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Hold your horses

Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:19 pm

[i][right]Between Winterwynd and Emberfen Lakes.[/right][/i]

Crassus got used to her newly found freedom quickly. She seemed happier, more bright eyed and even playful. Cairina realized just under how much stress she had put the mare by carrying her around, even putting her in odd environments, like a ship. She felt sorry for that, and pampered her mount as much as she could. However, she still enjoyed horse riding, an that morning seemed perfect for the two females to stretch their legs.

The misty grasslands of Mistfell Vale looked beautiful, out of a dream if she dared say so. She enjoyed galloping through them, feeling the humidity make her face go numb, her tongue slapping against her cheeks as the wind hit her fiercely. She was more than happy there.

Soon enough, they came across the scent of another packmate. The smells were still fresh, since they hadn't occupied the territory for too long, and individual scents were more evident. She decedided to follow it closely, taking the chance to meet more of her packmates. Even after the founding celebration, she hadn't had enough to time to talk to all of them, and this one didn't connect to any name in her mind.

Re: Hold your horses

Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:38 pm

Willow did a lot of walking in his life. As an herbalist, that meant going through woody and swampy areas looking for things to pick, pluck, and toss into a basket. He was still working through his deceased father’s book, but with the lessons Thyri had given him, his grasp of plants had grown that he was comfortable with the more common things.

There was one catch to his walk that day: it was winter and most things could not be harvested in winter. Instead, he just meandered around, learning the lay of the new place he inhabited. He hoped to grow a small private garden in his house, having picked one that may have been modestly sized but had a generous plot to garden in. It did still mean, however, that he had to figure out what was around that he could transplant when his small, small stock of seeds failed to fill up even half the real estate.

Willow was lost in thought about how on earth to go about doing the layout of his future garden that he did not hear the horses coming. It took him a good moment to notice them coming toward him, and he found himself shocked to see them. The riders were female, and he screwed up his face at the thought of horses. He had had enough of caring for horses in the Court; he was not about to deal with them after being free of the duty.

He stood against a tree, just watching them approach, trying not to look too off-putting.

Re: Hold your horses

Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:38 pm

The figure of a male made itself clear as she approached. A few yards away she unmounted, and closed the distance between her and her packmate by foot. She didn't worry about the mare, for she usually waited for her patiently. The male she had encountered was of a similar height to hers, which she found endearing. She was used to staring up to other optime-shaped luperci, and being at eye-level gave her a vague sense of familiarity, as if being short gave them something relevant in common.

"Hey, mind if I join you?" She saw him standing against a tree, so she felt positive about introducing herself. "I don't think I've talked to you before, I'm Cairina." She said, beaming with the delight brought by her previous ride. She was still panting, and her hair had been messed with by the air, so much so that when she casually passed her hand through it, it tangled around her fingers. She took a moment to try and remember the grey-spotted man. She had surely seen him during the first pack meeting, and even during Felix's feast, mere days ago. Either way, she was excited to start exchanging words with her other pack members.

Re: Hold your horses

Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:58 pm

He watched her approach and he felt that familiar bubble in his belly over strangers and meeting them. Willow was notoriously terrible at interacting with quite literally everyone that he met. He felt like a person only his family could understand, regardless of how much he mouthed off to them. With a new pack, he found himself watching his mouth far more, which brought about its own set of anxiety. He may have been far less intentionally rude, but he then had to worry about being unintentionally rude or presenting himself wrong.

He swallowed that concern, blinking at the woman that rode. She dismounted and left her horse behind her as she approached him with all the cheer that reminded him of more happy-go-lucky folk he knew. Vaguely, very vaguely, it reminded him of Serena.

Willow raised a brow at her. ”Well, we are a new pack, so not surprised.” His tone was a little callous. He noticed instantly and winced. Fingers nervously looped around his neck to the nape, running digits through the straight length of hair that rested over his shoulder. ”Sorry, yeah, no.” Lord, he was so bad at being normal. ”I am Willow.” At least that was a normal sentence for a person to say, though one out of three was still a fail.

”Have you been in the area long?” he asked, feeling the awkward words leaving his mouth, making him ready to bury that stupid head of his in six feet of sand.

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