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with love to share

Mon May 28, 2018 1:36 pm

"Auntie! Auntie!" Evelyn cried, pawing at Felix's legs as they exited their home. The leader laughed, adjusting his pack and swinging the door open to let his niece into the world. There was only one "auntie", and that was Calia; everyone else was known by name (or, in Posey's case, as "gramma"). He himself was "unkie", on account of her poor pronunciation skills at this point in time. Relief had washed over him as she started to name packmembers with family names; it seemed that with time, the abandonment of her father could heal after all.

"Let's go see auntie, hmm?" he asked, lifting her in his arms. She giggled, and he grinned, touching his nose to hers before gently lowering her to the ground. She hopped up and down, running circles around the Ravenking as he closed the door to their home and started to set out. He took small steps so Evelyn could keep up, although with her boundless energy, it was hardly necessary.

They soon reached Calia's cottage. It wasn't hard to find; the scent of goat traveled for at least a mile, strong and pungent, although not necessarily unpleasant. It had a homey look, cozy, like the Nightstag herself.

Evelyn bounced around on the ground, and Felix reached out to knock on the door, giving a singsong call:

"Auntie, oh auntie!"

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Re: with love to share

Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:09 pm

ooc - this is so cute ahhhhhhh ;~;


Ever since the sudden departure of his niece’s father, Felix had his plate full with rearing a young and rather lively pup. It was a terrible thing, what happened with little Evelyn that spring day. It was fortunate that the Ravenking had such a big heart with so much love to give, for who knew what fate would have befallen the helpless girl? As far as Calia was concerned, the way Felix readily accepted the responsibility to raise the child made him more of a father than the sordid man who gave her life.

The albino had little child rearing experience herself, but she did what little she could do to help ease the Ravenking into his role as a father. Even if it meant picking up some more responsibilities as a leader, the Nightstag was more than happy to do so. It was worth it, after all, to see little Evelyn bounce back from the trauma of abandonment, and thrive as a child of Mistfell Vale. Children were much more resilient, Calia came to realize, than she gave them credit for.

And her efforts had not gone unnoticed, either. It was a joyous thing whenever Felix brought Evelyn over to her cottage, or vice versa. The first time the little she wolf called her “Auntie”, why, she could have wept!

At Felix’s familiar call, the Nightstag was quick to fling the cottage door open in welcome. ”Evie! What a lovely surprise!” Beaming, Calia ushered the pair inside ”Come, in, come in!”

While the interior of Calia’s cottage was rather bare, plush furs lined the flooring of her abode to warm up cold toes. Her cottage remained a work in progress, however a small table stood in view of the open window, with a few odd chairs and stools surrounding it. ”You want anything to drink, dears? Or to nibble on?” the albino offered. Felix and Evelyn drank the goat milk without complaint, and if the pair were tiring of the taste, they never let on. There were a few days, however, where the pair would politely request water, though the robust woman never gave that any further thought.

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Re: with love to share

Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:48 am

Calia opened the door and immediately beamed at them both, ushering them inside her humble (and rather goat-scented) abode. Evelyn giggled, leaping indoors as if it were her own home, and Felix, while more composed than his young niece, followed suit. It was, however, not without giving Calia a few affectionate licks on her cheek, of course.

"Oh my dear Calia, you spoil us so," he said in his peculiar sing-song voice as she offered them food and drink. Evelyn jumped in place, her permanent grin now fixated on the albino woman. "Milkie!" she cried, tongue peeking out of her mouth to swipe at her lips. Felix smiled; Evelyn had always been a fan of Calia's goat milk, and he suspected that its creamy and rich flavor hinted at a future sweet tooth in the girl.

"That sounds lovely," Felix acquiesced, bending down to lift Evelyn in his arms. She giggled at that. He poked her on the nose, and then trained his eyes on Calia, orange dancing with excitement. "Calia, I have a present for you!" he exlaimed, seemingly unconcerned with the non sequitur.

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Re: with love to share

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:27 am


Much to Calia’s pleasure, the little girl had no need for an invitation, for she treated the cottage as her own, the way she zipped inside. This was how she wanted it to be, for she had intended that her cottage serve as a second home for Felix's girl. As well as for Felix, for both were always welcome. Felix took more time, stealing a quick lick on her cheek in greeting before stepping inside. ”Oh, don’t be silly!” Calia waved her hand at Felix’s comment, pulling the door shut behind them ”It’s not a problem, truly.”

Evelyn, however, got straight to the point. ”Milk it is!” Calia grinned cheerfully as she bustled about. The albino set a couple crudely made clay objects - two cups, one bowl - out on the lone table by the window. Grabbing a leather flask, she then poured a generous amount of the rich, creamy liquid into each. ”Made fresh this morning, it was!” Calia spoke proudly as she set the bowl on the floor for little Evelyn, and extended one of the cups to the Ravenking.

”A gift?” Calia’s eyebrows shot up in surprise ”What’s the occasion?” The Nightstag asked with a chuckle, taking a sip of milk from her own cup. Ah, there was nothing like fresh goat milk in the morning.

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Re: with love to share

Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:45 pm

Evelyn wasted no time in dunking her head directly into the bowl on the ground, rapidly lapping the rich milk inside. Felix gave a small chuckle and drank his own milk at a more tempered speed; he certainly didn't dislike it, but he felt it was something best enjoyed in small amounts, and slowly. Otherwise, it was liable to give him a stomache-ache, or spoil him for the taste.

"No occasion!" he said, swiping excess milk from his lips with a dart of his tongue. "We just love you!" Felix had no problem throwing out such words - something that some people had rebuked him for in the past - but really, was there such a thing as too much of it? He drank another sip of his milk and set the cup down, opening his bag and digging around in its depths. Soon, he pulled out a small wooden figure, crudely shaped to be a goat. The entire thing was doused in gratuitous amounts of white paint, and two dots of black paint denoted the eyes on either side.

He gently placed the figure on the table, facing Calia. "We made it together," he said, and Evelyn stopped her milk-drinking to give a nod and smile at the Nightstag. Well, Evelyn had "helped" - she'd bounced around while Felix picked the right flowers for the dyed paint, and sat with him as he whittled the wood away into what he wanted it to be. Still, that was help enough, in Felix's eyes.

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