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bury my love in the moondust

Wed May 16, 2018 1:47 am

Odalis had never considered that so much could change in three weeks time. Each night she had fallen asleep with the sweet memory of their kiss, the gentle swaying flowers and the way his eyes had swum in and out of focus as the pollen gave her back her senses. Ichabod was a special man - and Odalis had explained three times to Solomon that she need not accompany her on the journey to Seabreeze Brink.

He had warned her to be careful in the wake of so many things - and she had agreed to carry the tiny dagger hidden against her thigh. Solomon had joined the patrols in the wake of the body on the borders, but Odalis forced herself to remember other things. Happier things.

She remembered the stone with the runes carved into its side, the beautiful touches of spring that rolled in colourful dots along the hillock they had chosen. As she rode she leaned from the saddle, gathering bunches of blooms to weave into her hair. The thick braid hung over one of her shoulders - her hair was getting longer now - and she hummed softly to herself as she wove the myriad of colors together.

Her fingers made quick work of the task, and soon she was the perfect picture of spring.

The stone rose sharply against the pretty blue sky, and she dropped from the horses back as she neared.


She allowed a smiled to creep across her lips, "I hope I am not late."

hi i missed u

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