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Re: Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:51 am

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Eyes followed the pair as they entered through the door. The animals behind those eyes wondered if the entering Luperci were there to supply more sustenance even though many of them still had the remnants of the previous feeding still in the stalls as well as their stomachs. Some of the horses that still remembered him from their Aniwayan lives knew that he was not there to feed them but they were always hopeful for the pieces of carrots or apples that he sometimes carried with him.

Ibycus could not nor did he take credit for the state of the barn. It was clean and tidy as well as having all the tools, feed and other paraphernalia organized and in their places. Others also did their part to care for the animals and Ibycus was only doing a small part while he helped and tried to find a place to fit in. A place where he felt that he was needed.

Parts of Italy is not that much different from here. he said thoughtfully, and other parts are much different that are different from what we live in. ibycus pondered a moment, What about you, where are you from? he asked the other as they wandered down the length of the barn.

Re: Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:15 pm

Men held themselves above the beasts that they hunted. The creatures they rode appeared to be nothing more than their servants, beings raised to be a loyal tool. It was pitiful how many missed the beautiful mind that lay behind those large innocent eyes. Amidst the hooved herd, Aindrea felt as if he were stepping into another world. Horses that stood nobly awaiting their riders whilst their minds attempted to understand their new home. Luckily, the equines had quickly taken to the home as they dirtied it with table scraps.

A small chuckle fell from the elder's maw as he bent down to scoop up a singular slightly dirtied carrot from the cool floor. A pale hand ran across its orange shaft to free it of debris before feeding it to the four-legged lass that had dropped her lunch. "There you go, gorgeous." He patted the she-beast on its snout as her maw finished engulfing the entirety of the vegetable.

The barn's impressive interior became clear to the old Scotsman. Many canines came together to make this happen and even more were dedicated to keeping it tidy. It was hard to believe that this pack began as a small group of sailors that had become landlocked. Today they were a center of trade amidst the well-established packs. Krokar was a home for all that sought an honest living, no matter where they came from. "I've met an Italian or two in my youth but I can't recall ever being there to see it myself." Obsidian talons came up to stroke a pale tuft of fur on the man's chin. "I'm from Scotland, used to run the ship for me family to the mainland and bring back whatever goods we could get. It was a lovely place but I like it here just a touch more." He made a choice and he would own it. This land was his new home and he'd show it the love it deserved.

Re: Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:28 pm

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Ibycus was silent for a few moments as he dredged his memory for any references of this Scotland that Aindrea was from. Except for only a few references that basically told him that it was a place that existed, there were no interesting memories contained within his head. He may have traveled a long distance to get to where he is now, that still did not make him a world traveler. His footprints only covered a very small portion of the globe.

Can't say I know the place. I may have come a long distance to get here, but I did not really travel around to see the world. He thought about the trip on a ship that brought him from one continent to another. The one and only ocean voyage I made taught me that I am not one for the sea. He remembered the first few days out to sea leaning over the rail and feeding the fish his previous meal. It was not pleasant and even though he eventually got used to the rocking and rolling that the ship did on the swells, he did not have any inclination to repeat the experience. And my travels brought me to a seafaring pack. The irony was not lost on him and he chuckled some over it.

Re: Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:52 am

Aindrea had traveled the globe, most of Europe to be precise, and during his days of travel, he met a colorful cast of characters that provoked thought. In all fairness, his adventures were rather adult when things became focused on pleasure and he cherished those times. France would always be the land of love to an old Scotsman. That all didn't matter now, he was landlocked. He was older, he had less energy, and above all, he had a family. The days of lusting after women were deep in the ground buried beside his drive to participate in any more bar brawls.

Finding that the conversation would consume most of the daylight, the elder wolf found a comfortable place amidst the beams. He nestled his back against it until he relinquished his weight onto the wood with a soft groan. Youthful, yet wise with age eyes lifted up to stare into the other's gaze as he attempted to recount the life he had led. Aindrea couldn't resist laughing at the boy's declaration that he had a distaste for the high seas. A smile held firm on the man's features, and a jovial stomp was released while a hand smacked his knee. "I'm sorry, that was a touch rude but I wasn't expecting a land lover to come to a pack of fish." A cough cleared his throat of giggles but did nothing for the grin. "Tell me, what brought ye hear boy?"

Re: Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:16 pm


Ibycus could not help but smile as he too could see the humor in the irony of his distaste of traveling over the oceans and joining up with a pack that does that very thing. It is quite all right. I had noticed the irony. he said through a chuckle as the amusement spread between them faster than an infection.

The moment passed as Ibycus thought about what Aindrea may have meant by 'here'. Did he mean what had prompted him to leave the far off distant lands of Italy or to fall in with the sea fairing Krokar bunch. He decided that it must have been the latter and considered that part of his history. Circumstance, I suppose, he started with a thoughtful look in his eye. The first pack I was in dissolved and everyone scattered to the winds and I wandered for a while before finding another. Before I could unpack and settle in, it to broke up and faded into memory.

