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Into the woods to find our fate

Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:52 pm

Optime | Day | Mid-July | Sugarwoods
For Groundskeeper co-rank! Iorek is collecting firewood!

The massive Optime shape of Iorek moved through the forest. He crunched through the trees, making lots of noise. He was massive, easily a giant. His cower and feral posture took some of his height away, but he was still massive. He almost seemed like a bear with his thick limbs, long fur, bobbed tail, and rounded ears. He had a broad chest, shoulders, and muzzle. He had flowers braided into his mane, though he didn't notice it. The beast had a magpie perched on his shoulder. The wolfdog had branches tucked under his arm.

The brown behemoth had learned from Honrin about firewood. The white male said that the wood would burn in a fire and keep people warm. He knew that some people didn't seem to have as much fur as he had and they needed to stay warm. The man had offered to teach the boy how to fell trees, and even showed him how to. He just didn't want the tree to land on him, so he said no. The chocolate saddled beast also didn't want to kill the trees.

But, the red-eyed recruit wanted to make sure that his pack mates stayed warm. He also learned from Jace's son that the people of Casa di Cavalieri used fire in many different ways. To cook their food (though Iorek didn't know what cooking food was), to make their weapons, and much more. So, the beast decided to pick up fallen branches instead. It was still wood, though he didn't want to hurt the trees. It also kept the forest floor clear and nobody would trip over the branches on the ground. The crimson-eyed Cavalier was doing good.

The flower boy was trying to come back after the fights, get back to his former self before the loners had attacked. It was still hard, he struggled sometimes. But, he was doing good now. He had planted flowers with Aniki which helped to beautify his home. And now he was doing his pack good by keeping them warm and keeping them from tripping. The forest also looked much clearer without the sticks on the ground. The bear boy was getting better.

Watch it! Birdflower squawked as he kept the massive yearling from walking into another tree. He had always been a bit absent-minded. At least that hadn't changed. He bent down again to pick up another stick and help it under his arm. He moved through the forest, picking up sticks as he went. The feral giant was accumulating quite the bundle of firewood.

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Re: Into the woodss to find our fate

Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:50 pm

Age was catching up to her now, she did not recover from fights as she once had. The lupus woman was slow as she wandered through the forest, the wound in her chest had yet to heal although it was bandaged, but it hurt to move the right leg forwards, and so she limped upon it. The female's bleary eyes were half lidded and the fearsome warrior looked little more than what she was, an old woman.

Her bones ached and her joints hurt and the muscles in her back were sore. Beneath one of the great grasping giants she laid herself, curling up in the space beneath twisted gnarled roots. Sleep claimed the grizzled woman and she rested secure that the others would keep up a watch, that she did not always have to defend herself.

It was a long while later that the chirping of a bird woke the sleeping female and with that the shuffling sounds of the giant male with the mind of a child. Jace yawned and clambered out of her little hole in the ground, the little lupus woman looked even smaller besides the large male.

"Iorek, what are you doing?" Her voice was quiet and wary, nothing like the booming stoic crack it usually held. She trotted a few steps closer, eyeing the bundles of sticks he was holding.

Re: Into the woods to find our fate

Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:10 pm

Everything I touch isn't dark enough

Iorek almost dropped the sticks when Jace appeared. He hadn't noticed the tri-colored queen and he was surprised by her sudden entrance. Though, he didn't have the best awareness so it was natural for him not to notice the woman. Birdflower squawked, almost laughing as the beast had been surprised by an old woman. The hybrid turned to face the Lupus woman. She was quite small compared to the giant wolfdog. Similar in size to his mother.

The brown behemoth noticed that the strong woman seemed tired, more than what he thought would be usual for her. He had no knowledge of older people, but the woman seemed to have aged. She had a bandage wrapped around her chest and the beast wondered how she had gotten injured. She looked up at him, asking him what he was doing. The woman seemed older, though the tired expression on her face was not new to the chocolate saddled beast.

The red-eyed Recruit responded to her question. I-I c-collecting f-firewood. He said and then bent down to pick up a stick near his feet. He smiled shyly at her. He heard Birdflower chitter next to his ear. He didn't know if the elderly warrior wanted to help him, though didn't seem like she should be helping him. She should be resting. Resting somewhere safe. There were still bad loners around and the woman didn't seem like she should be so unprotected. The crimson-eyed Cavalier shifted awkwardly on his feet.

Y-You o-okay? The massive yearling asked. He remembered how his mom sometimes was tired and he had to try and take care of her. He wasn't that good at hunting so he scavenged off of carcasses. He often had to wander far away from home to bring home food. He remembered his mother, how cheerful she would be even on his worst days. The feral giant blinked away the memory.

