back. He'd been sitting on the beast's back for a while and he really wished that he had stayed back in the room when the boy went back out to plant the stupid flowers. He really wished that the guy would make up his mind. A huff echoed through the magpie. But, his suggestion was taken well by the flower boy.

G-Good i-id-idea! The red-eyed Recruit replied and bounded towards the left side of the Courthouse path. He could plant a line of flowers next to the path. It would be very pretty. He sniffed around the trail, trying to figure out where he would plant them and how. After a while of sniffing, the beast decided that he would dig some holes on the side, shift up to his two-legged form and then place the seeds in. The crimson-eyed Cavalier began digging a trench near the side of the pathway.

The hybrid beast was quite eager as he dug the trench. It wasn't too deep and he tried to make it a few pawsteps away from the path so nobody would step on the flowers. His bobbed tail was wagging as he dug the holes and the iridescent-feathered bird gripped his shoulders for dear life. The beast had left the canvas bag near the fort wall as he dug the holes. It would take a while for the carmine-eyed creature to do this, though.

Re: Making the world beautiful one step at a time

Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:17 pm


Aniki walked into the gardens, expecting it to be empty, and found a wolf working in it. She sat quietly in her lupus form and watched him work. He was darting around with a black and white bird on his shoulder, digging a trench. She smiled when he sat back for a second, and walked up behind him, shifting into secui form where she was just a little smaller than him. "Hey, what'cha doin'?" She asked him. He looked at her and she noticed (with a shock) that he had red eyes. Her own eyes widened slightly in shock. I've never seen a wolf with red eyes before! She shook her head and noticed other things, eyes roaming over him. He is just a little bigger, but I'd say that I am a bit stockier. His coat is a light brown on the belly, gradually changing to a dark brown the further up you look. Like my coat, except brown, not grey. She walked around him so she could face him head on and sat, tail curling around her feet. "Let's chat, what are you digging for?" She asked, hoping to break the ice and get him to respond to her question.

Lupus & SecuiDayAugustGardens

Re: Making the world beautiful one step at a time

Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:30 am


Iorek almost jumped a foot in the air when he heard someone speak him. He had been so focused on digging the trench that he hadn't noticed the person come up behind him. Birdflower squawked, not really saying anything. He had been jolted by the beast tensing up. He turned , his brown paws even browner and specks of dirt on his muzzle. He was shy and cowered slightly, lowering himself to her height. The wolfdog's eyes met her icy blues.

The woman was made up of monochrome hues. She was almost as big as the brown behemoth. She smelled fully wolf, no muddled breeding like he had. She had asked him what he was doing, but she seemed shock. A confused look passed his face as he pondered why she looked so shocked. He didn't exactly know what was so shocking about him. Normally, it was his size, but there seemed to be a lot of big Luperci around Casa di Cavalieri, the stranger herself was almost as big as he. But, she was already moving and sat. Then, the monochrome wolfess asked the brown saddled beast a question, well more of demanded a chat.

The red-eyed Recruit had never been asked to chat; well to be honest, he didn't know what "chat" was. But, the lady did ask a question. So, he replied, I-I p-p-planting f-flowers. He wasn't exactly planting them, yet. But, the process he was in was preparation to plant the flowers. He was going to be planting the seeds after he dug the trench. But now he was thinking that maybe he should only do part of the path since it would take a lot of digging and flowers to do the entire path. The crimson-eyed Cavalier now had a plan.

But, it would still take a while for the massive youngster to do the task. He would still have to dig the trench, a trench on the other side, put the seeds in the trenches, cover the seeds, and water them. He could use some help, and Birdflower had been adamant about not getting his talons dirty. So, the beast plopped down and then winced as the magpie squawked, Give me warning! since he had almost lost his grip. The feral giant huffed.

And then the flower boy looked back at the woman. W-Wanna h-help? He asked with a tilted head. It would be alright if she didn't want to, but he would offer. She could dig the trenches while he dropped the seeds in or vice versa. The bear boy's head tilted, looking at her shyly.

Re: Making the world beautiful one step at a time

Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:02 am

OOC: Minor Powerplay here, just lorek nodding to Aniki in the first paragraph. If you don't like it, I will change it for you.400+

Aniki smiled at the shy wolf, "I would love to. So, we're just digging?" she watched him while standing up and stretching, waiting for a response. He nodded shyly at her, and she smiled at him. "Well that's simple enough. I'll start digging on the other side of the walkway and you dig over her, okay?" She walked over to the other side of the path, feeling rocks and dirt crunch beneath her giant paws. When she got there she started brushing leaves away and walked onto the soft soil. It was cool, and slightly mushy or damp, as if it had rained a few days prior to today, and was cool enough that the sun didn't take the water away. She started digging a shallow trench, loving the feeling of dirt between her toepads and the satisfaction of doing something useful. She moved further to her right and started digging there. A grub popped up under the rotting, dead leaves. Smiling, she shifted to Optime form and chucked the grub at lorek. She was rewarded when the grub hit lorek's cheek then fell to the ground in front of him. She shifted back into Secui form and kept on working. A heavy gust of wind caught her off balance and her paw slipped into the trench she made. Grimacing, her foot had hit a rock and was sure to be bruised the next morning, she pulled her paw out and lifted the rock out with it. She chucked it behind her, hearing the clink and rattle of the stone hitting the other pile of stones and rolling down it. Her paws and belly were muddy from digging and she could feel dirt splattered across her face. She groaned in exasperation right when she noticed how far she had gone. A long trench hugged the path, maybe a few inches deep. She trotted to lorek, smiling. "I've gone really far out, how are you doing?" His magpie chirped at her, and she grinned, not knowing how to respond to the bird. She jerked her head in the direction of the blue, black, and white bird. "What's his name again? The magpie's? He's really beautiful, blue like the day sky, black light the night sky, and white like a star. I like birds a lot. Almost as much as I love horses. And magpies are just so deadly clever, aren't they?"

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