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Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eternity

Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:57 pm

Iorek is a derp 400+ Optime | Afternoon | September | Black River Reserve

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A massive Optime beast padded through the pines. He walked with a hunched posture, arms curled towards his chest, and with heavy steps. For once, his feral form was adorned with more adornments than usual. A brightly-colored flower crown sat atop his head. There were also flowers woven into his thick mane. Bandages were wrapped around his forearms to cover the horrific wounds he had received from the battle. He wore a pair of brown pants and carried a satchel. There was also also a magpie perched on his shoulder.

This was Iorek's first time here since the Syndicate attacked. Casa di Cavalieri's healers had been schooling him in the art of healing and herbalism He was a quick learner and quickly picked up wound first aid and learned about most basic herbs. Morty had sent out the boy with a list of herbs that he needed to pick. He knew what they looked like and it wouldn't be hard for him to find the herbs. The wolfdog looked at the list of herbs and began reading them to himself.

M-Marigold, ch-chamomile, d-dandelion, g-goldenrod, y-yarrow. The brown behemoth read as he looked at the list. Morty probably gave him a list of flowering herbs because of his love of flowers. He looked around, trying to spot the herbs he needed. His eyes were peeled for yellow and white hues in the verdant green forest. He heard Birdflower squawk and then yanked at his ear. The chocolate-saddled brute looked in the direction that the bird pulled him.

The carmine-eyed Cadet glimpsed a flower that looked very much like the daisies he loved. He shambled over to the flowers and then looked at it confusedly. Morty didn't exactly explain to the beast how he was supposed to pick the plant. He knew that the plant could be eaten or brewed into tea, but what part was used? Also, what was tea? He couldn't remember which part of the plant was needed. So, the best plan he had was to take the entire plant. The crimson-eyed Cavalier plucked the plant out of the ground gently and then got to his feet.

The massive yearling looked around for any more herbs for him to pick. Then, he remembered the plant in his hands. He gently tucked the plant into his satchel. Then, the feral giant continued to look around and walk in the same direction.

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Re: Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eterni

Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:22 pm

Optime (+682)

In the aftermath of the co-event and many cases of hangovers and possible food poisoning, a sizable dent had been made into Sapient’s stores that was in dire need of replenishing before the first big chill hit. Not wanting to leave the pack without an experienced medic on hand, Skana had sent Asura out to do the foraging that day. The teenager hadn’t minded the break away from the pack festivities. It’d been a little while since she’d ventured out into the wilds beyond their border anyways.

She’d gone alone, a milestone which she’d been happy to “officially” unlock. Sure, she’d snuck off on her own before, however, with the official privilege of her mother, it felt all the more meaningful to be deemed capable of traveling outside of her previous, limiting perimeter outside of the pack without a boring babysitter to keep “bad guys” at bay. Her uncle had confirmed her training to be proficient enough, and her parents had agreed that she was smart enough to avoid danger. It was a badge of pride for the Creo youth.

Asura had donned a satchel similar to her mother’s, however, built of deer skin rather than seal. Her knife sat in its holster on her thigh, ready to be drawn at a moment’s notice—either for defending herself…or for cutting herbs. The morning had been rather successful for the Parva. She’d found quite a few good patches to collect from, and, really, only needed one more item to complete the task her mother had sent her out to do.

Her nostrils flared as she stooped into a crouch, sniffing the air for the familiar scent of the herb as her turquoise eyes searched for it amongst the dense vegetation of the forest around her. According to her mother, she should have been fairly close—!

The scent of another Luperci—male, of a group scent—filtered into her nostrils, and, seconds later, the adolescent spotted the individual. Instinctively, Asura sunk a little further down into the underbrush.

The stranger was massive! Easily the size of her uncle, but with a lot more fluff and brawn to him. His strange stature—hunched over and with his hands curled up close to his chest—might have reminded her of a bear if she’d spotted him out of the corner of her eye. With a crown of flowers atop his massive head, the intimidating sight was drastically lessened though. Bandages were worn over his arms—reminding her much of how her mother covered her hands—and a bird perched on one of his broad shoulders.

There was a satchel on him too, and, she noticed, he appeared to be collecting plants as he tucked a brightly-colored flower into his bag. Strange. Though, perhaps it was for a collection of a new flower crown, she guessed, judging by his odd adornment alone. Flowers tended to lose their color and luster after a few days of being picked.

At first, Asura thought to simply let the lumbering giant pass without conflict, however, he appeared to be looking for something, and, to walk away from someone in need of help was not how Asura had been raised. The silver wolfdog rose her full height and cupped her hands around her mouth as if to amplify her voice. “Hey! Mister!” Her hands fell back to her sides as she approached him, slowly. She had no idea if he was friendly or not. “Do you need any help finding something?”

She stopped a good distance from him, close enough that she wouldn’t have to yell, but, not so close that she couldn’t bolt or draw her knife if he decided to attack her.

