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I've pulled you deep into this dream, now we are locked in

As the beast pounced, the prey bounded away. Izual landed heavily on his elbows in the slushy, wet leaves of the forest floor, cutting one of his elbows on a rock hidden under the foliage. Though his elbow stung, the minor wound was the further from his mind as orange eyes met confident blue ones. The two of them stared for a moment, a growl erupting from the Infernian and Izual couldn’t ever remember if he had heard Virue snarl before. Perhaps it was the first time. There was a first time for everything.

”That was weak,” Izual snarled, climbing back to his feet. The intent must've been clear in his eyes because Virue's lost that confident luster for but a moment. A momentum kicked into gear, and as Izual took a step forward, Virue took off running. The two of them continued their charade - Izual hot on his pursuit.

Izual hadn’t realized it, but he had chased the man well into the Dampwoods. At the moment, they were positioned way too close to Inferni than Izual should have felt comfortable being. However, so caught up in the hunt, the Massacre man hadn’t even realized where they were. The scent barrier was close – maybe a mile or two away – but Virue was right in his grasp.

Long legs carried the hulking Massacre man through the trees, hot on the hybrid’s heels, though not close enough to reach down and snatch him. Virue always seemed to be just out of reach, which pained Izual’s prey drive. He wanted to catch him; he wanted to eat him. Perhaps he’d send Inferni a gift when he was finished with his meal: a nice new fur rug made out of one of their friendliest members.

Let's wrap this up!
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