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In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:23 pm

Into the woods he wandered, eager to get something done beyond the borders of Salsola. Since he and Kamari were on more pleasant terms since the Supper, he was in a good mood for all that life was no easier as a Revlis than a Heiwa. It was like it got harder, honestly. There were more eyes on him, some of them far more unkind than others. Some had pity. Some were envy. Some just burned with hatred with unknown origins. Thankfully, Krios was a young man who had no cares to give people he had no cares already.

Into the wilds of a land still gripped by a dying winter, the man was disguised with earthy scents, to keep the prey from catching any good whiff of who he was. It was easier that way, so that even upwind, they would only smell something oddly strong and potent, but nothing that would spark flight. It was like cheating, and Krios found it amusing.

Armed with bow and many arrows, he held onto the precious dragonhead weapon like a child. He worried that it would be stolen if he did not keep it with him that he often kept it close by at night. It joined him hunting and he utilized it with all the joy that he could not that he was free to do so publically.

In the dark of trees, of the woods, he was upwind and smelling of minty pine when he saw and heard the creature wandering through the shadows. Elation filled him instantly as he sidled up to a tree and aimed around it carefully. It was hard to tell what it was, but it seemed large and lumbering to the lithe man. Drawing back, he shot his arrow at it, already reloading and slinking forward toward what he assumed to be prey.


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Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:57 pm

[WC] 340
[OOC] Arlen's in Secui.

Round and around the boy quarreled with himself, Arlene at his side. For the past three days, they'd been "travelling" as Arlen had told his father. In reality, he was running away again. This time, he wasn't running away from something done to him, but rather the reverse. He was finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that he'd been wrong, oh so very, very wrong.

And while that was often the case, it wasn't quite so often the case that he falsely accused someone of theft before harassing them in a library. Not his best moment.

It also didn't help that he'd run from the room in tears because the boy looked so much like his father. Too much. There was no way that some of that hatred and malice hadn't been passed down to Rumpa. Arlen had seen it in his eyes. The boy was trouble. Arlen wasn't the only one who'd seen it either. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

Shaking his head, Arlen sank his head low to the ground, sniffing deeply at the dirt. The smell of fresh rain, melting snow, earth, and squirrels rose up to meet him. There was just something about returning to his feral roots that eased his mind. It was as if once he returned to four legs and naked-ness, so many of his problems dissolved.

The russet wolf sighed, trotting forward on three legs with the fourth, highly scarred one lifted above the ground. He couldn't stalk and track quite as stealthily as he once could and the Cavalier winced at the noise he made while travelling. His mother would be so disappointed in him.

The man's internal conflict was cut short by shooting pain blossoming from his shoulder. His teeth gritted in pain, but he was careful to keep his growl low and quiet at the sight of an arrow protruding from the wound. Lips curled in a snarl, he turned his body to face his attacker. Whoever it was would regret it.

Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:28 pm

There was no sound of an animal's cry and that made him confused. A deer would have bugled or something in protest to pain, or made a noise. Instead, it was silent, more like a faded grunt in the distance. Krios clutched at his dragon-head bow. His brows furrowed as he drew in a deep smell and found that he did not smell any sort of prey on the wind. No telltale fear aroma, nothing of the sort. He hit something else entirely, but it was no bear; even a bear would have roared at him.

The hell did he hit then?

Krios moved from tree to tree, realizing as he approached that it was another wolf. His shoulders slumped but he still had his bow ready, an arrow nocked and ready to go. Frowns were etched deeply into his maw as he rounded a final tree and stood, glaring at the man who stood nearby - though within range of an arrow, not quite so in rage of any snapping teeth.

"Who are you and why are you wandering like a thief?" he yelled out toward him, glaring at him as though it were his fault that an arrow landed in the stranger and not into a tasty, tasty deer. Krios would have rather preferred it to be a tasty, tasty deer. He could not really kill and dress a fellow canine without feeling like a cannibal. "You are not a deer," he added, anger creeping into his voice.