“My Mam and I have visited the area a lot. Perhaps I could help you if you’re looking for a particular plant?” Her turquoise eyes raised pointedly to his crown, assuming he was looking for a suitable replacement, before moving to his satchel and then back to his dark face again.

Re: Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eterni

Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:07 pm

Time: Day
Place: Black River Reserve
Outfit:Flower crown
This is going to be great

Iorek looked back at the list after having collected the chamomile. He wished that he had brought a writing utensil or something to check things off. His handwriting was not the best but he could write a little and could spell things out. He had four more herbs to collect for Morty. He didn't want to fail the wolf medic that gave him this task. He needed to collect four more herbs and he hoped that he would be able to find him before the evening. He didn't like traveling in the dark and the sun was already in the middle of the sky. The wolfdog felt a bit anxious.

The brown behemoth almost jumped three feet in the air when he heard someone shout at him. He hopped an inch in the air and turned towards the sound. Birdflower squawked at the sudden movements and his feet dug into the beast's shoulder. His fur fluffed in fear, almost as catlike as the felines he had befriended. His wide red eyes found the silver shape of a young woman. She smelled of herbs, forests, and had a strange group scent. She had pretty grey markings and bright eyes. And then she asked if she could help him with anything. She did smell like herbs so maybe she could help him. But, the girl did scare the chocolate-saddled brute.

And then the stranger added that she was familiar with the area and knew about the plants here. The carmine-eyed Cadet was more acquainted with the Dampwoods and could use some help in this new area. He still had four more herbs to find so he could use the help. And maybe he could make a friend? The girl seemed to have good intentions so, the beast calmed down slightly as his fur laid flat, well as flat as it could be and his eyes lost their fearful look. The magpie chittered something that sounded rude, but the boy ignored him. The crimson-eyed Cavalier hoped the girl didn't understand magpie.

I-I l-looking f-for h-herb. The bear dog said. He was working on making his sentences clearer. He knew that he could speak clearer as he had done with Arlen. Guaranteed, it was when he was rather disappointed in the idiotic drunk, but he was trying to work on being able to talk clearer without feeling strong emotions. His sentences were more coherent now, but they were still short. But the massive medic was making progress.

I-I n-need m-marigold....d-dandelion...g-goldenrod...a-and y-yarrow. The feral giant recited from memory. He didn't know if the girl knew these herbs, but the boy knew what they looked like. He just didn't know where to find them. And quite frankly, how to harvest them. Realizing that he'd forgotten his manners he added, I-I...I-I'm Iorek.

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Re: Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eterni

Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:16 pm


Asura’s ears fell a bit as the behemoth was obviously startled from whatever had preoccupied his thoughts. He visibly jumped, scaring his bird with the sudden movement. Even his fur had started to rise, and, at that moment, the Creo wondered if perhaps she’d made a mistake in confronting the stranger. The teen stilled, her hands gripped tightly on the strap that crossed her chest. She wasn’t sure if the male’s reactions would lead to violence or if he’d simply been surprised, either way, the girl stood ready to bolt if he decided to turn on her.

A pair of bright, crimson eyes turned on her and regarded her silently as she had finished speaking. He didn’t appear angry…and there was a faint scent of fear in the air. Finally, his fur laid flat again, and he didn’t appear as wild and untamed as he previously had. The bird said something to his earth-hued friend, though, from her distance, the Sapien couldn’t make out what. After a moment, the male spoke.

His words were far different than what Asura would have expected from someone so large and formidable looking. He had a noticeable stutter to his tongue, fumbling over each and every word that he tried to say. It was strange. Asura had never met such a Luperci like this before. Had he received some sort of brain damage? Like a tremor, just…in his mouth instead of a limb or his head.

The male appeared to, indeed be looking for something, however, the terminology that he used was not one she would have expected from someone who was supposed to have been looking for merely flowers. “Herb”? Nobody generally used that term unless…Asura blinked. Could he be a healer, perhaps? It’d make sense. It meant he would have been doing much of the same role as she was out here.

He listed off names of flowers, all of which Asura immediately recognized as having medicinal uses aside from simply looking pretty. The teenager mentally went through the names, trying to think of where she might have seen any of them in these parts. The male introduced himself then, calling himself “Iorek.”

She smiled a friendly smile at him, her tail wagging a bit. “I’m Asura Creo.” Asura looked around them, a clawed finger coming up to tap her chin in thought. “Hmmm…I think I remember smelling some marigold around here, I can show you the way?” She gestured with a sharp jut of her chin and wave of her hand for the large male to follow her. Without waiting for an answer, the teenager had started off, only pausing after a little ways to make sure he followed. She had little doubt that he wouldn’t.

“What pack are you from?” She asked casually from over her shoulder. His group scent, it smelt so frustratingly familiar, but, for the life of her, she couldn’t remember where she’d smelt it before. “I’m from Sapient,” she offered, if only to help loosen his tongue in telling her his own pack. It was only fair if she asked of his, that she offer her own.

