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Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:28 pm

Baelish hated the rain. No, it wasn’t the rain, it was what the rain did. What had been sunny and beautiful and dry the day before was now damp and muddy and disgusting. The young D’Angelo had finished his roof just in time it seemed, and while it wasn't perfect, and he had to fix a couple leaks here and there, it had saved him from having to venture out into the drizzle for the most part.

His little home was starting to come together; he had a chair to sit on, a little fire going in the ancient but still usable stove, and a cup of spruce tea; he was content. Through the stained and cracked window he watched as the rain fell, the soft pitter-patter of it on his roof was mesmerizing. In his mind, he was going over just what he was going to do after the rain cleared, but for now he was just happy he didn’t have to go out into it.

Unfortunately, his reverie was short lived, as suddenly there was a wet crack and a large hole in his roof opened up, and a damp mess of hay and pine boughs fell in, Ah! he cried, and got up to investigate what had happened.

He looked up at the sizable hole and saw that the rotten beams had caved in under the weight of the wet roof; he growled in frustration; he thought he had shored up those beams. Now he had to go outside, and back up on the roof to fix it. With a heavy sigh, he headed out, and immediately stepped in an ankle deep puddle, dirtying both his feet and his pants.

Turning his red gaze up into the falling sky, he spread his arms dramatically, Why me? he asked miserably.

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Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:56 pm

Jura was thoroughly soaked. Not only had she had a fairly fruitless day of foraging, but the rain had scared away any chance of an easy meal. All other creatures seemed to be hiding from the downpour which didn't seem inclined to stop anytime soon. The only advantage to the soggy weather would be the plants that grew afterwards, but thought of delicious berries did little to brighten the female's current mood.

After making the short journey back to Winterwynd, Jura trudged through the muddy streets with her arms crossed over her chest to try and retain some heat. On the snowy female's hip balanced her largest pot, full almost to the brim with pine sap. It was in danger of tipping over the edge but Jura was past the point of caring, she just wanted to get into her nice dry house. She'd collected it with the intention of waterproofing her potting shed but it was a bit late for that.

When her aforementioned nice dry house was almost in sight, a sorrowful moan caught her attention. A house previously thought to be uninhabited was to her left and through the window the glow of a faint flame could be seen. It was most likely faint to due the half-collapsed roof, which seemed recent from the muddy male's exclamation. She had not seen this newcomer before, although e smelled of the pack and lived not too far from herself, it seemed. He wore a long cloak and more clothing underneath, a stark contrast to Jura who rarely wore more than her completely colourless fur.

Although she was soaked, and freezing, and miserable, Jura shook her head with a sigh and began to splash over to the male. She'd feel horrible if he had to go back to a flooded house while she returned to her mostly dry farmhouse.

"Hey! You needing any help with that roof of yours?" she called out as she approached. If they could gather enough material to cover the hole well enough, her sap was sure to seal it.

Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:11 pm

To protect his cloak, Baelish was quick to disrobe; he immediately regretted that. He was very particular when it came to his clothes, liking to keep them clean and presentable, but it was much colder than he expected. He shook himself as best he could and fluffed his fur to try and keep as warm as possible.

There was still some hay and cut boughs left outside his home; both soaked now, but he would make due. He went to go gather some under his arm when a feminine voice caught his ears through the rain. He turned to see an unknown woman; she had a pot against her hip but was naked otherwise; she was soaked, and her feet and legs muddy from walking, but anyone could easily see that had she been dry, she would be a beauty.

Once again, Bae was struck dumb; how many white females were there in this pack? He was doomed to grovel forever, he already knew it.

Unlike Calia, this girl was more wolfish, and closer to his age. Her eyes were golden like honey, and despite the dirtying of her fur, she was beautiful.

