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Let it eat till I'm deceased

Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:06 am

(0+) Join the chase? Steal his prey? Or help him bring it down? :D

A form shot out from the brush – a streak of brown and tan. Following it, close on its heels but not close enough, was a hulky four-legged form. The panicked creature streaked through the forest, taking close-call turns and using the forest to what it thought was its advantage. Only, the forest didn’t seem to be at its advantage today. As the creature burst through a bunch of low-hanging branches, the sharp, dry tips cut into its thin-haired hide, further unveiling its location to the beast on its heels.

The branches, although they swung back and hit him square in the face, did little to slow down the beast as he scrambled around a corner to catch the doe. It might’ve been the first time in a long time that Izual utilized one of his feral forms to eat something normal. Wolf meat was often his diet – though, he didn’t discriminate. He’d eat Coyote and Dog meat, too. Whatever came his way; whatever he was able to catch.

Lurching out at his prey, Izual’s claws raked over the otherwise graceful creature’s back leg and made it stumble – but the chase pursued. It was not over yet.

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Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:35 pm

Dandelion was happy. He had seen a sister and his grandmother. He liked the new area now that he saw that it was prettier than that one place. He didn't want to go back there. Nope. He did not! Now that he was in a better place he would have no reason to go back. He was content at the moment. His life was just as it should be, his belly relatively full and his spirits sky high.

He was in his four legged form. He normally chose that unless he was doing work. Then he would need hands but when he didn't he loved the feeling of all four padded feet on the ground. It felt so good to dig his claws into the cool earth and just enjoy the life that he felt right then and there. He was standing, doing just that when he heard the rustle of something further ahead, coming towards him. He Perked up and looked at the commotion. He didn't move as a doe came charging towards him. Mostly because he noticed the shape behind it, bounding after it.

Some one was in need of help! Dandelion was to the rescue and before anyone knew it the doe was right up on top of him and he lunged right at its throat catching the terrified animal off guard. His timing was nearly perfect. The deer did rear, and he hung on like anyone would (right?!?) digging his teeth further and further into is jugular moving so its hooves did not catch him. The animal quickly lost all energy and was down easily enough (with or without the help of the hunter who was originally hunting her). He waited a second before letting go of the neck and licking his chops, enjoying the taste of the warm fresh blood. "You will eat good now." He said turning to wherever the stranger was now.

Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:53 am

(0+) Thanks for joining!

There were a few more times that Izual got very close, but not close enough. Had he chosen to hunt the fastest deer in the forest? Why couldn’t he catch this thing? He squinted at the dirt kicked in his face by the panicked creature, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw something. A dark-furred form streaked past and collided with his doe. Izual slowed, watching as the stranger used the element of surprise to his advantage and easily reached where it mattered. He clamped his jaws around the animal’s neck, dragging it down to the ground. Within a few minutes, the doe lay motionless on the ground, and Izual stood idle, watching.

There was a confusion of feelings in his form at the moment, and once he decided that he’d attack and kill the brute for stealing prey, the man spoke to him. You will eat good now. So… he wasn’t going to steal it?

”You just like the thrill of the kill, huh?” Izual mused. He could relate; though, the beings he preferred to kill were not does. Lucky for the stranger, he wasn’t doing that kind of hunting today. ”You don’t… want any?”

He was testing the waters for the time being, unsure whether he needed to go into kill-the-husky-wolf mode or stay as calm as a cucumber and share his meal with a ‘friend’.

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Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:46 am

OOC: :) No problem! Dandy to the rescue!! *laughs*

The question confused the ignorant man; "No. You needed help. I helped you." He said a look of satisfaction on his face. He sure did help the man. He was proud of what he had accomplished. Yet it was not his. He was full and he only helped. He shook his head; "I am just helping a friend; if I did not, your food would be gone." He nodded at his own comment.

