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Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to exist

Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:46 am

He had seen her again and while she still looked the same there was also something different about her. She had told him to stay away because he might get hurt but she had also come to visit him where he had hid. Her visits usually consisted of her bringing some portion of meat with her. Well, this time he had something of his own to bring. The small flying squirrel had suffered an injury and so Yarrow had been able to snatch him up.

Jumbo had been placed across his back, though he did have to stop and adjust his friend every so often, so that he could carry the squirrel in his mouth. Because of his divided attention and full mouth he was unable to call out to the woman. Instead he trotted along as quickly as he could in order to try to catch up.

He followed her and found her packing up some things. Cautiously he approached her, glancing up at the empty post where a skull was once settled as he passed it by. It gave him pause because Clover had told him he was not allowed here. But maybe just a short visit would be allowed.

He quickly picked up his pace and moved over to where the large woman was and butted his head lightly against her leg in order to get her attention. He dropped the scrawny squirrel down at her feet and looked up at her. "Jumbo got that for you." He said and nosed the scrap of meat closer. An anxious whine sounded from within his throat and his paws danced about as he glanced around on the search for trouble.

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Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:52 pm

Precious few goods remained to Inferni after their stores went up in flames, so packing was a simple feat. A leather bag was slung over her shoulder, containing the few material belongings their family still had: useless good luck charms, bottles of booze she’d angrily upended, some other things they’d traded for that Jehan had kept on his person that fateful night.

Sometimes she had the desire to smash the entire bag on the ground, shattering and crushing its contents, but Clover figured she might as well trade the stupid shit off for something better later. They’d need it.

The Outsider lingered around the schoolhouse now, fitting some small blackboards and small pieces of wood and metal trays into a second bag — occasionally sniffing westward as if afraid she’d find a Salsolan on the horizon. Thus far, she didn’t think the pack knew of Inferni’s plans to travel, but if they found the clan half-guarded as it was, the bastards would likely take advantage. She spat at the thought, then lapped spit from her chin when she spotted a familiar fluffy shape heading toward her.

An exasperated sigh left the woman, but she couldn’t help her relieved glance. Urging Yarrow to hide by himself in neutral territories had been a gamble; starvation threatened the young loner as did opposing predators, but there was no telling what fate he might have suffered had she taken him into Inferni. If nothing else, he had been spared having to see a home burn to the ground.

She snorted and stooped to pick up the flying squirrel, a dainty little thing that wouldn’t be more than a mouthful. “That’s real thoughtful of Jumbo,” she said, glancing at the dirty elephant balanced precariously on the coydog’s back. “I’m really fuckin’ glad you’re okay,” she added with a wag of her bushy tail, the curse slipping without regard from her jaws. “The trouble is over, and we’re going on a trip.” She hoisted up one of the leather bags as means of demonstration. “You wanna come with, kiddo? You said your mom wanted you to join us, right?”

She didn’t have the whole story, of course, but damned if Clover was going to leave the brat alone in the wilds now.

Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:51 pm

Yarrow shrank away when the woman snorted. He was worried that she was mad at him. But still, she had been bringing him something to eat and now that he finally caught something he had to return the favor. It was only fair and his Mama had taught him to be fair. He didn't have too many occasions to put that into practice and so now that he had the chance he had to make good on it.

The boy ended up grinning and wagging his tail when the large woman said that Jumbo was thoughtful. "Jumbo is a good boy." He stated proudly. Though when the woman cursed he ended up gasping. "That is a naughty word." He whispered out and glanced around as if to see if anyone else was about to have heard.

"Yeah! Mama said to come here." He went over to the other bag, after adjusting Jumbo once again, and tried to pick it up so that he could help carry things too. He tugged on the strap of the bag and tried to drag it along with him.

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Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:52 pm

The puppy grinned, and Clover smiled back despite herself. It was hard to think of him as anything but a pup, even though he was old enough to be ranked as an adult in the clan. He had such a childlike outlook on things that was refreshing to Clover, even though she worried that his mentality would be hit hard if he joined the clan.

But at least then he’d have a family to take care of him.

Her smile threatened to vanish, but she maintained her facade, only stopping to huff dismissively when he seemed scandalized by her cursing. When Yarrow grabbed at the other bag, she laughed. “Hold on, kiddo.” She put her bag down and picked up the one that he had. “This one’s got a shorter strap and isn’t quite so heavy.” Trading him the satchels, she flipped the other one over her shoulder and looked out at the moorland.

“Well, we’ve got a little farther to travel,” Clover said. “Some scary stuff happened so Inferni is gonna go somewhere else, somewhere safe.” Already bands of scouts had traveled northeast to begin to mark their claim. Bit by bit Inferni would migrate across the mountains. Clover figured she would be one of the last ones to leave.

