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Finale - Pack Summer Plot

POSTED: Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:53 pm

OOC Guin will aim to attack the NPC's (NPC 4 and 5) that are charging Teagan and Arlen, then switch to the one still standing (NPC 5) after Aldora shoots them.

Guin had used this lull to hone her skills further with both the short sword and her new dual axes. Well, not hers, not really. She'd taken them from the armory and then gotten them fixed up so they were now sharpened and in better balance with each other. She still had plans on getting a pair of axes tailored specifically to her, but these would do in a pinch. She'd taken to the trees for practice with them when a call to arms jerked her head around, ghost greens narrowed dangerously. Seriously, again? These guys were either stupid or extremely brave. Some could argue these were the same thing.

Within seconds she dropped the axe handles into their rudimentary sheathes on her belt in favor of her short sword. Next thing she was running, running toward the sound of metal on metal and the smell of blood. She burst into the fray and didn't even hesitate as her gaze searched across the field for an enemy. She was rewarded by the sight of two canines, one wielding a weapon the same as her own, and the other handling a staff. A snarl wrinkled her muzzle as she launched toward them, her blade held up in front of her on the ready. As she approached, arrows flew by her and struck both of them. One of them went down, she didn't double check to see if he could still move.

Instead, now she swerved to the one that still stood, and arrow stuck in their arm that they tried to cover with their weapon hand. Guin slashed the blade of her short sword across their leg. With a yelp they turned to face her, revealing a feminine face and build. She snarled at them once more and surged forward before they could collect their wits.
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POSTED: Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:30 pm

The arrow stuck him and the Lune faltered, his body lurching into a hunched position as he clutched the wooed stick that now protruded from him. His snarling face was lost by others, as the charge was lead by his daughter. Golden eyes flicked down to his chest, a cream hand reaching up to grasp the end of the arrow. He dared not pull it out, knowing that it would only make things worse. Instead he snapped the end, leaving only an inch sticking out. Moving he lefts arm he instantly cringed as the arrow stiffened his movement. He would have to fight without the arm. With white teeth gleaming he dismounted, it would be easier to walk then to ride into this messy battle.

He searched through the mess, trying to find a target to seek out revenge on. Moving seamlessly through the crowd he spotted what he was looking for. His sister was racing towards his niece, who was already fighting one Syndicate bastard, and another was headed straight for her. He could already see Grynn charging for a hit, but would she make it in time? Pulling an ax from his hip the Knight called out. “Oi! Leave her alone.” The man turned to face him just in time to see the ax coming down. The piece of scum dodged to the side, clearing the way for Luca to deliberately move between him and Armani. Now Grynn could focus on the other male while he took care of this one.

The man wasted no time trying to get back to the younger girl, moving quickly as he tried to dart around the golden Lune. “No you don’t!” Luca growled. Rushing forward he brought both arms up to swing the ax with more strength. Flinching from the pain in his shoulder he realized his mistake to late. A roar of pain erupted as the male took the opportunity and lashed out with nails, dragging them across the Lune's face. Blinded by the pain Luca fought on, pushing his body against the man and knocking him to the ground.

OOC: Current list of what has happened can be viewed HERE. Luca has pulled away NPC 9 from Armani. Please remember these NPCs are meant to be more difficult, but you may kill starting this round. Injuries to your character are expected. 300+ words


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The Dogs of war

A call to war split the sky. It was what they had been waiting for. With a foreboding tension strengthening day by day all of them had been on alert for this event. Her clawed hands curled around the leather used as a rein. She was prepared, always prepared and as one mind both riders turned their horses from the patrol. Her heels dug into Artan's side and the stallion shifted gait straight into a gallop. There was no fear in her breast, nothing but the rushing roar of her blood as it sang for justice.