Suddenly aware that he been staring silently, he shook his head, sending droplets flying, Oh! He finally comprehended what she had said, I could never ask someone as beautiful as you to dirty their hands with manual labor. His statement sounded extremely genuine and gentlemanly. However, as he hoisted himself onto a small rock retaining wall that would allow him to access the roof, he reconsidered; perhaps he could have her stick around and help; he’d love the company, especially of a beautiful white woman. If you’d like though, maybe hand me up some branches if I need them? He asked with a soft smile, blinking some rain water from his eyes.


Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:43 pm

The male chucked off his robe, she guessed to keep it as clean as he could. Sensible, she thought,=. She didn't know much about caring for garment but she would bet that it could be quite a pain to get mud-stains out. The most adornment Jura ever went for was to have her thick mane pulled back into a braid. She hadn't bothered in a while but maybe she could start learning the intricate knots again.

When the greyscale male noticed her, his fiery eyes seemed to stick for a moment. Then another one. Jura quirked her brow and then came to a stop, shifting one arm so that her hand rested on the full pot. Now that she was closer, she could tell the male was younger than most in the pack, perhaps around Saga's age she'd say.

When he finally came to his senses. Jura's jaw almost dropped at what he said. Despite her shivering body, a raging blush rushed to her cheeks. She'd never had someone describe her like that before, and when the male turned to scale up the side of his house, Jura let herself cringe. What was she supposed to say to that?! He'd seemed sincere but... Aaah! Jura barely restrained from flailing and was more than thankful when he changed his mind and asked her to pass him up some beams.

Eyes remaining wide, the alabaster female walked to where the sodden wood sat and removed the pot of sap. As she put it down gently by the side of the house, she grabbed a beam with both hands and fulled it upright until it was within easy reach of the unfortunate homeowner.

"It's no bother. I have some pine sap down here that you could use to seal of waterproof whatever we manage to patch up if you'd like? It'd do much more good on this wolfdog's house then her shed. "I'm Jura by the way, she added, words clipped from the effort of holding the wood high.

Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:55 pm

His words seemed to have their intended effect, and he could not help but smile internally at her apparent surprise; he would have smiled in the real, but this damn rain was putting him out of his element. She was quick to offer a hand, setting down her pot and handing him a branch. She introduced herself as Jura, and he took a moment to grab her paw softly as she handed him the bough, A pleasure, Jura. My name is Baelish. He then took the branch and wove it into the hole.

She revealed that the pot was full of pine-sap and his eyes widened, and he looked down at it with interest, Really? That’s quite a lot you’ve gathered. I don’t think it will help here, but I could use some for future endeavors. Sap was always needed; it was what he could use to create pitch from, which could create a watertight seal on any container, or even be turned into a propellant for weapons or torches. All these things he had learned from eavesdropping on traders and merchants in Portland; he was very perceptive, and always learning, always listening.

In between Jura handing him boughs, he stuffed damp hay where needed. Slowly but surely the roof’s gaping wound was closed until finally he was satisfied. In a show of strength and bravado, Baelish hopped of the roof and made to land in front of Jura gracefully; instead, right into the puddle again, splashing both himself and her, OH! I’m so sorry! He said, Please, let me help freshen you up, I have clean water in my home, and tea! Do you like tea? He found himself blubbering, both embarrassed and excited to have the attention of the female. Now that he was closer to her, he could tell that she was very much a wolf, he did not see any other breed in her; what a rarity. It made her all the more beautiful to him; his heart fluttered.


Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:23 pm

The job was finished quickly, both to Jura's relief and disappointment. She was a pretty solitary creature so this encounter, although slightly embarrassing, was a welcome distraction to her daily monotony of foraging, hunting, patrolling and cooking. She'd blushed even harder than before when the male had taken her paw gently and introduced himself. She'd never met someone who so earnestly doled out compliments to her of all people. Well, she was helping him patch up his roof in the middle of a rainstorm so it had to account for some of it.

He seemed pleased at her offer of sap, although it seemed useless in this case. If it was useful she would decant some into a container for him to use. It was true that she had gathered a lot, but when she'd tapped the tree the sap just didn't seem to stop gushing out and she'd been forced to haul it all home lest she waste any.