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Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Mon May 21, 2018 11:09 pm

[WC] 229

Arlen barely registered the voice that called out to him from the thicket. It was hard to hear it over his own deep throated growl. Arlene, the long-haired cow behind him, finally realized that there may be a bit of danger in this area. With a high-pitched moo, she trotted off with a start only to stop a few yards away. Yes, this would be safe enough.

”Of course I’m not a deer! And you’re clearly not much of a hunter if you can’t tell that much.” The Cavalieri prince had already felt enough pain in his lifetime that he was able to keep his wits about him even as his leg felt aflame. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he was already crippled in one leg, he just had to get shot in another!

Trying not to wince with the motion, Arlen stepped forward with a lift of his chin. His attacker was a boy, nothing more. No Knight son should ever show fear before a foe so meek as him. Though his brown nose twitched and sniffed at the foreign smells, Len just couldn’t place any of it. Must be some poor loner out looking for an easy meal. In his arrogance, he didn’t take in the fineness of the boy’s bow or the well-fed luster in his coat.

Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Wed May 23, 2018 7:54 pm

Krios puffed up, feeling the anger surging well past the concern for the stranger. He was a stranger, after all, and so not a real problem. He had no attachment to outsiders, not the way his father seemingly had. He eyed the creature that followed after him, for some reason, and was entirely confused by the situation. Why on earth was he toting an animal in the woods unattended? Was he some kind of raging idiot?

"Excuse me, I'm not the one skulking like a massive moron. I could have so easily shot you in the face or heart or something, and you would have been far deader than you are!" he hollered, glaring at the cow and then at the man with his arrow protruding from him. His voice was a deepening growl, and even Krios was surprised by the fact that he was aging into his manhood. Over a year, nearly old enough to actually have children, and he was just realizing that he sounded like a man, if a young man at that.

The stranger stepped toward him, and Krios stepped back, glaring. There was the smell of pack on him, but Krios did not know from where. "You're far from your pack, stranger," he warned with a growl, lying through his teeth. He did not know for sure if the man was from a pack or a group, but he hoped his bold bluff worked.


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Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:11 pm


OOC text

Len's dark rimmed ears twitched at the word "skulking". That's exactly what his sister would have called it, and he didn't appreciate the call out from a whiny little nobody with a bow out in the woods. For all this jackrabbit knows, I could be on a very important trading mission. Might as well play on his ignorance I suppose.

Deepening his voice, he puffed out his chest and darkened his facial expression. "I see you know very little about the ramifications of killing a Cavalieri prince on official trading business, boy."

Pepper in a little truth with your lies, and voila, you have a masterpiece. Arlen's step forward was met by a shaky step backwards and a hastily spewed attempt at a threat. The Stryder man didn't have to fake a sneer. "Yet still close enough for word to travel."

It didn't matter if his kin didn't find his body. He knew that they would look for him soon enough if they hadn't gone searching for the wayward prince already. If no one else, Damon would come after him. The dark man had always come after his friend. "And a loner is soft prey for my people."

Arlen was blinded by his static comfort and wounded pride. He forgot that there were many packs out there that were greater in strength and number than Casa di Cavalieri and that he was not wise to all their members and scents and running grounds. Despite having a large amount of age on the boy before him, he was still like him yet. He was immature and quick to anger. He would one day find that that anger would surely be his downfall.

Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:31 pm

Krios had to scoff at the man openly, that voice deeper than he had expected and far more concerning than he had initially thought. He raised his brow at the man, wondering how much of his words were true and how much of it was a lie. He smelled of other wolves, so he was clearly from a pack, Casa or not. Odds were that he was from that pack, but Krios had some serious doubts that he was a prince or on some sort of a trading mission. Officials did not travel alone or lightly, especially if they were out to trade. He could taste the lie, but he was born of the place where untruths were bred in the womb.

"Unfortunately for you, I'm not an idiot loner nor am I the one far from home." The young male sneered at Arlen, knowing that there was no actual lie in his own words. Every dropped syllable was made of honesty, which gave his tone confidence as unshakable as a boulder. He was a youth that would be cocky until his last breath, whenever that would be.

