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The woman did not try to help steady him, though he thought she would have liked to. A small part of him even wished that she had, though the rest would fervently deny it. He felt the entire force of the atmosphere pressing down upon him. Cackle's weight did little to ease this, but he felt reassured by the bird's closeness.

It was a silly, sentimental thing, the comfort he took in their partnership. Sentimentality would get him killed. He had thought of the city as like a wilderness; a crumbling metal maze with hard cracked streets. The rusted steel towers that had peered down at him indifferently. They would be there when all else crumbled—he perceived this intrinsically. His life was fleeting and meaningless in comparison.

But this was the true wilderness. Obscure, multi-faceted, a familiar stranger. He saw himself in it, and in this way he knew how to navigate its waters. But the sea in which he now found himself was especially treacherous. He could now allow siren songs to lure him. He'd broken his body upon the rocks before.

But what choice did he have? Doubt closed in from all sides. He searched the stranger's face, seeking some sort of confirmation—anything that would undermine his burgeoning trust in her.

She gave him nothing, only a flash of a smile. He glowered at the pity he found there, but by then she had turned. Lorkan watched closely as she bent to retrieve his satchel and then hung it from the protrusion on her beast's saddle. With the bag now out of his ambit, he felt terribly exposed, even more so than he had before. The precariousness of his current situation had began to sink in fully. He had thought that he could fend her off in the case that they came to blows. He had no such illusions now.

She urged her mount forward, and him as well. Asked again that he be willing to accept her help. This prompted another crooked smile, broader this time. Dismissive and teasing at once, it marked a grudging change in him. Lorkan could not see what laid in her heart, but he detected no malice from her. If she intended to harm him, she would have done so already; finally he had to accept this. So he plodded after her, quavering and stiff-legged, but firm in his resolve.

After a short time, though he swore it stretched an eternity, the stream came into view. Stumbling, he approached the bank, falling to his knees upon the damp earth. The impact shot a fierce pain lancing through his body and dislodged his feathered companion, who squawked in indignation and took to the air. Uncaring, he cupped water in one trembling palm and drank it greedily.

When he'd had his fill, and regained some measure of self-awareness, disgust rose up from his stomach like bile. What a wretched thing he'd become. So often did he play at dignity... and so often did he lose it.

He tensed reflexively when he heard the woman coming up behind him, but the suspense quickly subsided. It was not so much a contextual reaction as an instinctual one—an age old fear that bade him not to sit with his back to a door. Once again, he removed his hand from the wound site to allow her a better measure of visibility.

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Feel free to PP her cleaning/washing the wound site! :3

He seemed more willing to accept, or, at least, more receptive to her offered help this time around, giving her something other than a suspicious scowl or glare. It was a promising improvement, and she hoped that he would be more compliant when it came to her trying to patch him up. After all, it would be rather hard to aide him if he was any more resistant to her touch and help than he already had proven to be. She hoped that he would come to such a conclusion, that being cooperative would rid him of her sooner, by the time they reached the stream.

After ensuring that the male was in no apparent danger of falling back down to his knees, Asura guided them to the body of water at a slow and shambling pace, one that would likely be the easiest for the man to upkeep. She looked back occasionally, making sure that he was still following her and that he hadn’t collapsed. Thankfully, she had Muddy to haul him if he were to do the latter.

They reached the stream with little issue, though, at the sight of it, the man seemed to gain a second wind. He rushed—stumbled—ahead of her before harshly kneeling before the softly babbling stream. He drank as if he hadn’t consumed water in quite some time. Dehydrated, probably, she quietly mused as she pulled her stallion over to the side and removed the stranger’s bag from Muddy’s saddle. “Don’t drink too much too fast, or else you’ll throw it all back up,” she advised at his back. She placed the man’s satchel down against a thick root, hoping that putting the item down in a more neutral area might help him trust her more.

Asura shifted then to one of Muddy’s saddlebags, fishing out a few items that she’d need; a needle and some crude thread, a wooden jar, and some cloth. Quite a convenient assortment of items to have as a time such as this one. She had learned from her mother to be prepared on outings. There were all sorts of things that could go wrong, to her or to another wandering Luperci. With the horse deciding to nibble on some nearby flora, Asura made her way over to where the man sat.

