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Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:03 pm

Hustlers shootin' eight-ball
Throwin' darts at the wall

Last minute trips were oftentimes the best ones, especially when you managed to rope in a few unwitting souls on your wild adventure. The ocean's salted breeze buffeted his hair about wildly and he sucked in deeply of its tang. The prow of the ship sliced through the water with ease and the Avalon sailed gracefully onward, and in the distances the land rose, green and vibrant.

Landfall was reached in the late afternoon. Honrin explained the route of his trip to Everett (and Kjiintora) as both stood on the deck, waiting to disembark. The river was a solid guidance that took them straight to Krokar's borders so it was easiest to follow that and keep their way.

Salvia was used to the overseas trips by now, and Honrin barely had to drug her anymore. Eve's horse... not so much. Both horses survived the journey in relative good health. The entourage was dropped of by the Avalon on its round trip. When they returned, they may have to camp at the drop off zone for a day or so to wait for its return but that was fine. Exploring new areas was always fun.

Kjintora was in awe of the boat, so much larger than the small ferry that Midnight Shores had used and she delighted in looking over the sides at the ocean as it splashed up, laughing as she was wetted by the spray of the salt water. Honrin hid his smirk as Kjintora tried out her shy attentions upon Everett, who was characteristically completely oblivious of the facts.

With firm ground beneath their feet again, they set off at a slow walk, allowing the horses a chance to recover their land legs. They walked northwards, away from the coast that the Fundy National park brushed up against. Everything was going well up until they came upon a pack's borders directly in their path,

"Well, shit. This complicates things." He spoke with a sardonic bite.

Speech. Thinking.

>>>You Are Here<<< | Honrin and Everett seek passage to follow the river north through MV - and maybe learn a bit more about the pack! [wc — ] template by hilli
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Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:06 pm

Word Count → +400 :: I'm excited for this <3

Life, or the gods themselves if such beings existed, delighted in surprising and making fools of us all. When you thought you understood the nature of something, the fates conspired against you and left you flat on your back-side. Everett felt like an example of such; Raine’s trail and the crimes he had concealed against the pack inflamed the scholar’s ire. Lost in the throes of anger and lusting for blood, he had abandoned all sense and hunted with abandon in the Dampwoods. And yet, some days later, he found himself aboard the Avalon on an adventure.

There was a pack of fisher-folk and farmers that Honrin wished to trade with. Their territory was far in the North, and easier to reach by river than other means. The pale Herdsman appeared to be enjoying himself as he leaned into the salt-laden wind and explained their course. Everett smiled as his hair was mussed by wintry air, and he savoured the experience of travel. The waves beneath were in constant motion, as the ship followed the curving landmass.

Everett felt his happiness in the situation was hampered solely by his horse. His gaze settled upon the dozing animals that were bound tightly together to prevent themselves from harm. Honrin insisted that his own steed, Artan, was accustomed to travel by boat. When the gentleman had countered that Percival was giddy at the best of times, the Wolfe-Denahli man concluded that he had a plan. He could trust in the horseman’s expertise with the creatures - it was not knowing how the pony would react once awakened that caused him to frown briefly.

The male looked upward to catch Kjintora’s gaze on him, before both canines broke contact. He noticed that the pale woman was quietly intent on catching his attention, from pointing out the glimmer of scales as fish followed the Avalon or the way she gazed at him beneath her lashes. It was also completely possible that Everett was merely interpreting her behaviour, however. It was incomprehensible why a female would want to court a freak when she had her choice of knights at home. He smiled politely at the private joke father and daughter must be sharing at his expense.

He ambled alongside Honrin and Kjintora as they departed the Avalon. Ears angled forward to detect sounds over the crunch of their feet upon frost-packed earth. Everett slowed as the scents of many canines grew stronger, and laughed at Honrin’s acerbic quip. His muzzle twitched as he inhaled the pack scent and tried to study it. “Are you familiar with some of the human’s stories of adventure?” The scholar placed a hand on his hip and wagged his tail as he continued with an impish grin, “They often feature unfriendly natives waving pointy sticks. I’m sure you understand which end of the stick they use on strangers?”

Everett chuckled as he settled into his bantering stride. “The ancients certainly believed in their permanence. Let us hope times have changed since then, hm?”

Art by Nat

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:40 pm

Sineria, who was coincidentally in the area at that time, he wasn’t very cunning in most useful areas of skill so he thought that the least he could do was keep an eye out for intruders, if there were any. So when he spotted a ship docking just outside of the territory, he grew nervous and thought,"Oh crap!" He desperately looked around in hopes that he could spot another member of his pack. However, without much knowledge of how the two were going to advance he gulped, then took a deep breath and muttered,"Okay Sineria, don't let your wits get the better of you. Just ask who they are, and why they’re here and get them to leave. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?"

