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Early in his life, he had left Italy with all the hopes and dreams that the youth have when they are first setting out into the world. Whether they stay with their birth pack or leave to seek their fortunes with another pack, many would realize those dreams but a few would not and Ibycus was one of those few. Life had slowly dashed his dreams onto the rocks. With them, his hopes had, one by one, withered away to dried out husks of nothingness. A while back when a bear had attacked him for scavenging from his kill, when he blacked out, it was not the pain that he felt, but the relief of not having to continue on alone was what he had felt. He had survived that encounter and was grateful for the rescue and patching up.

Makes sense,he said,You won't find what you are looking for in the places that you've been. Ibycus agreed with the Aindrea however he did not have the heart to tell him that he did not have any hope. After all, the Scotsman was trying to help and the Italian raised dog did not want to make him feel bad.

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