It appeared that he knew what was to come next, having exposed his injury to her for better inspection. Asura placed her assortment of items to the side, taking out one of the pieces of cloth and ripping a strip from it. “I’ll have to wash the caked on blood off first,” she warned, hoping that her forewarning of what she was to do would make him less likely to lash out at her.

She dunked the piece of cloth into the stream, soaking it fully before she took it out. She edged closer to the man, her intent obvious in that she wanted to clean the site of the injury. “May I?” Her turquoise eyes shifted up to his face, waiting for his affirmation before continuing.

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Lorkan did not respond, but he did as she bid. He thought he might retch either way and had no desire to speed the process. Resigned to her presence as he was, his unconscious mind kept him hyper-aware of her movements. He tracked her steps through straining ears and the occasional grey flash in his periphery. He only caught himself rather late in the process. When she knelt by the bank and then came beside him, he forced his fur to lie flat.

She asked him for his assent, her intentions clear, a moist cloth dripping in her hands. With a reluctant nod, he gave it, bracing himself for what he knew was soon to come.

At first contact, he let out a hiss, claws digging into the moist clay that ran along the bank. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off, the pain returned to him in full force—slowly at first, and then all at once as the woman began to wash the blood and grit from the wound site. It stung awfully. The lines of him were taught, straining. He thought it was a small wonder he did not split himself in twain.

Cackle landed on the opposite side of the stream. The bird's head was cocked—curious or concerned. Likely a bit of both.

Lorkan focused on his friend's dark shape, grateful for the distraction. But a shape was all he was, a black, amorphous mirage. His range of vision seemed to have shrunk in the past few minutes. Like a shadow, closing in on him. And in that darkness awaited—what? Smoky tendrils were reaching out toward him. He knew they were there, though he could not see them.

The stranger's ministrations eased, her press gentling. Finally, her touch abated entirely. He loosed a sigh of relief—a breath he had not realized he'd been holding. The shade started to retreat as some of the tension left him.

Lorkan inclined his head, his gold and crimson a polarity of her jade. "Finished?" He winced a little at the sound of his own voice. It was rough, as though he had been chewing glass. Weak.

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NPC: Muddy (+437)

Again, feel free to PP Asura sewing him up and stuff!

Notes for me (later, for the salve) on honey and medicinal usage: 1, 2, 3, 4 (text states that “regular” honey may be just as effective as manuka pending plant source)

He hissed when she brought the soaked cloth to his open side. The flesh was, no doubt, still tender there judging by how fresh the injury was. Asura tried to view his reactions as much from a medic standpoint as possible, listening more for signs that it had been too much or that he might lash out in his agony. To be anything softer, to try to comfort or otherwise coddle her patient would not help him in the end, would not make the pain go away, and it would only serve as an unnecessary distraction, delay, in what needed to be done.

Beneath her steady hand, he shifted minutely, muscles tensing and relaxing as she returned again and again as she washed the rag and then reapplied it. Despite his hisses and his claw marks in the muddy riverbank, the man did not stop her. It took a bit to clean the area, but, eventually, she was able to clear the dried blood. With the entirety of the wound now within clear view for her inspection, Asura could, truly begin her work.

She set the soiled rag aside, making a quick rinse of her hands of any blood particles that might have gotten onto them before turning to her other items that she had brought out from Muddy’s saddlebags. He asked a question of her when he seemed to realize the absence of her touch, and, to it, she let out a soft, amused exhale. “No.”

Asura retrieved the needle and thread, turning back towards him and showing him the items. “Here comes the worst part,” she said, a small amount of humor in her voice in an attempt to make the situation not seem as bad as he probably felt it—or was going to feel it—be. “I need to close the wound, otherwise, you’ll just keep bleeding all over the place and our whole standoff would have been for nothing.”

The Sapien threaded the needle, eyeing the wound afterwards and measuring out the length she’d need to roughly sew the open flesh back together. Her tone grew somber again as she explained, “I will not lie. This will hurt. Do you…want a stick or something to put between your teeth?” She wasn’t sure if he was the type to clench and gnash his teeth together when in pain. She didn’t have the tools necessary to deal with him if he bit his tongue. With her next task, there was a strong likelihood that he may very pass out on her if the pain was too great already.

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