As Sineria watched the two he saw the horses and his eyes grew wide and he whimpered then thought,"Oh why am I the only one around now? Please let someone else be nearby." Sineria knew that all he had to do in this situation was stall, but he didn’t know quite how to do it. Nonetheless he was also the only line of defense that he knew of in the area and that only made him even more stressed out.

So with a gulp and a deep breath, Sineria ran out into the open to confront these two uninvited guests to see why they were here. He ran up to them as they stepped off the ship and barked,"H...Hey, who are you?!" He then paused looking up them then paused in his own fear and thought,"I am so dead right now."

Word count: 276
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Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:12 pm

Word Count → 282 :: ooc

Long legs carried the girl swiftly through the Vale lands, she had been build for speed, and therefore enjoyed making use of her inborn skills. The wind whistled around her but her thudding heart rate kept the chill at bay, a North American born and bred, she was no stranger to the cold, and she knew how to deal with it. Saga didn't let herself get too distracted by the thrill of speed however, the activity served a purpose after all. The route she followed skirted the borders for a lengthy portion and she kept her eyes, ears and nose peeled for any activity. Everyone in a while she stopped to remark the borders, and to catch her breath, but her breaks were short and she remained dedicated to the task at hand.

While the borders were usually clear, today was the exception. From some way off, thanks to the direction of the wind, she caught the scent of strangers. The girl frowned severely and picked up her pace, catching the scent of another Mistwalker too. While she doubted there was any trouble, two heads were better than one. Besides Saga figured it was her job (or at least it would be) to deal with anything external. It took her little time to reach the trio, as soon as they came into sight she let out a bark. The tone of it wasn't aggressive, far from it, but it wasn't exactly welcoming either. 'This is Mistfell Vale, and more precisely', she said, follwoing on from her pack mate's shaky inquiry, 'What is your business here?' Saga pulled up along side the small male, who's name she didn't recall, and stood steadfast.

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:46 am

Hustlers shootin' eight-ball
Throwin' darts at the wall

Salvia leaned her head down to nibble at a few shoots of grass and Honrin leaned back a bit to keep his balance. Kjintora's hands gripped his sides with a squeak as she slid off before she fell off. Honrin grumbled and narrowed his eyes at the mare who was completely unconcerned, as usual

He barked out laughter at Eve's jest and Kjin looked between the two of them as if they had both taken leave of their senses, rolling her eyes. 'We can always just call and see if they will let us pass through.'

He didn't even get a chance to reply to his daughter when a small pale male darted out from the bushes and nervously addressed them. Salvia snorted and threw her head upwards. Honrin turned to shush his mare, patting her comfortingly on the neck.

Barely a few seconds later, again before he had a chance to speak another form came from the foliage. This one a female in mottled black and white, an odd coloration to be sure.

Honrin smiled, and held out his hands in a non-threatening, friendly gesture and behind him Kjintora wrapped her arms about herself, biting her lip nervously at the sudden turn in their journey.

"Uhh, hey there. I'm Honrin and this is Kjintora and Everett. We're from Casa di Cavalieri, across the water..." He waved a hand in the direction that Avalon was now sailing, growing smaller with each passing second.

"We're on our way to Krokar, to the north of here... we usually follow this river here to get to it, its the easiest way to find your way." He chuckled, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck sheepishly,

"You guys must be a new pack here... cause I was up this way just last moon and this last was unclaimed. Well.. what I'm trying to say is, is there any chance we can just pass through and follow the river northwards? We don't intend no trouble, we're just traders. We got some spirits and pelts and some other stuff.. if your pack would care to trade with us."

As far as Honrin was aware, they were not trespassing. They had stopped short of what he assumed were their borders, as thinly marked as they were, a pack in creation. He remembered fondly the claiming of Midnight Shores.

Speech. Thinking.

Whee its a partyy! | [wc — ] template by hilli

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:28 pm

Sineria paused, and although relieved that someone else came along to help, he wasn’t quite sure about his position within the pack yet. "W...well," Sineria stammered,"I...I'm not sure th...that we, o...or at least I h..have that authority, but yeah w...we're new here." Sineria then looked over at the female who just walked up to him and then back to them.

