[M] We've all got battle scars...but yours are worse


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Avinalora stood in the clinic, sorting the jars and taking inventory as usual. Winter was the ever-present force driving the woman to make sure Anathema had enough herbs to make it through the winter months. She knew that if it came to it, they could always use medicinal trees. But, not every medicine could be found in the trees. She would need to make sure that there was enough medicine to last Anathema through the winter. And there seemed to be a lot of idiots in Anathema that got injured often. The vixen would need a lot of wound-healing herbs.

The ghostly jackal was taking inventory of the wound-healing herbs. She knew that many people got injured and winter went on for months without any greenery till mid spring. There was also sickness that came from the cold months and the fact that it was totally possible for someone to get impaled on a icicle. There was also slips that could cause injury and not to mention the special cases and elderly. And people like Lux who needed painkillers for their size. Idiots. There was a lot for the fox-tailed female to account for.

The moon-washed medic scribbled down a few things on a notepad. Her handwriting was quite messy and sometimes she couldn't even read her own handwriting. All it mattered were the first few letters, sometimes. But, she also wrote down the use just in case she couldn't read her own handwriting. The monochrome fox continued writing furiously.

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