He paused a moment for breath then continued, Then Signor Milos found me and offered a home to stay in and a stable full of horses to tend along with the other livestock. And caribou. With a bit of the earlier humor returning, Ibycus finished his litany, With a stable full of horses and pasture full of caribou, it did not even occur to me that it was a pack of sailors nor did I think to ask. But it probably would not have mattered as it was the caribou that hooked me because I had never seen one before and I was intrigued.

Re: Home is where the horse is, So I will be in the barn!

Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:49 am

A pack is a family, at least that's what most people would say. To others though a pack is nothing more than a means to an end. For Aindrea, his old pack was his flesh and blood family. Dad and Mom were the gruff leaders. Hearts of stone filled with gushy insides that felt the pain of each child birthed.

Aging eyes glanced over the even more youthful canine. Many were broken from such a young age, damage beyond repair. Canines were cursed with a short lifespan that could not hope to seal off the wounds earned from the daily trial that was life. A pack dissolving is saying goodbye to a family, to friends and loves. "Such a shame, I can't believe one so young would fall prey to the troubles of life." Aindrea stared up at the ceiling. "Life is a fair and reasonable mistress, she leaves no soul untouched no matter how young or old they are." A groan fell from elderly lips as the giant lurched forward to wander deeper into the building.

"Animals are more innocent than any person I've met, to care for them is similar to raising a never aging child." Green jewels locked onto Ibycus, "I was brought in when I met the leading couple out on fire river, they heard my story and told me I had a home with them." A grin sprawled across his visage and a small light-hearted chuckle. "This place is truly one big family."

Re: Home is where the horse is, So I will be in the barn!

Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:54 pm

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Everyone had dreams about how they wanted their life to lay out before them and Ibycus had been no different than anyone else. In his younger years, he had the dreams of family, professions, and life in general but most were either forgotten or will remain forever a dream. The talk about family and raising children seemed to open an old wound deep inside him. Maybe that was why he spent more time in and around the barn and pens with the animals, he was hiding from the inadequacies that others seem to see within him as well as the loneliness that he felt even when he had a pack to be part of.

Ibycus was deep in thought as his eyes tracked the older gentleman wander deeper into the barn. The smells and noises that filled the air about them was, for him, life. He had traveled thousands of miles in his lifetime and he would always gravitate to where the horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens and all the other denizens of the barnyards lived. Family, he said with a quiet voice that almost blended in with the background noise of the barn, It has been so long, I have forgotten what it is like to be part of one.

Re: Home is where the horse is, So I will be in the barn!

Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:48 pm

A child carried on the legacy of their family, it was this simple fact that made a parent extremely fearful of how their young grew. SOme wanted their pups to reflect them to the t while others wished for the opposite. Mothers and fathers may come to understand themselves more through a child that displayed their core values in a more purified format that wasn't tainted by experience. Aindrea knew all too well how often the old made exceptions to their ideas for the sake of simplicity Experience might claim knowledge when it, in fact, propagates willful ignorance. Adonis had developed an extreme dedication to work, a trait refined by generations of Donovans. A trait mirrored by all his young. A trait he feared may inhibit their happiness.

Emeralds glanced over at Ibycus, a gaze that spoke of the weight behind this moment. The pain had struck the dog, a wound perhaps that hid beneath the surface? "When was the last time ye were part of a family, lad?" Eyes turned remorseful, sympathetic, twitching with a tender care. "Regardless, of your answer, you have one now." A small smile broke on his features as an elderly paw reached out to pat the dog's own shoulder.

Re: Home is where the horse is, So I will be in the barn!

Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:01 am

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Blue eyes met the gaze of green eyes and there was some comfort in them But it did little to make him feel better. There were many levels to family. There is the family that consists of a mate and the progeny that follows. In his younger years, this was one of the reasons he had set out, to see the world and to find someone that would like him for who he was and not turn up their nose because he was not someone that he could not be. As the years passed, he had slowly resigned himself to never meet that special someone.

On another level, there was your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, along with everyone else in the pack while one grew up and into the extended family that is the pack. There was little comfort for him as he came into a pack a total stranger and have to gain the trust of everyone before being fully accepted. It has been a long while, his voice trailed off as he considered the other's words and figured that it will probably be a good while before Ibycus would start feeling like he was part of the family.

Re: Home is where the horse is, So I will be in the barn!

Mon May 07, 2018 9:37 pm

Every unfortunate canine born unto this cold earth had the desires of feral beast that burned deep inside. Those flames over the many generations had become tamed. The feelings, the thoughts that bloomed in the wake of a sudden rush of awareness had been liberating but in a way, it was far more oppressing. The basic desire to mate, found in most beasts, was refined to a desire to have a family. That desire would lead to an obsession with romance, an obsession with the one, and above all a desire for love. Aindrea had fought this refined desire as he would often indulge in strictly for pleasure acts. As time moved on he had lost the war with his need for something more concrete. He had never been happier to lose a fight ever in his life.

Two mates, one missing and the other perpetually busy. He has had children from both of them. Both clusters had grown attached to one another luckily as they viewed themselves as full-blooded siblings rather than children from opposing strangers. He had to be honest with himself that in his moments of excitement he had failed to consider what he'd do if his prior children did not accept the most recent batch of youngsters as their own blood. "I suppose the best one can do is keep looking forward, and maybe then ye will find what ye have been hoping for.:
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