He sat down and tried to think up of a logical solution to this then he looked to back up at them and explained,"Th..the thing is we don’t w..want to have m...much conflict w..with other packs. we don’t or g...go against other packs as a result, or at least try by that logic."

He then looked from one to the other and then his ears perked up and he barked,"Oh I have an idea!" He then paused and blushed out of his sudden uncharacteristic outburst then he looked back up at them and asked,"P..Perhaps we c..can reach a c....compromise?"

Sineria then looked to the female again, and hoped she would be on blared with this then back up at them and he stated,"W..well we c...can’t r...really let you j....just pass through, how about w...we escort you through the t..territory, and vouch for you if anyone a..asks?"

Word count: 244

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:52 pm

Word Count → +300 ::

Kjintora did not appreciate his joke, as she exchanged a sharp-eyed looks between Everett and her father. His smile only widened when she responded with exasperation. Sounds of movement from the thick brush drew the group’s attention towards a pale wolf. The scholar perked his ears forward as he watched the newcomer bound towards them. The wolf moved with agitated energy, and his words lacked the confidence he tried to feign.

Another canine appeared from the frost-touched brush, this time a female. Her tone and gait was authoritative in comparison to the arctic wolf she settled alongside. Either she held more sway within the pack they belonged to, or possessed more daring than her packmate. Her pelt was unique, and truly stunning. In different circumstances, Everett could envision the woman as a muse for a painting or similiar creative piece. He could, if the idea did not sound ridiculous outside of his mind. Aesthetically pleasing she may be, but the two were practically strangers at this point.

She echoed the wolf’s question and confirmed that they walked in the lands of a pack called Mistfell Vale. This was news to him, as he raised a brow and decided to tuck that scrap of information away for now. Honrin was the first to engage the strangers, whilst Everett noticed with interest that his daughter held back. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” The scholar nodded as he was introduced and smiled. He left the Herdsman to answer the canines’ questions as his gaze drifted upon Kjintora. “Are you alright?” His tone was hushed so that only they would hear.

Honrin mentioned that he had been in this area recently, when the lands had been unoccupied. Everett tilted his head to one side as he waited for a natural lull in the other’s speech. He fussed with one sleeve as he mentally prepared what he was going to say, and wagged his tail as he spoke. “I wish to congratulate you on the forming of a new pack. Might we perhaps have the honour of your names?”

Art by Nat

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:23 pm

Word Count → 236 :: ooc

Yellow green eyes bore into the white male, sizing him up. He, Honrin, was of an average height, but, like Saga herself, was well muscled. His coat was unmarred by any other shade, but his face was horrifically scared. A pair of golden eyes looked back at her, what was it with the pairing of gold eyes and white pelts. The dappled girl listened to what he had to say, traders trying to get up the river. Harmless enough. 'It's not unclaimed anymore, pass the information along will you?' as bluntly as it was put, it was said with an air of casualness, a genuine request to spread the word.

The girl turned to Sineria and considered the timid male of a moment, 'We'll escort them' came her simple decision. Granted, she was in no position to make such a decision, and she was wary of that. 'I'll call out, so everyone knows what's happening'. She considered this to be the safest and most convenient arrangement, and so she threw her head back and howled out her intentions.

The other male spoke now. He was pale, blue eyed and strangely built. In between a man and a woman. And he possessed a pale nose, something the girl hadn't witnessed before in person. The girl's gaze lingered over him, quietly fascinated, as he offered up a hand of congratulation to the Mistwalkers. 'Thanks,' she replied, 'I'm Saga'.

Re: Captain Peacock & Mrs Slowcombe

Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:30 pm

Sineria looked up at them as well and responded,"S...Sineria, h...honestly this w....wasn’t b...bad as f...feared it would be, e...emcounter-wise." Sineria then looked over to Saga and nodded and told her,"I...I’m tread b....behind and c...closer to these g...guys then." Sineria then looked back up at them and said,"I...I'll follow behind two, c...can’t be t...too careful no offense towards you two.”

Sineria then leaned over and whispered in Saga's ear,"Thank you,” then he sat down where he was and looked back up at the two optime canines and smiled nervously then spoke in an awkward manner,"Y...yeah, w....we're k...kind of disorganized far as r...ranks and abilities of th...the ranks, we k....kind of h...have to m...make due w....with what we know, heh." Sineria then looked to Saga and back to them feeling a bit nervous about this entire situation at the moment, so he took deep breaths in order to calm himself before he replied,", wh....when are w...we going head out? I...I uh assume th....that we'd have to go through W...Winterwynd i...if we’re f...following the river, so...."

Word count: 230
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