He did not let the irritation show on his face over being called a boy. Krios was not a child, not anymore. He had survived a war, fought coyotes, and became someone of value. He had experience aplenty and there was no denying the fact that there was no childhood left for him. Not with a betrothed, a rank he climbed toward, and a weapon as deadly as any other in his hand.

"You ought to think of better tales to tell. Where are your trading goods if it's so official? Or are you on a different sort of official mission?" His fingers tightened on his bow. His teeth flashed in the darkness, his fingers itching to pull back the drawstring and smash another arrow into the man, into his face. His stupid, chattering, lying face.

"My blood is far more blue than yours, anyway. Now explain why a Cavalieri is so close to a very dangerous pack?" He did not even know how the two packs stood against one another. Likely as not, there was no love between them for Salsola only loved itself. Once it had tied itself to Inferni, and that ended with them at war and several dead canines. Alliances were for the weak, for the exploitable. "And I suggest you give an explanation and leave. There are plenty more scouts to come for you besides me," he added, laughing for good measure.


Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:13 pm

WC: 359

Oh, ho, ho. So perhaps there was more to this boy than there seemed. Arlen's breathing became imperceptibly deeper in an attempt to sniff out just where this boy was from without giving away his intentions. Try as he might, he just couldn't place it. It piqued his interest more than he cared to admit and he wondered somewhere in the back of his head if maybe he could do it too.

"I don't tell tales," he blatantly lied. Arlen was probably one of the single least honest Cavaliers in the entire pack. He'd spent his whole life making up stories and falsehoods in his attempts at trickery and deception. They were all meant for fun, but he was well versed in this particular art.

Arrogantly, he jerked his head back towards the docile cow behind him. "Some goods breathe, kid, and I'd like to keep it that way."

Despite his own personal fondness for Arlene, she was far more valuable in a monetary sense than Len usually liked to think about. However, with her life on the line as well as his, he had to schmooze for all she was worth. "How many heifers built like her have you seen in your life? She's good for wool, milk, calves, and meat when she's done having her calves. She's a more valuable 'good' than you realize."

With Arlene hopefully safe, now he could worry about his own life. He just had to prove that he was just as valuable, if not moreso, than her. He chuckled darkly at Salsolan, rolling his eyes at the boy's ignorance. There was only one way to get to Sapient and Krokar. "Uhh, how else am I supposed to get to any of the packs not on the peninsula?"

Arlen shrugged humorlessly, finally giving the boy what he wanted. "Sure, I'll keep heading out as planned. With an arrow in me. But, uh, just so you don't freak out when you smell me again in a few days, don't forget: there's only one way back, too."

And hopefully, that would be the last encounter the two princes ever had with one another ever again.

Re: In empty shadows we chased our dreams

Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:32 pm


He had forgotten a bit about the animal but he managed to give it a cursory glance with a sniffle. Still, how foolish was he to go alone with a pack animal companion if it were so valuable? It seemed foolhardy. Salsolans did not often go trading alone, taking company with them for security. Smart business sense and planning, which seemed like the opposite situation Arlen found himself in.

I’ve seen better, he said lightly, a very clear lie because he never dealt with the type before. Salsola did not have bovines, preferring the horses that ran feral outside their claim and hunting deer. Rabbits and such were their preferred animals. At least, he thought; there was very little he’d ever done with the domesticated creatures.

Take a wider berth next time because whoever finds you then won’t pass up such easy prey as a lumbering heifer and a half-crippled man. But the stranger agreed to leave, which was exactly as Krios intended. A long, drawn-out fight was never going to be his forte and he did not want to be forced to draw Arlen to the borders so someone else could handle the threat. Too much shame.

He sneered, mentally noting to tell someone important that it was a good route to ambush strangers if they were feeling cocky. He waved his hands, dismissing the man as he himself took steps backward into the bush, eyes narrowing. He would watch the man leave and only truly return home afterward.

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