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In response to the incredulous stare Elias gave Oscar, all the young man could do was merely shrug. ”I’ve been, whatchya’ say it?” Oscar mused aloud, his finger resting on his chin ”Learning on the spot! Yeah, that’s it.” The wiry haired man gave the Blueridge a cheeky grin, brushing past the panicked look reflected in the Blueridge’s eyes. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He had seen Hazel and Milos train horses in much the same fashion, and hey, even observation was better than nothing! It certainly wasn’t hands on training...but that’s what he was doing today!

”Ey, I’ve been doin’ good job so far! Cracker ‘asn’t mowed ya over yet, ‘as she?” Oscar pointed out as he led the copper filly over to sniff at the leather saddle. The Morelli felt encouraged by the filly’s visible curiosity of the strange object before her, even daring to lip testingly on the leather flaps. He was confident enough, in fact, to hand the reins over to the Blueridge upon his decision. A decision that the man had made rather hastily, but oh well. All the guy really needed to do was hold rope.

”Right then!” Oscar continued along cheerfully, rubbing the filly’s sides down before hoisting the great leather saddle off its perch. At the sudden weight upon her back, Cracker’s head jerked up in surprise, nearly ripping the rope from Elias’ grasp. The equine danced about uncertainty, feeling out the foreign object on her back. ”That’s it, jus’ hold her!” Oscar called out to Elias, now a safe distance away from the filly as he waited for the beast to gain her bearings. Something that could not be said the same for his packmate, sadly.

But nothing terribly traumatic happened - to Oscar, that is - and Cracker eventually settled down enough for the wiry haired male to tighten the girth around her belly. ”Wanna take her ‘round a few laps?” The Morelli jested, mirth in his eyes.

”Nah, nah.” Oscar shook his head to himself, chuckling ”But try ter get ‘er ter take a few steps, if ya can.”

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Elias resisted the urge to groan at the Morelli. Honestly, it was a wonder how the boy hadn’t ended up severely hurt or, worse, dead with how he dealt with things in life. And, to make matters worse, he had strung Elias along under the assumption that Oscar actually knew what he was doing! Guess the saying is true about assuming… He considered regretfully. “You should…probably lead with that disclaimer,” he sighed loudly.

Oscar’s point did little to sway the dreadful realization of the danger the Blueridge had put himself in with helping the younger Krokaran out. And to be so nonchalant about it too! Not wanting to encourage Oscar’s reckless actions and thinking—but also not wanting to be prodded for, yes, Elias hadn’t been run over yet—the coydog offered single, reluctant nod accompanied with another sigh. There was no point in trying to argue with the young man when there was little evidence he could use to combat Oscar’s way of thinking other than the terrible “what if” scenarios.

“Woah!” Elias gasped, suddenly seizing the rope firmly his grasp when Cracker jerked her head at the saddle being placed on her back. He wasn’t sure what they’d do if the filly bolted or acted out. Thankfully, the young horse didn’t freak out, and Elias let the rope slacken a bit to let Cracker shift about a bit easier as she got used to the new weight. As he watched the filly with a careful eye, it didn’t evade his notice that Oscar had put some distance between himself and the tethered duo.

Of course…

Eventually though, when it became apparent that Cracker wasn’t going to become a hazard to his health, Oscar moved back in so he could readjust the straps of the saddle. Elias watched in silence, more than ready to suggest that Oscar hold the rope this time should Cracker not like the feel of the fastened straps around her girth. When Oscar asked him to ride the young horse, Elias couldn’t stop the incredulous stare that he gave the young man.

Before he could say anything though, Oscar reassured him that he was only joking. Thank, god. Not wanting to be called a coward or teased, Elias shifted his periwinkle eyes from the Morelli to the filly. “Sure uh…do I just…pull on the lead?” Somehow, all he could think of was the horse bulldozing him or not moving at all.


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At the Morelli’s confession, Elias seemed rather...distraught. Which Oscar could not understand, for after all, there was no better way to learn than to gain hands on experience. The way Oscar saw it, he was taking charge of his own learning when it came to working with the beasts. ”What better way ter learn, th’ on th’ job?” the wiry haired man gave a mischievous grin at the Blueridge’s mopiness. ”Hey, at least we’re learnin’ together!”

Oscar gave another chuckle as he lay the leather saddle over Cracker’s back. At the sudden pressure, the filly tossed her head back in alarm with a startled snort. ”Easy there!” Oscar called, although this command could have been directed to either the horse or Elias. Although the Blueridge was just as surprised by the beast’s sudden movement, he held his ground and kept Cracker firmly rooted to the spot. ”Nice! That wasn’ so bad, was it?”

Oscar moved back closer to fiddle with the girth, although he was careful to leave the girth a few notches too big while the filly got used to the new contraption. The Morelli spoke soothing words to the young filly, who danced a little as he tightened the straps. Oscar stole a glance at Elias, managing to keep a straight face for a few moment before he broke down in laughter. ”Man, ya shoulda’ seen yer face!” Oscar chuckled ”Nah, we’re jus’ takin’ her a few laps ‘round th’ pen.”

Oscar raised an eyebrow at the Blueridge’s inquiry. ”Ain’t ya ever lead a horse ‘efore?” Oscar questioned, scratching his head. Truly, he didn’t know why he would be surprised at this. ”Jus’ pull on the lead, n’ click with yer tongue. Like this.” As the wiry haired man clicked his tongue in demonstration, the filly lifted her head in interest. As the coydog mimicked Oscar’s movements, the copper filly stepped forwards obediently. Soon enough, the trio were moving at a relaxed pace.

”Right, then,” Oscar mused outloud after a few laps, and a second tightening of the girth. ”Reckon that’s the most we shoul’ do t’day.” Cracker’s behavior under the saddle had been promising, and Oscar had hopes of riding her soon enough. The Morelli had Elias halt the filly while he set about untacking her.

”Thanks fer yer service!” Oscar remarked cheekily as he accepted the lead rope from Elias. The Blueridge seemed more than happy to hand it over, too.

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