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POSTED: Fri May 04, 2018 10:11 pm

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How long had it been since the siblings had returned to Nova Scotia and split up? Carnivore, his own drinking buddy... well at least at times... had decided to go wandering away with their brother while the tactical Latch was left with him. Perhaps it was for the best. Out of all of them, his dear brother seemed to be the one that was able to put up with Lock's hopeless wandering and searching for the perfect love in his life, and picking him back up whenever someone or a relationship didn't end up working out. Nothing was going to completely break him. He knew there was someone out there.

With the lighter brother hanging back on most of his brother's outings, this left Lock wandering around the eastern realms by himself. The call to Inferni was nothing new to the Key children, having been told about the place by their mother; but of course, that didn't mean they had to go there right away. There was so much more... freedom without being chained down to a pack, nothing to mess up. It gave him so many more options when it came to finding his true love without the possibility of screwing something up. Besides, with Latch to take care of, he couldn't just up and leave his brother alone. The two had stuck together this long.

Yeah he took care of his brother. They helped each other out.

The brown male brushed a hand through his mane, just as he caught the spring breeze moving through it. He wasn't sure how long he had been out here, but at least enough for it to be later on in the evening. He had to make it here from his camp that the brothers had set up. Maybe someone would come upon him? The one? Who knew!

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Bright pops of color in the dark wood caught Clover’s eye – but not as much as the scent of the ripening berries themselves. Hungry insects droned in the air, and the dog panted under the late spring heat, contemplating how short and intense the season was. She was grateful, though, that the prey seemed to be returning, even if it was still nowhere near as plentiful as Inferni’s old forests and moors.

They would make do. Coyotes didn’t need to eat much, and supplements like these blue and red berries would go a long way toward making the repetitive taste of squirrel and mouse and rabbit palatable.

A hide bag hung off her shoulder, open to reveal a couple of small wooden containers, which she periodically stopped to fill with berries. They came easily off the stem, some fat and dark, others shriveled and pale, but the dog was no picky eater. She popped a few big blueberries in her mouth as she went.

As a result, when she met the lone coyote in the wood, her tongue was indigo.

It lolled in a curious smile as the sun beat down, until a breeze ruffled her grey fur and she relaxed slightly. Chestnut eyes looked the coyote over, and she thought he had a familiar scent – maybe a wandering relative of the clan? It wouldn’t have surprised her; the Lykois alone were a prolific bunch.

“Hey,” Clover greeted. “Warm as shit out, right? About fuckin’ time after the winter we had. Want a blueberry?” She plucked one with a claw, then clicked her teeth threateningly at a fly that dove at her head.

She was generally far more reserved with strangers, but the nice day, sweet taste of fruit, and familiarity of the coyote before her lowered her guard a little. She couldn’t brood all the time.
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For all the training his mother had given to him before the siblings split up among themselves, Lock prided himself on much more of a wanderer than his more analytical brother. He could move around for days, maybe wees on end just catching as he went along. It wasn't even the drive for some kind of adventure or even to explore. The hunt for what 'more' he needed in his life was unyielding.

The one was still out there, waiting him. Whomever they were, they would sweep him off his feet and they would have their happily ever after. What a wonderful tale it would make someday.

Unaware that he was even really wandering so close to where one of his sisters was, he wasn't even expecting to come across the dog that crossed his path. Being surrounded by his siblings for most of the time, it made him almost forget there were other kinds of luperci in the world. Good thing when it came to 'his one', it didn't matter what form they would take so long as they were with him.

A soft chuckle escaped from Lock's lips to her bluish tongue. Berries were never a prospect, as the two brothers were relatively good at catching meals for themselves, but who was he to turn down such an offer... of course with putting on his own innocence, "Ohh, such language. I'd love one. Can't say I've ever had one before."

Smile formed along the coyote's face as he took a couple steps closer, arms resting along at his sides, "The weather has been rather nice. Makes moving around so much more enjoyable."

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