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Janik had all but forgot why he'd gone to the bar at all, to relax with his wife, and of course that they were in public, with eyes watching the bickering go back and forth between him and the other man. They'd not resorted to blows yet, but the verbal back and forth was no less aggressive, venom creeping into Janik's tone, and his piercing gaze directed at the other male. He distantly felt his wife's nails digging into his flesh, distracting him for a moment, but not enough to completely steal his attention away from the childish back and forth.

A sudden slam of palms against the table broke that cycle of invective between the two, Janik's eyes going wide at the unexpected sound, and his attention finally given fully to the woman. The sting of having his behavior compared to their children worse than her nails had given, his own ears flattening at the sudden outburst from his wife. Part of the man almost instinctively wanted to contest that he was at fault, that it was in fact the stranger's doing, but Janik was at least wise enough to keep those thoughts to himself.

There was an exchange that ended with a letter being passed to Ondine, the spark that had caused the night's drama, but no time was wasted on actually reading it. With nearly as much suddenness as her palms colliding with the table, Janik found himself being beckoned to leave, and he paused for a moment, mouth opening as though to speak. In the end, he didn't protest, mouth going back closed before starting toward the exit. When he stole one last glance at the stranger, it was with narrowed eyes, but his expression slowly became apologetic once outside. It was a relief that the walk back would only be the two of them, but a bittersweet relief as it sunk in that the night had been ruined, his own contribution to that not small.

”Sorry Ondine... I'll make this up to you.” Janik offered his apology nearly as soon as he was certain they were out of earshot. A sincerity to his voice, and in his eyes as he looked at his wife, ears still pinned for a moment or two.
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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

She was upset by everything that had happened that night. It was a disastrous monstrosity of a night and she could feel a headache threatening to pound against her temple as she stormed out, knowing rather than seeing her husband follow. While not prone to them as her brother and sister seemed to be, they still gave her a mighty fine rough time whenever they popped up. Considering who her children were and what her bloodline was, it was hardly surprising that she was often times stressed out enough.

The letter sat against the Seer’s chest in a way that was a constant reminder of its presence. Whatever was said in the letter would need to be devoured when her head calmed down and she could address her mother in an equally serene way. There was no reason to lash out before she knew what actually happened.

Janik’s apologetic tone came up behind her after they had made a bit of distance away from the bar. The bustling noise was gone, replaced by the sounds of nature and stillness. It was odd that stillness had a sound, for one would expect it to be silence, but it was just not true. The wind blew, it rustled, and their steps crunched on dried grass, pavement, and gravel.

Ondine’s gut reaction was to turn about and give her mate a well-earned talking to, but she just sighed. A hand massaged her head as she kept walking, wondering what on earth had caused Janik to react so damn possessively and jealously. It was not something she had accounted for, ever, considering how prolific her own mother had been and how seemingly smooth Isabella’s mateship with Lillith had been.

"It is what it is, Janik. There’s no point in making it up to me." Though she had wanted it to go well, she did not know what on earth the man could do to salvage the night. "We’ll figure something out," she added finally, throwing a smile his way and offering him her hand for the short walk back home.

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