It was a calmness that contained fury, the woman's fire struck eyes focused on the path ahead as they guided their mounts towards where the sounds of battle pierced the trees and brush. She was low over her horse to reduce drag and the big stallion's hooves rumbled thunder that pounded in time with her heart. Her voice a bark that was ripped away from her by the rushing winds, "Flank, we're going to flank them." She did not even need to turn and see if Temo agreed for he would follow her anywhere, even to their deaths for the pack they called home. If this would be how the veteran would die then it would be with pride and the wildness within plain and bare for all to witness.

She had trained her life long, the years falling away behind her. The woman was at the height of her physical strength and it showed in the muscles that bulged with wiry resilience.

They came in from behind enemy lines, two beacons of light in the darkness. Harbringers of death and destruction. The woman stood up tall from her mount, the racing wind billowing out her mane behind her. With a mighty bellow, echoed by her mate of almost a decade, that was culmination of every bit of rage and sorrow and pain that the pair had felt together through their long lives, Jace drew back the spear clenched in her right arm and with all her might she hurled it forwards into the seething mass of wolves.

They feared the woman, with her grizzled visage and terrifying snarl but many forgot about the man, with a quiet personality none would suspect that he was a fearsome warrior in his own right. Jace veered off from Temo as he fell to smashing as many heads as he could with his staff. Through the mottled coloring of wolves, the pale fur of her nephew stood out and she grimaced in sympath as he jumped back from an attack, bleeding from a sword wound.

A cry of particular pain had her zeroing in, pushing Artan faster. One of the enemy had taken a mortal wound in the loss of his arm but was being hounded by the gentle tailor Clara who was trying to stop his escape attempts. He produced a dagger from somewhere and lunged at the woman. The female raced to nock her arrow and let it fly, hitting him in the neck and dropping him like a rock.

The kind female was already gasping her last breaths as Jace dismounted, the blood spewing from a terrible gash across her neck. The warrior could see clear down to the bone of her spine from where the neck had been laid open. The grasped the woman's outstretched hand and held it tight for the last few seconds it took for Clara to die. She let go of the limp fingers and again drew her bow, firing several more arrows into the throng trying to hit the enemies that she could.

She saw the battered and bruised Iorek, shell shocked and wounded, bleeding from the arm. He would be killed it he laid here in the way for sure. With the command to her voice, the unbreakable force of will the woman snapped, Iorek! Follow me, NOW!" She let the injured, boy from the battlefield, cajoling and harassing him to keep moving the entire way. Morty was called to bind his arm before he died from blood loss.

It caught her eye, and with narrowed eyes she hauled herself back up onto Artan and pushed the stallion through the fight in time for the very tall armored male to send Veri reeling. Jace had raised Artan from a young fiery colt, had taught him well to be an unshakable beast of war. She had also taught him to rear, to strike on command, to bite and kick and to crush.

The command was given as a particular toned whistle and the fifteen hundred pound war horse spun about like he would do when fighting another stallion and kicked as his mistress decreed. Both rear hooves connected with the brute's chest plate, it was no match for a horse's pure strength and the male was flung through the air in the same manner he had done to Rurik, hitting a tree and slumping to the ground.

A second, higher pitched whistle and the stallion turned back and reared up, a challenging bellow of a neigh burst forth from his maw. He would crush this enemy, likened in his mind to a cougar or a bear attacking his herd.

Clara and NPC 3 are dead, Iorek is removed from the battle, Artan is poised to crush NPC- 10 but Jace will pull him aside if either Rath or Amora wants to have the kill.
Word count → [000]
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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

It was a hard and long road that was filled with many bruises that Temo had followed his mate. Jace had spent several years training her mate in the fine art of war. She taught him what it meant to be a warrior and the use of the many tools that are employed by the warrior class. He may have an affinity to the bo staff and it's many uses even when broken or cut in half, he had also become well versed with bow and arrow, spear, sword, knives, as well as hand to hand combat. Temo may not be the best with most, but he excelled at with the staff.