"I am Dandelion, like the pretty flowers." He said. He couldn't show the other male an example of the said pretty flower, as it was fall and all the flowers were dying. "Do you need anymore help?" He asked wagging his tail. "I can cook and make it... um." He had to think hard for the word or words; "Make it stay longer." Was all he could come up with. He would have to shift, but he knew how to make some good jerky out of the large animal he just helped down. It would be another good deed. Without any waiting he began changing to his optime form. It took him a little longer than normal so any answers that were given would have been done by the time he had changed.

Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:09 am

(0+) :D

The large wolf’s intentions seemed pure, and while Izual looked on in bewilderment – why would anyone want to help him??? – he thought nothing of attacking and killing the man, nothing about messing with his head, or with his day. Instead, Izual just sat heavily beside the doe, his tail steady.

”Would it?” he questioned, eyes narrowing, at the wolf’s comment about him losing his prey. ”So, you didn’t think I would’ve caught it?” There was a suspicion in his tone now, as if something was beginning to brew under the surface, but was not bubbling over yet. It would depend on how Dandelion would answer his questions that would determine if the bubbling continued or ceased.

”I’m Izual. Izual Massacre,” he responded, intending to try to scare the male with his surname. It often raised a few questions, and he wondered if this… Dandelion would catch on. ”Your offer is tempting, but I prefer my meat raw and bloody.” Izual smiled.

But he noticed the man start to shift – his limbs elongating themselves, his Luperci hair springing from the roots of his head like wildflowers in the springtime. BUT if you insist, I suppose I wouldn’t mind some of this elk going to your jerky creation.” As long as some of it would remain bloody, Izual would live with it.

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Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:12 am

WC: 300+ OOC: Thank you for the dnd... I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I mostly had it written up but then things went "SHAW RL GET IN GEAR!" I'll do what I can to post regularly!!

Dandelion was oblivious to his own indication that the other man couldn't do his own hunting. He just saw what he saw and did his own round about calculations. The doe was going to get away, it was already too far ahead; " You are fast! You could have got it." He pointed out to the other man. He shrugged; " I helped and made the chase fast! I like to help." He said. He frowned at the thought of taking a doe on his own but he did not know how to put it into words how envious he was of the other man for doing it. Or at least attempting it.

Dandelion had not caught on. He grinned when the man emphasis his name and wagged his tail; "It is a good day for a friend!" He said happily; "I can make it last, and you can have the best part bloody." Dandelion nodded after he shifted. He knew how the other man felt, there were days he would just chew on a rabbit without having it cooked at all. He liked the taste and feel of it in his mouth. Yet he learned sometimes to have food when there was none was also good. He loved sharing his own meals but he didn't care much for the crowd that came around after he did take an animal down. The dirty crows, buzzards, and other dirty critters. He loved all canine life and some others but when it came to scavangers he thought they were rude. "That way you can eat the whole thing!" He said nodding. He did not believe one wolf could devour a whole deer in a day. "What part do you want now?" He asked looking for a good "knife" he could use. He usually could find a flint rock he could hit with another stone to make a point and cut with that. It was less professional than others but he did not own anything besides the fur on his back.

Re: Let it eat till I'm deceased

Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:40 am

(0+) Don't apologize. I am just as bad :|

Izual blinked as the man spoke, sensing there was something not quite right about Dandelion. However, whatever was wrong with him wasn’t as wrong as what was wrong with Izual. Whatever was wrong with Dandelion made him obliviously happy and ignorant to the danger he could have put himself in if Izual was in one of his “moods”. Lucky for him, though, and by chance, he wasn’t.

As long as Dandelion didn’t argue about making the whole doe jerky, Izual was OK with that. He’d get his bloody bits, and then Dandelion could use the rest for his jerky creation. Izual stood, walking over to the abdomen of his kill. ”While you find that knife of yours, I’ll take my bloody pieces. I prefer… the heart.” Though, Luperci heart was the best delicacy.

Giving Dandelion a once over, ensuring he wasn’t going to argue back or have to put his foot down, Izual dipped his massive Secui head and began to tear at the skin surrounding the doe’s chest cavity. Eventually, he’d break skin and soak the ground with the doe’s intestines, but he’d be closer to chewing his way through to her heart.

Image © Mirella Santana
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