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"Oh, I know what my name means," Generosity clarified quickly, as if embarrassed by the idea that she didn't know such a thing. She gingerly took the branches from Etoile as she handed the bundle to her and murmured a quiet "thank you." "I just... I didn't know what 'contagious' meant." But she now had a pretty good idea with how the woman explained it, even if it was roundabout.

Gen doubted her name had anything to do with her kind gesture. Etoile did it because she was kind, she thought. Names had little bearings on such things.

When she laughed at Milkie's name, however, the girl's chest puffed in indignation. Not that she would admit it to the woman, but Generosity had been the one to name the cow. She had been nothing but a pup (or at least, a younger pup) and the name hadn't been very creative, but it stuck, as the beast had been nameless before.

"Well, she's a milk cow!" Gen whined defensively. "So she's Milkie." She began to walk back to camp, looking over her shoulder to see if Etoile was following like she said she would. "We used to have lots of milk cows, but now she's the only one we have left."

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Etoile was chuckling still as she followed the dark woman toward her campsite, ”Well, atleast you’re cute.” And it was true. There was something about the honey-eyed woman that was open and child-like despite her age, and Etoile found that she had never met another person like her. In Salsola everyone was fighting to climb towards a teetering pinnacle of power – Brocade ached to hold a title beneath his so-called Queen, and there were others too – spies, story-tellers, and mercenaries – all eager to make their mark on the world.

Generosity seemed content out here.

Out here with her Milkie.

”Well I guess the name makes sense then.” Etoile grinned, her scarred mouth pulled up on once side as she peered over her shoulder, ”Where do you and your mother plan to stay after you’ve packed up your camp?” She clicked her teeth, ”You should come see where I live – I feel like you would be like a breath of fresh air.”

She chuckled again, the laugh filling the darkness between them, ”But we don’t have a milkie.”

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When she was called cute, Generosity became flustered. She adjusted her hold on the branches and felt the skin of her cheeks warm underneath her dark fur. "Th-thank you," she managed to peep, unsure how else to take the compliment other than the modest shyness she gave. She hadn't been called cute many times in her young life, especially by her mother. She wasn't sure if she ever heard the word in her mother's voice.

The girl was placated when Etoile accepted the sound reasoning of the origins of Milkie's name. It definitely made perfect sense and she was glad that the woman saw this now. Her dark ears flicked when Etoile spoke about her coming to see her home and how they don't have Milkies—which she assumed she meant cows.

"I don't know... I never been here before, so I don't know where we're going. My mom's smart though, so we're not lost." That she felt like she needed to clarify, not wanting the woman to have a sour opinion of her mother before they even met. "I wouldn't mind visiting though! Where do you live? Is it nearby? Do you have horses?"

Generosity would have pressed more curious questions onto Etoile but she paused. She realized they were approaching the place were her family had settled and she turned around on the woman. "Wait here! Let me go tell my mom about you first." And off she went, dark tail wagging behind her like a little sheep's.

Only a minute passed before a white wolf reemerged from where Gen disappeared. She seemed displeased.

"Who're you?" the white wolf asked, terse. Suspicious.

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