Since the last skirmish, Temo had joined Jace in her many trips touring the boarders. Wearing his full battle gear of bandolier with his staff attached in the back next to the quiver of arrows along with various knives down the front for throwing and fighting, and finally a short sword ready for action in it's scabbard at his side. They went on horseback so they could not only cover more territory faster but also to get more practice shooting arrows from atop their steeds.

Temo had worked hard the past few years with his training and they will soon find out how well he can manage himself in a real life or death battle, not the practice sessions where one knows they would survive, even if they acquired new cuts and bruises in the process. Not only did the scent of the intruders reach their noses, but the call to arms was heard across the land and the pair zeroed in on the direction of confrontation. Jace's battle hardened experience decided that with their position to the battleground, it was best to flank the enemy from the rear in a surprise charge.

Usually the quiet one of the couple, Temo joined Jace in raised voice as they let loose with the war cry and rode into battle at a full gallop. Arrows flew from their bows as they quickly closed in on the fighting. As the war horses charged through the lines, Temo drew his staff from it's scabbard on his back and started swinging at the closest interlopers. One coy dog looking swordsman turned and swung his blade only to barely graze Temo's thigh as the horseman rode by barely in reach of the enemy's blade.

One syndicate member took offense at Temo causing bruises and possibly broken bones to his team mates and grabbed the end of the staff with the idea of pulling the wolf dog off of his horse. His staff suddenly stopped and made immobile which pulled him off of the horse who was still in motion and not likely to stop any time in the immediate future given that there were no brick walls nearby. At least he had learned how to fall and let go of his weapon to roll on the ground dispersing his forward momentum and finished the roll with a spring up onto his feet and drew his sword while the horse continued on with less weight upon it's back.

The multicolored syndicate member now faced an opponent that was in full battle mode with the home turf advantage and now charging at him. He was hard pressed to defend life and limb with an unfamiliar weapon that he now had against a sword that was already out and ready to find blood. Backstepping to get some space between the angry black, sword wielding wolf dog, he threw away the appropriated staff in favor of his own sword for deflecting against the Casa defender's attacks.

Temo ignored the damp spot on his leg where his blood was seeping out of the sword cut and matted the fur against his thigh as he bore down on his opponent with short sword at the ready. Then metal rang as swords clashed, as Temo met the enemy head on with sword swinging. The interloper believed he had the advantage against the wounded wolf dog pressed back the attack. Temo defended against the attacks while he assessed the and looked for an opening through the defenses. It did not take much time for Temo to realize that he was the lesser skilled of the two with swords, but Jace's training had more than prepared hm for that possibility.

Temo had planned his strategy several moves ahead and had maneuvered the fight so that he was now stood next to his staff that had been tossed away even though it had cost him some more blood and new wounds. He made like he was on the attack with his sword as a distraction while his free hand pulled a throwing knife from his bandoleer and threw it at his opponent in one swift movement. The momentary distraction of a small knife embedding into leather armor and the tip deep enough to draw blood, gave Temo the extra few seconds to sheath his sword and flick his staff up unto his hand with his foot. His favorite weapon back in his grip, he spun it about himself building up the speed of the tips so they have more impact when they strike.

Temo will effectively be 'stealing' NPC 7 from Uryu and hitting NPC 8 as he rides by | [wc —865 - wow, I can't believe I wrote so much.] template by hilli
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Aldora Knight
  • Word Count: [+5]
  • NPC 4 and 6 are dead.

Aldora was astounded to see both of her arrows hit their mark, but only one of the Syndicate members went down; she had hit him in the neck, and blood spurted out from where the shaft protruded. In horror, she watched him struggle for breath, and then become still. Her head buzzed and her vision went blurry for a moment; she had just killed someone.

The other she had struck in the arm, and the female turned to find Guinevere bearing down on them. At the same time, Jace and Temo came charging onto the battlefield like a tempest, leaving broken enemies in their wake. Aldora could not look away, both disturbed and intrigued by the whole battle. Her attention trained, she did not notice a dark figure approaching behind her.