Baelish jumped down from where he'd been mending and it seemed Jura saw the puddle where he would land before he did. Before she could move, mud was splattered all up her front and all up the male's too. Immediately Baelish started apologising, stumbling over his words in order to make up for the mess. All Jura could do was laugh. Well, she was already muddy, more mud wouldn't do any harm. It was worth it just to see the sweet embarrassment on the male's face. Any awkwardness she'd felt before was gone and Jura managed to stop her laugh before answering the poor male. "I think tea would be a good beginning to earning my forgiveness," she said, her kind smile showing that she was joking and that the male was already forgiven. "I spied a fire in there earlier, did I not? Lemme just grab my pot." The less than snowy female turned and grabbed the sap then moved back to the male's side to follow him inside his house.

Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:38 pm

Her sweet laughter seemed to knock some sense into him, and suddenly, everything became all too real. What was he doing? He was usually poised, calm, prepared for anything and anyone. But here he was, dripping and muddy and completely flabbergasted that this woman would want to come inside his home. He panicked slightly; was it clean in there? Of course it was, he was meticulous. But he didn’t have much in the ways of comfort, he hadn’t had the chance yet to fill the place with pleasant homey things. He’d have to wing it and prove to her that he wasn’t a complete idiot like he was making himself out to be.

Trying to compose himself, Baelish shook himself best he could before swinging open the metal front door to allow her entrance. Inside was dry (save for the spot that had been under the hole; luckily nowhere close to the fire) and clean; it smelled of the pine tea still steeping in an old teapot on top of the stove, which smoldered and added a lovely glow to the room. Baelish tried to look at it through her eyes, and decided that it wasn’t half bad, at least a great improvement from the nastiness of outside.

He offered her a seat, and then fetched one of the old cups from a cupboard. He had been happy to find after he had cleared out this home that there were still some usable objects left over from the time of humans; he had made sure to clean up all these items to make them the most presentable.

Baelish poured the steaming spruce tea into the cup and offered it to her, Give me a just a moment. he then retreated into the small bedroom off the living space.

As quickly as he could, Baelish tried to freshen himself up, raking his claws through his wet mane and brushing off as much of the mud from himself as possible. He then grabbed a wash basin (one of the lucky items he had found here) and some linens (he knew they would be ruined with what he was planning on doing, but he could always scavenge for more).

Returning to the main room, Baelish went to old metal sink in the kitchen in which sat a pitcher, and poured water from it into the basin, Thank you for helping me. He said, the flustered lilt of his voice gone and replaced once again with his smooth confident tone, You’re the first visitor I’ve had to my home; had I known I would have prepared more… I hope you can forgive me.


Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:25 pm

Jura quickly followed Baelish to the door, eager to get out of the miserable weather. She nodded her thanks when she held open the door for her and when she passed over the threshold she was pleasantly surprised. The male's home was tidy and pretty. He had some furniture inside and a good fire going. Over the fire sat the teapot, which she presumed held the pine tea she could smell. Oh goodness it had been an age since she'd had pine tea, at least a full year. Her mother used to make it in the dead of winter when not much else would warm them up.

The female took the proferred seat with a smile and sighed once she sat down, putting the pot down to the side. She felt a bit guilty about getting the seat wet and muddy but, well, he had offered. She hadn't sat down since that morning and with the evening encroaching she was definitely due a rest. The cook's goldenrod gaze followed the male as he blustered around the room, retrieving a cup from the kitchen and filling it up with the homely smelling tea. She took it from him gratefully, patting his paw as she thanked him. Baelish then disappeared again into what she assumed was the bedroom and she heard him move around for a few minutes.

Jura took the time to look around a bit more. His kitchen was in good nick, much better than hers had been when she'd found it. Although most work areas in her kitchen were intact, much of the cupboards had rotted away along with what had been inside. It had been disappointing to say the least. A chef without anything to serve her food in was a bit of a hindrance. Jura tugged at her unruly mane with her fingers, now that they were again pliant from the warm cup. Baelish had mentioned getting her something to clean up with but she didn't want to trouble the male anymore, although she appreciated the tea, she thought while sipping cautiously at the hot liquid.