Re: Into the woods to find our fate

Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:25 pm

Life had been very unkind to the arctic warrior yet she had never let it beat her, had always risen to the challenge presented to her. Now she was facing the oncoming of her own aging, the idea that one day she would be unable to protect herself or her mate and would be relegated to the 'elderly' ranks. A future that rankled at her skin, underneath her fur.

He was collecting firewood, well that was obvious but she did not snap at him as she might have done once. This brute was damaged in some way mentally, she had accepted and deigned acknowledge this inside her own mind. He was a child with the body of a man. Children had always called to her on some level, their fragile bodies and tiny bright sparks of life. So instead of snapping at him like she would have done to anyone else she merely nodded.

Menial labor had an appeal to it, using one's muscles as they were fit and healthy. The aging female began her shift, and it flowed and rippled through her as an old friends greeting each other. Years of mastery gave her speed of assuming either of her three forms. Even as an optime she was hardly a thing inclined to height. She was thin and rangy with thick fur and a runner's build. "I will help you." She would never accept her own limitations and would work until she saw fit.

His concern was shrugged off with a rising and fall of the other shoulder, "I am fine, little wounds are no bother." It was a lie of course, she was in at least some amount of pain when she moved that arm but it was no matter. She picked up sticks with the beast boy.

Re: Into the woods to find our fate

Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:58 pm

Ooo Iorek you be careful370

Iorek was surprised when Jace shifted up to Optime form. She seemed tired and she was injured. He looked at her with slight worry in his eyes though he didn't say anything. That would be rude. She was quite small compared to the beast, even in his hunched posture. Her head didn't pass the beast's shoulders and she seemed only a fraction of his weight. She looked a little frail, but she wanted to help. And the wolfdog couldn't say no.

The massive yearling's concern didn't disappear. Her seemingly frail state reminded him of his mother. But, she helped him pick up sticks or firewood. The beast worked harder to pick up the sticks, not wanting the woman to exert herself. He could tell that the woman had seen a lot judging by her scars, but he knew a frail person when he saw one. Though, frail in looks didn't mean frail in mind. The feral giant knew that.

The red-eyed recruit looked at the firewood they had gathered. It seemed like enough for fires, though he had no idea about it other than it hurt and could keep people warm. He didn't exactly know how much one would need for a fire, though the pile of branches tucked under one of his large arms and the branches in the ancient arctic woman seemed like a lot. He bent down to collect a few more branches before the crimson-eyed Cavalier turned to the female.

L-Look l-like e-enough. The brown behemoth announced. He shifted the branches so that they were clutched to his chest instead. He could carry more branches this way. He was quite strong and the branches he carried didn't feel very heavy to him despite there being quite a lot. Birdflower squawked and chittered from the beast's shoulder. He looked up, figuring out how much day was left. And then the chocolate saddled beast spoke.

W-We t-take b-back? The flower boy suggested. He looked at the elderly warrior. W-Want m-me c-carry? He suggested. He would try to help the woman as much as he could. And then he looked around. He hadn't asked Honrin where the firewood was supposed to go. Wh-Where p-put w-wood? The bear dog asked.


Re: Into the woods to find our fate

Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:07 pm

Jace Denahlii Wolfe

If she could know the inner thoughts of the male then the aging lady would have been offended to her core. She was not frail and to suggest so would have one receiving harsh words and possibly even come to blows from the royal woman. There was still pride to her bearing as there always was, the streaks of grey and silver that threaded her fur did not detract from the muscles that bunched underneath.

Silence reigned as they both worked, the woman giving the behemoth a sideways glance as he hurried through the task as though to pick up everything before she could do. She exhaled through her nose and returned to her task, holding the wood under her right arm so she wouldn't have to move it and picked up with her left. It was good to work in quiet, with only the sounds of birdsong to liven the air. It was peaceful and quiet and the wolf-dog felt the tension in her shoulders loosening.

It didn't take them long to collect enough of a pile for the time being and Jace nodded to his words without saying anything. Her arm was throbbing though she would never admit it. She heaved it higher and swapped it to her uninjured hand, shaking her head at his offer to carry it for her. The woman's brows were drawn tight together and there was a distance expression on her face as though she were remembering times from long ago. Her mouth was drawn into a thin slash and the lines about her face were drawn.

"Over here." She nodded with her head, pointing to a separate room off of the main hallway, it was a storage room but mostly for wood before they were carried separately to each member's rooms. She led the way into the dark room and deposited her wood on the pile before motioning him to do the same.

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