Suddenly, she was grabbed roughly on the scruff and yanked backwards; she yelped in surprise. She tumbled down the hill a bit before being able to right herself, only to see a Syndicate member barreling down on her. "Stupid bitch! You killed Targon!" He cried as he fell onto her all teeth and claws. He had no weapon, but was strong, if not a little more petite than she. The two of them struggled; fur flying. Aldora did all she could to just keep biting and scratching as she could; she was not aware of the damage he was doing to her but blocked him as much as possible.

The two of them tussled on the ground, neither able to get a upper hand; Aldora found herself on her stomach, trying to scramble from underneath him, but he tried to pin her down. Suddenly it seemed more like he was going for something other than a kill.

Her hand found something hard and smooth on the ground; she realized it was a bow, her bow. The Syndicate male suddenly yanked her tail to the side, leaving only one hand pressing down on her; she took this opportunity to spin around, swinging the bow as hard as she could. The wood exploded against his face with a crack; blood, splinters, and teeth flew into the dirt. He fell back onto the ground, and with a feral scream Aldora jumped on him, hitting him with the sturdy grip of the bow again and again in the face until his growls turned into choking gurgles, and finally he was still.

Aldora collapsed back into the grass, gasping and whining. All of her hurt, but as far as she could tell nothing was broken, and she was alive. The battle in the distance was not as loud as it had once been; she knew that Casa had won, but she was completely shocked. When she finally sat up, she noticed that her normally creamy front was stained dark red with blood, and it was not her own. She glanced over at the body beside her; where the head should be was just a fleshly, bloody lump; her stomach lurched. Staggering to her feet, Aldora began to retreat back to the Fort.

Strength, Honor, Courage

Template by Kitty and Aso, artwork by victoriadaedra, edits by Nat.

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OOC Artan can have the kill, not sure if Veri would be capable of it with as injured as she is, and Rurik is KTFO. Veri's attention will now be turned to Rurik to make sure he's alive.

Veri's vision flickered around the edges as she struggled to stay on her feet. She would not allow herself to fall before this brute and allow him to harm herself or Rurik. If this male wanted to kill her, he'd have to bludgeon her to death or chop her into pieces with those cleavers of his. The Medic lifted her free hand to cover the wound he'd opened up that bathed her front in red slickness. It burned to the touch but she had to slow the bleeding, had to protect her mate. Each giant step of his brought him closer and Veri braced herself for whatever came next, the hand around her sword clenched in a defensive position.

What she didn't expect was a thunder of hooves, a specifically whistled tune, and then a flash of movement as Artan attacked the Syndicate brute with a savage kick of his hindlegs. Maybe at a less dire moment she'd have winced, she knew what a devastating blow that could be, but the second he was no longer an immediate threat Veri's gaze turned toward the far too still form of Rurik, still slumped against the tree he'd collided with. She allowed exhaustion to overtake her limbs and sagged, only staying upright by stabbing the tip of her sword into the ground.

Each step toward Rurik felt sluggish, but eventually she was within feet of him. Her legs decided they didn't want to support her any more, collapsing beneath her. She crawled the rest of the way to him, only letting go of her weapon when her knees bumped against his thigh.

Cautiously, Veri began patting him down all over, checking for broken bones or other injuries she'd missed from afar. Her breathing was too fast as she assessed, her eyes too wide. While the start had been difficult, perhaps, Casa had begun to turn the tide. And so she felt no fear to be on the brink of panic as she was right now. The only problem with that was she couldn't think straight. The only thing Veri could force herself to focus on was his breathing.

Tears began to blur her vision and she clutched his hand with her own, the other brushing against his muzzle. Veri took a few rapid calming breaths, swallowing the panic as best she could in order to so, so gently work her fingers down his neck, checking for breaks. If he had a broken neck he couldn't be moved. A breathy sigh of relief escaped her when she found none. There were none around his skull either. She clutched his hand once more between both of hers, knowing that if he woke up he'd have a massive headache and not want his head to be touched.