Asura’s nostrils flared as she moved through the forest undergrowth, searching for a particular, pungent scent that would stand out against the earthy smell of the forest. If she remembered correctly it should have been… “Smell that?” She asked Iorek with a knowing smirk. “That musky, strong scent?” Her pace quickened as she caught a vibrant hue amongst the browns and greens in the distance.

She was sure Iorek probably saw the patch before she could with his added height, even hunched. The flowers were full and a bright, bold orange, reminding her of her uncle and brother’s eyes. Asura spread out her arms when she came within a few feet of the flowers. “Annnnnd…Marigold!” She presented, her words enthusiastic as she turned to see Iorek’s reaction.

The Sapien cocked a hip, watching the large male for a moment before inquiring curiously. “What do you need all that stuff for anyway?” She had met no healers outside her own mother and Miwa, and both resided in her own pack.

Re: Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eterni

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:59 pm

I am slow >.<370

The girl introduced herself as Asura Creo. He often wondered why people had two names and sometimes, people had the same second name. It didn't occur to him that they were related and no one had taken the time to fully explain it to him. Asura offered to help him find the marigold he was looking for. He needed marigold to help treat the many wounds from the final showdown with the Syndicate. The girl led him away and the wolfdog padded after her. Birdflower croaked a warning but it was ignored.

The Creo asked what pack the massive medic hailed from. She later added that she had come from Sapient. This was the first time he had met someone from Sapient before. Maybe she hadn't met anyone from Casa? Most people knew where he came from. "C-Casa d-di C-Cavalieri." He said. He didn't know what else he should say about himself. There wasn't much to be said, to be honest. The hybrid beast filed away the scent of Sapient for further reference.

Then, the brown behemoth scented something that smelled familiar. Then, the aqua-eyed female pointed out the smell to him and described it for him. She identified it as marigold and then began walking faster. Even with his longer legs, his lumbering gait still put him behind her, even when he quickened. That earned a squawk from the magpie as he dug his talons in, though they went unnoticed by the hybrid. The chocolate-saddled brute's red gaze found the vibrant yellow flowers among the verdant green.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier smiled, though his reaction wasn't as enthusiastic as the silver Sapien. His bobbed tail did try to wag. Then, she asked why he needed all the herbs anyway. He didn't know that it wasn't the best idea to tell a northern neighbor about the Syndicate attacks. "B-Bad l-loners a-attacked C-Casa. Th-They s-set t-traps...a-and a-attack u-us. B-Big f-fight. M-Many i-injured." The beast said, thinking of all the injures his pack mates had sustained. Jace had been stabbed and stepped on by her horse, Rurik had been injured badly, and two had been killed. Marigold would be needed to treat their wounds and he needed some for the arctic queen's wound.

Re: Dream of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eterni

Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:00 am


It’s okay<33 Feel free to PP them arriving in a meadow-y area and them searching for the plants!

When he gave her the name of his pack, Asura snapped her fingers. That’s where I’ve smelt it before!” In her youth, her mother had taken Asura and her brother down to the pack, or, so she had been told. She had been so young then, and could not recall much of the trip other than what came as deja-vu-like memories and flashbacks. Realizing how odd her reaction might have been, she explained as they walked, “My old pack used to be allies with yours. My family went on a trip down there with some of her packmates to help yours after the fall of the Red Star. I was a puppy back then.”

Her ears flickered whenever the behemoth’s bird would speak. She couldn’t understand what it said, however, she could guess. Though different from her mother’s avian companions, it shared similarities in pitch and tone. Her Low Speech was a far cry from her father’s though, and Asura would not dare to say that she knew what the pretty little thing was saying. Whatever it was though, it didn’t appear to be very pleased with what Iorek was doing…either that, or it didn’t like her being there.

Iorek was a rather silent creature, Asura figured out quickly. Upon her presentation of the patch of marigold, he wagged his tail, but offered little more. Perhaps he was shy, or, maybe his bird friend had warned him from talking too much with a stranger. The teen wasn’t sure what to make of it, whether he was pleased with her help or if he was merely suffering through it because she had offered.

Asura blinked and felt her brows rise with muted surprise at what the bear-like Cavalier revealed. “Oh wow,” she breathed. She had expected him to tell her he was merely out gathering supplies, not tell her that it was for more dire reasons. “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope what you’ve gathered out here today will help those back home,” she sympathized. Sapient had suffered similarly when they had been attacked in the winter months earlier that year. It seemed even southern packs were not without conflict.

He was a long way from home too, if memory served on where Casa di Cavalieri was located on the map her mother had shown her during her lessons. If he had traveled this far northwest, it was a definite sign that things could have been better back in his pack. It made her want to help the flower-crowned Cavalier even more.

“I’ll let you collect what you need of this patch?” She suggested, “I think there’s a clearing nearby that might have goldenrod and yarrow, maybe some dandelions if we’re lucky.” She smiled at him, her turquoise shifting to the patch of marigold as she patiently waited for Iorek to take some.

When he was finished, she led the way.

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