She frowned, rubbing at her muzzle, then squinted at a shape beyond: one whose identity was clear by its missing arm before she smelled him. Jehan had a bag over his shoulder, too, and had something in his hand. He kept playing with it, rolling it with his thumb, until he looked up and saw Clover with the kid.

“Hey,” he greeted. His voice, which he used to pitch deep and rough to make him sound more masculine, was raspy with exhaustion and grief. His eyes passed over Yarrow. “Who’s this?” he asked, but he sounded disinterested.

Clover stiffened. Her lip curled before she could stop it, and she looked away. “Name’s Yarrow, and that’s Jumbo.” She’d be remiss if she forgot the elephant. “What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice low and direct.

He stared back at her, pinning his ears, then glanced at the kid again. It wasn’t a conversation to be having in front of him. He ignored Clover’s question, instead offering the boy a weary smile. “Hey. I’m Jehan. You a friend of Clover’s?”

Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:30 pm

"I'm a big boy. I can carry things too." He remarked when he was told to hold on, thinking that she was trying to stop him from helping. When she ended up just trading him bags he grinned and his tail wagged enthusiastically behind him. He was eager to prove himself and that he could be a help rather than a hindrance. He didn't want Clover to change her mind about taking him along, and not only because her look reminded him of his Mama.

Yarrow glanced around as if there might be something else that he could gather and help with. "Were you scared?" He asked, looking back up at the woman again. He couldn't imagine her ever being scared though. "Will it still have skulls? Mama said I gotta go to the skulls." He was still worried about disobeying his mother even though she was no longer around to scold him.

Clover's body language changed when they were being approached and he took that as a cue to try and hide himself away behind her, though he still ended up peeking around her legs. "Is he one of the scary things?" He whispered out as the one armed male spoke to them.

But since Clover gave out his name, as well as Jumbo's, then he figured that the man couldn't be all bad. Yarrow moved around Clover in order to go and cautiously sniff at the man whom had dubbed himself Jehan. "Yeah, she bring me food when she said I couldn't stay here. Mama said I had to come here though. Mama said to go to the place of skulls. Clover looks like Mama and Clover said I can go now. I think it because Jumbo got her food too." In the style of the young he busily told everything about everything.

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Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:11 pm

Clover blinked down at the boy’s question. “Yes,” she said after a moment. “But mostly I was sad and angry. A lot of my friends got hurt.”

She did manage a smile as the boy insisted that he still needed to go to the skulls. “There will still be some. We’re bringing them with us.” She reached down to pat his noggin and shouldered her satchel again before they spotted Jehan; Yarrow hid behind her legs, reading her mood, but she forced herself to relax and sigh at his worried murmur.

“This wimp? Nah, he ain’t scary,” she said — decidedly not in a whisper. But after all the other terrible things she’d called Jehan over the past few days, it didn’t faze him.

Jehan nodded distractedly as the kid rambled about his reasons for being there, occasionally looking sadly up at Clover, then scratched at the side of his jaw — difficult with the golden orb in his hand. It rolled over his cheek. “Why’s your mama want you to go to the skull place?” he asked. He didn’t take his eyes off Clover.

“Stop fucking looking at me like that,” the bigger dog burst out before she could stop herself. “None of this concerns you anymore, you aren’t Infernian anymore.” She walked forwardly, angrily bumping into Jehan — small as the spitz was, he staggered badly — then glanced over her shoulder to call: “C’mon, Yarrow.”

Re: Hope cannot be said to exist,nor can it be said not to e

Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:41 pm

"Jumbo is good at making boo boos feel better." The youth proclaimed when he was stated that her friends had been hurt. When he was hurt, mostly his stomach from hunger pains lately, he snuggled up to Jumbo and things felt just a bit better then. Of course it didn't take away the pain but it did take his mind off of it for a small period of time.

Yarrow grinned when Clover assured him that there would still be skulls. His Mama would be proud of him for finally making it to the place of the skulls. It had been her final instruction to him and he was intent upon keeping it.

With his inspection of Jehan done Yarrow returned to Clover's side and plopped his rump down next to her feet. "Mama said there are friends at the skull place." He had no idea who these friends were but just that he should go and find them.

Clover started to leave and Yarrow climbed back to his paws once more. He had to pick up Jumbo and placed the stuffed elephant back on his back from where it had fallen off when he had sat down. He grabbed the satchel he had been given and started after Clover. He paused by Jehan and released the strap of the satchel long enough to speak to him."Lizards and keys." He stated with a nod, as if it was obvious just what was meant. He then grabbed the satchel again and hurried along after Clover.

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