"Rurik? Rurik, love, please wake up. We need to move you away from here. Come on, please wake up for me. I can't lift your fat ass by myself." she didn't mean to throw in the insult but it made herself smile, so she called that a win.
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OOC Guin will exchange blows with NPC 5, witness Julien be killed by NPC 2, then dodge a knife that was thrown at her by NPC 5, but it hits Jace instead and topples her from Artan. Jace's cNPC Honrin then comes from the woodwork to help wreck NPC 5. NPC 5 is dead, killed by Guin. Honrin goes to Jace. Guin distracts NPC 2 from Aniki. PP is approved by Jace. EDIT: Jace's cNPC Honrin sees the trouble Guin is in, picks up Jace's bow and fire's 2 arrows, one hits NPC 2 in the collarbone area to get his attention, the next hits him in the eye after NPC 2 turns to face Honrin NPC 2 is dead, killed by Honrin (Jace). This PP is also approved by Jace, she also asked me to edit it into my post. lol Let me know if anything is inconsistent, this is an extremely long post and I could have missed something!

Clang! Clang! Shing! this was the only sound in Guin's ears as she snarled at the female before her, a speckled blue and black wolfdog. The other's face was wrinkled in a similar expression tinged from pain as the arrow in her arm was jostled from the impact of blade upon blade. Guin pressed down harder with her short sword, forcing the slighter female to bend backward, teeth gritted in the effort to stand her ground. Abruptly Guin's muzzle lunged forward, teeth snapping a hair's breadth from their wrist. The shock of the movement has the Syndicate female snatching her arm backward, disengaging their weapons to jump backward.

"Hey, you're a knight, you're supposed to fight fair!" the blue and black female spat, the sickly pastel green orbs of her eyes flashing with indignation. For a moment, Guin forgot that her opponent couldn't know that she was adopted into the Knight family. The liver furred wolfdog felt the fur down her spine lift and Guin smiled, brandishing the short sword she held in one hand. "I'm a knight, yeah. I fight to protect my family. We fight to protect our family. We never claimed to play nice while doing it." on these words, Guin pulled one of her axes from its loop into her free hand, testing it's weight for show.

The warrior princess brought both the weapons she held close together in front of her as she charged. The Syndicate female lurched to the side, swiping out with her own short sword before Guin could use one of her weapons to block. The blade sliced into her thigh, eliciting a howl of pain from the Callow-Knight woman as she then began to retreat, holding one fist over the wound while backing up rapidly. With the distance between them, Guin had the opportunity to see the rest of the battlefield for a moment.

She took this chance to scan ghost green eyes, checking in on all of her pack mates to make sure none were in need of help. There was one in such need, a woman Guin didn't know well but that called herself Aniki. The she wolf was upon the ground and seemed unconscious, with a large male looming over her. Before she could lurch toward Aniki to assist, a tan scruffily furred blur ran and jumped onto the beasts back wielding a knife in his grip as he tried to stab the brute to distract him from the fallen comrade on the ground.

It worked, if the resulting snarl of insults being hurled toward the brave soul Guin finally recognized as Julien of all people were a sign. The brute's hands grasped madly toward his back, succeeding in grabbing Julien by the scruff and hauling him over one shoulder to wrap an arm around his throat, choking him. Julien fought to release himself, scratching, thrashing, and stabbing the arm that held him desperately. His attempts only seemed to annoy the brute that held him, and with a superior sneer upon his face, the Syndicate male grasped Julien's muzzle and used it to jerk the poor ex-pirate's head around. Guin's ears could hear the snap of bone in Julien's neck as she reached in his direction, too far away to have done anything to help him. Why hadn't he stayed out of the fray?

