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POSTED: Wed May 09, 2018 11:28 pm

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Wandering around the area near Inferni was nice, but it was also starting to get rather dull. Day by day, over the mountains and back. It was becoming far too much of a hassle to keep doing everyday unless Latch decided he wanted to move their campsite. No way his analytical brother was going to fall for something like that even if it was near their mother's birth home. There was so much more potential where they were currently situated. Besides, knowing his brother he would probably pass it off as an excuse for his brother to be closer to his one and only.

Fine, let the other one have his way. This was a give and take situation to be in after all.. or well more like compromise but same thing really.

Lock decided to break away from his usual trail, heading down south from their camp instead of towards the east. There had to be more here than just Inferni's old grounds, other packs in the area. Even if there weren't other packs, there had to be some kind of loners just wandering about. Maybe there were others looking for love just like he was.

The brown male almost skipped along through the trees. Yeah, he wasn't ashamed of some of his mannerisms. What did it matter? The one whom he would love and be loved in return would not care for anything like that right? All of their uniqueness was what made them different. That was a good thing. Shoot, it was part of that which made Lock himself different. The one didn't even have to be female, or female by birth. Who cared? He certainly didn't. Love came in all forms.

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POSTED: Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:35 pm

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies

Summer had come in full force, and though Arlen typically preferred to wear his purple cloak around, there came a time when it was just too dang hot to wear it around like a normal person. Leaning heavily on his favorite cane, a dark stained number with a pommel shaped almost like that of a sword, the Cavalier prince still travelled in style. His long red curls were braided behind his face revealing his uneven earrings - a single purple stud in the left and a pair in the right. His dark pants were open along the sides, held together with leather cords, with his long fur sticking out between them. It was the coolest pair he owned even if not the most practical. His cream tunic rippled softly in a breeze, it's usual belt having been left at home.

His pace was slow, gentle, to appease his left leg. Ever since his attempt at slaying a bear, the prince had never been the same. Sure, maybe in mind and thought, but he'd never be able to dance with his rapier like he'd used to. Even at the ball with Cour des Miracles, his partner had been shamed at having to dance with such a cripple as he - or so he thought at least.

Arlen's green gaze lifted up to the birds in the trees. They flitted about in many colors and many songs, and he stopped to lean against a tree and watch them. His red rimmed ears tilted to catch their tunes as they flew. One small bird found its flight too close to another's nest and even the ensuing cajoling cacophony was still music to his ears.

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