Soon enough Baelish returned with an empty basin and some clean cloth. She again quirked a brow and sipped again at the tea. as he filled it up with water from a pitcher Jura again watched intently. She didn't mean for the male to go to so much trouble over mud. The male spoke again, Jura hearing him much more clearly now that the rain wasn't muffling them both. His voice held a slight accent which she couldn't place. He thanked her for the help and Jura quickly shook her head to dismiss it. She couldn't in good conscience have left him to deal with his roof alone. He continued, asking for forgiveness for his house as of it wasn't as pristine as could be, considering his roof caved in the same day. Jura rolled her eyes playfully.

"There's nothing to forgive, Baelish. Your home is lovely, thanks for inviting me in, and for the tea." she said, lifting her mug slightly towards him. "How long have you been in Mistfell Vale for? This is the first time I've seen you. Funny how it just happened to be when your roof gave up."

Re: Spilled Milk

Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:13 pm

She was very kind and quick to forgive, and Baelish gave her a bright smile. At her asking him how long he’d been there, he pulled up another little seat (it was a milking stool, but it would do) and set the basin near her feet, Only a week now, I suppose. I haven’t had the chance to go meet everyone yet, though I have had a few visitors inquire. Two other females, Posey and Cairina, had ventured by his house while he had still been doing the initial clean up. Both were lovely women; it was funny he had yet to meet another male.

Baelish reached over to pluck the teapot from on top the stove, and poured the remainder of the hot tea into the basin to mix with the clean water. Pine needles floated to the top, adding their wonderful citrus aroma to the air. He then placed the strips of linen into the now lukewarm water and let them soak for a minute, I am Saga D’Angelo’s brother, if you were wondering. I came from the Outpost in Portland looking for her. What a surprise it was to find that not only she but also my brother had ended up here; it was a stroke of luck. Baelish picked up one of the linens and rang it out over the basin before reaching a paw towards one of Jura's muddy ankles, May I? He asked, of course wanting permission to touch her. They had just met after all.

Baelish wondered to himself if he should be careful here. Of course, he was a young male, and would take any chance to seduce a woman under normal circumstances, even though he was not as experienced in romance he would some day be. While Jura was young, she was still older than him, it only having been less than two month's time since his first shift. But Baelish, despite his jester's nature, had always been mature when it came to women. But, he had just arrived here, and did not yet know the customs... he would have to tread lightly and take care to read her queues.


Re: Spilled Milk

Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:31 pm

Baelish joined her, picking a small stool to perch upon and scooched nearer with his basin beside her muddy paws on the floor. He informed her he'd only been in the Vale for a week. That explained how she hadn't met him before today, although she felt a bit guilty not having noticed at all. She usually prided herself on being fairly observant but Baelish had passed right under her radar.

Jura watched with curious eyes as the male reached for the teapot, expecting him to pour himself a cup or perhaps refill her still almost-full cup. She opened her mouse to refuse more politely but stopped when he instead poured the whole pot into the basin below them. It was definitely purposeful, she thought. Her thought was confirmed as he put the cloth he'd brought out in to soak up the steamy pine water.

Before she could ask what he was doing, Baelish explained a bit more. At the mention of being Saga's brother it all clicked into place. They were a little alike in looks, and age. She'd never directly asked Saga what age she was, but she knew that the dappled female had only just shifted for the first time. She look over at the similarly coloured male who had now stooped to grab and wrong out one of the washcloths. when Baelish asked for permission to touch her mud-caked ankle. Jura debated. She was still feeling her blush from his charms before, and although this was innocent she knew that the male was much younger than herself. The white female quirked her brow and replied.

"Of course." she said, shifting her ankle towards him slightly " Saga was the one who brought me to Mistfell Vale actually. She's a sweet kid and works hard. I haven't met your brother though," If Jura had put a slight emphasis on the "kid" part of her sentence, well only they needed to know.
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