There was no time to mourn. As Julien's body was tossed aside, Guin's eyes were forced to refocus on the female before her. She realized, in horror, that it'd only taken seconds for her to witness Julien's demise. Pain suffused her, similar to when she'd seen Jonas crushed by the tree. She hadn't known Julien well, but he'd been a quiet, sweet fellow, an intelligent glint in his eye. Just like that, he'd been snuffed out. Guin's eyes hardened, lips peeling back in renewed rage to snarl at the bitch before her that'd thrown in their lot with the Syndicate. This allowed her to see their movement as the blue and black wolfdog reached for a knife.

Guin dodged instinctively, forced to drop her axe from the awkward roll she'd done. There was a yelp behind her and Guin's head snapped around to see Jace slipping sideways off her mount, a knife stuck in her left side, the knife that'd been meant for Guin. A smile of triumph graced the other female's face, despite the fact that she'd missed her intended target, a blow had still been struck in her opinion. Guin lurched to her feet, teeth bared in a grimace, and raised her sword to trade blows with this bitch. Before she could even take a step forward, a white shadow came up on the female and lashed out with a crude wooden club across the back of her leg, followed by a snarl that made Guin's stomach tremble.

The Syndicate female crumpled onto her knee and only had time to look back and see the taller male that loomed over her, a scarred face wrinkled to show teeth, before the club made a backswing and came back down across the top of her spine. The shriek she made was initially shrill, but broke off into choked gasps as she was flung toward Guin. For a moment the liver furred wolfdog expected the female to try and scramble to her feet and get away, but no such movement was made, not even a twitch of their fingers.

Guin smiled to herself as she limped forward the few steps it'd take to be in her field of view. She knelt down and looked into those sickly pastel green eyes that moved around frantically, hoping for an escape. Fear was plain as day within those orbs. "What's your name." with no inflections surrounding the words they sounded dead, even to her own ears. The blue and black female met her gaze, a sparkle of hope deep within them. "Sidney! My name is Sidney!" the answer came quickly, obviously thinking that if an enemy wanted to know the name of a fallen opponent then perhaps they wouldn't be killed. Guin's smile widened and she leaned closer.

"Mine's Guinevere. That's Honrin, he immobilized you. But I'm the one killing you." hope fled those pastel green eyes and Sidney's muzzle opened, to do what Guin didn't know. And she didn't care. Like a snake, Guin's short sword was pressing its tip to the roof of Sydney's mouth. Those eyes widened, the tongue tried to form words, but all Guin could do was peel back her lips a final time. "Casa. Will. Never. Fall." she spat, and drove her weapon forward into the female's brain. It didn't take long for those eyes to die, and she removed the blade to wipe the grey matter on Sidney's fur. Honrin took a few steps in her direction, an arm raised in hesitancy. He wanted to help her, but was obviously torn. "Are you - " "I'm good. Go." he didn't need to be told twice, turning on his heel and sprinting toward the downed Jace.

Guinevere stumbled backward against a tree and slid down it's length, pain blossoming all over. Ghost green orbs flicked back toward the last place she'd seen Aniki and the brute. He was again poised to give her a final blow when Guin whistled to catch his attention. "Hey you! Yeah, you! Boar shit for brains! Did your mother mate with a snail or something?! Pick on someone your own damn size!" yep, that got him ruffled up. He turned and began to stalk in her direction, murder written on his expression. Tristan would have been so proud. She swallowed and lifted her blade, knowing she had not a chance in her current position of surviving his wrath. Oh well. She'd killed two of these bastards after all.

Twang! Thwit! Guin's eyes widened as suddenly an arrow appeared as if from thin air, stuck in the large brute's collarbone. He snarled, pivoting to face the culprit, only for a second arrow to sink into his eye. For a few seconds he seemed confused, raising a hand to claw weakly at the protrusion in his face. Then his body went limp and collapsed forward to the ground. Guin stared at the body, dumfounded, then lifted her gaze to stare at her savior. Honrin still stood in formation, one arm cocked back from when he'd released the string of the bow in his outstretched hand.

He'd just saved her life.
And somehow, he'd managed to look attractive while doing it.
Wait, what?
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Songbird writes too much @_____@

Teagan receives two cuts, gives two bashes. Arlen shows up, gets NPC1; NPC1 slashes back at as dives away.

Teagan and Arlen are side-by-side and across from NPC1. NPC1 dives towards them, Teagan sidesteps and tries to cut his back on the way by.

NPC1 anticipates their attacks, ducks, rolls, and sweeps Arlen’s feet out from beneath him. Teagan stops attacking to not cut Arlen. NPC1 keeps moving and slashes up Teagan’s exposed sword-arm side.

Teagan turns and catches NPC1 on his calf as he tries to leave immediate scuffle. NPC1 tucks and rolls, regains footing, and catches Arlen’s attack; returns with slash of his own.

NPC1 rolls out of way again, boots Arlen’s ass. Teagan rushes, NPC1 throws knife, she deflects with shield. NPC1 takes advantage of her shield being up to tackle to ground.

Teagan struggle with being stabbed with knife, and Arlen gets to play ‘hero’ and lord it over Teagan forever xD

The shield was only a temporary delay of what was to come. The darkly-furred male continued to push Teagan further back, forcing her to use her shield to block every strike. The daggers were prized for their close combat, a range much shorter than even her sword. As long as he remained within that range, the Cavalier would not be able to effectively swing her deadly blade down upon him.

Teagan bared her fangs at him as she was forced to remain on the defensive. He was testing her, she knew, throwing his shots high and low, left and right, in an effort to either catch her off guard or figure out the range of motion she had with handling the metal barrier. Where he had struck her with his arrow, for instance, it took her a bit longer to raise the shield to guard an overhead strike or one that moved far out to her side.

Twice, one of his daggers had managed to sneak past her guard; once on the upper shoulder, and another near her hip. Crimson oozed from the shallow strikes, staining her tunic and lightly-hued fur hidden beneath. The male was not without his own injury. She’d cut his lip by bashing him with her shield, and his own knife had cut him once in a different bash.

She tried her best to keep her wits about her should she be ambushed from a second front. It was how she’d spotted her brother, Arlen, making a beeline for her with rapier drawn. There was a catch in his steady gait, one that told her that the red-furred Stryder was not without his own injury. Teagan altered her retreating course, allowing the Syndicate male to follow after her versus her running away from him. It made it so the Loner didn’t see the Cavalier youth until his needle-tip sword struck flesh.

A cry was given, and the male disengaged with his combat against Teagan, swinging out at his second Cavalier aggressor as he fled. His retreat allowed her to move side-by-side with her brother. Her shield arm fell to her side, the strain of having kept it up for so long starting to take its toll. She shot a glare at Arlen’s greeting, snorting as she turned her gaze to find their opponent testing the new injury before flicking the blood from his hand. Her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath. “As if,” she scoffed, not wanting to make her brother cocky.

This was real, and the opponents here would not yield once they had won the upper hand. Death would be the only way to achieve victory here. With how this male had aimed right for their father’s heart, it was clear to Teagan that they were here to kill.

Their opponent had rearmed either hand with his blades once more, his amber eyes filled with renewed hatred for the Stryder duo before him. His lips curled, ears flattened, and he darted forward. Teagan sidestepped away from her brother, her sword falling after the Syndicate male that dove between the two siblings. He was expecting them to react defensively though. He ducked the first strike made by Arlen and rolled forward to escape Teagan’s. Coming out of his roll, he planted his hands and swung out with a leg.

He aimed to hook his good behind Arlen’s knee and cause him to fall backward…and right into Teagan’s aim. The Stryder was forced to pull her strike, not wanting to catch her brother in the crossfire. The sudden change in gears, from attacking full force to coming to a grinding halt and pulling her sword back, caused her to be fully exposed on her sword arm side.

Keeping his momentum, the Syndicate male spun out of the way of the two siblings, his knife coming up and slicing Teagan up the length of her side. It tore through the fabric of her tunic and dug into her flesh, causing blood to quickly flood to the surface as it tore her from the back of her hip up to her shoulder blade.

Teagan snarled, both in pain and anger as she felt the stinging sensation on her exposed side. She twisted, her sword, once more, chasing the elusive knife-wielder as he attempted to dance away a second time from her. Fueled by anger and adrenaline, her blade was quicker this time with her brother not thrown in her way. The sword bit the Syndicate’s calf, a lucky catch that might slow down the evasive annoyance.

Her injuries protested with every move she made with her sword-arm, each time she tensed or relaxed the muscles in her side, a spasm of pain and blood shot to the surface of her skin. The male was smart, trying to incapacitate her after what she’d done to his bow.

The male tumbled forward, a seething hiss escaping his lips as he turned the stumble into a tuck and roll. When he rose up into a crouch, he narrowly avoided being hit by a strike made by the younger Stryder. The thin blade tore through his flesh once more, and as he twisted with it to keep it from becoming any more than a surface wound, the male swiped out with one of his knives.

Whether it caught the boy or not, the Syndicate male didn’t care. He needed to get out of range of these two sword-wielders. The next strike they made, he might not be so lucky to avoid serious injury.

The Loner tucked and rolled again, trying his best to remain as elusive of a target as possible. Noticing Arlen was a left-handed fighter, the Syndicate male was sure to move into the red Cavalier’s unarmed side. When he was right-side-up again, he rose swiftly to stand once more, a strong foot shooting out to boot the boy into the dirt and leaflitter.

Teagan charged forward, ready to defend her brother. Sensing the familiar feeling of being charged at by a furious Cavalier, the male turned and pulled his arm back.

She recognized the preparation movement, and her shield arm moved on its own.

In one swift motion, he sent one of his knives flying towards her with deadly accuracy; aimed directly for her chest or neck. Teagan threw up her shield in the nick of time, deflecting the thrown weapon and sending it flying into the fray around them.

Just as she was about to lower the shield, however, she found herself tackled to the ground. It was the Syndicate male. He hit her like a ton of bricks, and Teagan let out a gasp as she met the earth, her sword flying from her grip from the harshness of being the padding for their landing. Her injured back scraping into the sticks and leaflitter earned the Loner a startled cry of pain from the Stryder woman. A loud battle cry resonating from the lithe form atop of her was the only warning she had that a knife was about to be brought down upon her.

She threw her sword arm up to defend herself, catching the blade on the outside of her forearm as her arm slid up the dagger to the male’s hands. She pushed back with all of her might, her own blood spilling onto her face and throat as she tried to hold the hovering knife above her at bay.

Teagan tried to pull her left arm up, realizing with great alarm that it was pinned beneath the shield…which was held down by one of the male’s feet.


Canary eyes glared daggers up at her aggressor, who wore a look that was a mix of satisfaction and rage as he fought to push the knife down onto her white throat.

She struggled beneath him, trying to rock him off of her, to gain some kind of way to escape from the deadly situation she had now found herself in. With each struggle though, the male only forced more power in driving the knife down on her. They fought for power up until the Syndicate member managed to knock her right arm with his knee on accident, jostling her grip and letting him drive the knife down with his weight.

Teagan jerked her head, but the blade still caught the side of her neck, the metal kissing her skin as if promising her of what would soon come. Blood dribbled to the surface from the shallow cut. The tip of the knife bit into the dirt before the male drew back his weapon and plunged it down again, hoping the fast and rapid attack would catch her off guard.

She caught his hand, but, with only her one hand against his two, it was only inevitable before he exhausted her. She’d been cut on the shoulder of her sword-arm once, and the cut up her back ran up her right shoulder blade. Teagan was at a total disadvantage, and the Syndicate male knew it.

Her eyes were wide as she bared her ivory fangs up at him, struggling with everything she had in her to keep the knife from sinking into her throat. Her heart pounded wildly in her ears.

“Die, Cavalier!”

Teagan Stryder

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