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He had gotten the idea from helping to dig the pond, the soil thick and sticky and reminding him of the stuff that Gaia worked with. In the wake of Silvano's death, that familiar heaviness of grief seemed to hang over the Court again, and Reblin was committed to keep his friends from bending too far beneath the weight of it.

So, naturally, Reblin sought Gaia out and then proceeded to pester her in that persistent, annoying way he had about him until she relented. "You won't be disappointed," he promised her, leading the way with his tail wagging excitedly behind him. "There's so much of it! And then you can make stuff again! You know, like you used to do."

Since Dove's death, maybe even long before that, Reblin had noticed a change in Gaia that he didn't fully understand. Sometimes he got sad, too, but he had never experienced the kind of loss that he or the rest of her family had suffered. And while he had admired Dove and, as he did with all of his pack mates, considered her a friend, her death hadn't affected him as deeply as it seemed to impact Gaia.

Reblin had never experienced the deep, dark depression that repeated loss and turmoil could create.

As they arrived, the pond still some excavations short of being complete, the cheerful Comte bent to the soil and gathered a wad of the wet, sticky clay between his hands. Then, rising, he held it out for Gaia to assess.

That was when the gnats set upon him.

Shaking his head, the little beasts were undeterred. They landed recklessly on his nose, brows, ears, lips, bumping into his face and eyes almost without direction. "Ah!" he growled, flicking his ears and pushing air forcefully from his lips to blow them away. Eventually, he turned to snapping erratically at them with his teeth. "What are these things?" he asked in an anguished voice.

Whatever they were, they were persistent and annoying and he hated them.

OOC: Event prompt: "Collect tools, specialty materials, or even start considering what sorts of things you will need in a new home. Find or make the things you want to see, like shelves, pots, tables, beds. Anything and everything!"

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Gaia didn't really understand what was happening to her either.

She was in a cycle beyond her control, and had found lethargy and exhaustion a hard feeling to shake. Her sleep was poor and erratic and her mood suffered for it. Once social and jovial, Gaia had begun isolating herself and the relationships she had worked hard to build crumbled little by little. She felt as if she had lost the confidence of her elder siblings (and half-siblings) and packmates.

It was lucky for her that the Court functioned as a community, for no one had allowed her to drift or drown. Mottle and Myrtle often found small tasks for her to help with, but they never pushed her beyond her limits and never kept her for too long. Gaia tolerated this because she saw what they would not say – that her siblings were enduring the loss and moving forward, and that she should too.

This was hard to do, she realized, when her limbs felt weighed down and her mind foggy and strange.

Reblin was one of these helpful people who came around here and there, and today she had joined him to help with one of those grand projects the Queen had laid out for them. Were she not in such a state Gaia might have been here first, for she had long loved digging and the idea of these new homes...but now she found herself thinking about how her parents would never see the place, or how they would never see her niece and nephew grow, or any future grandchildren that might come, and the floodwaters of grief would rise again.

As she turned over the handful of clay Reblin had put in her hands, the cool, wet stuff seeped between her fur. She squeezed it, measuring the grain, and began to mindlessly roll a ball into shape.

This is what I use, she murmured, as if waking from a dream.

The gnats attacked him then, and Reblin went about flailing and snorting and even biting the small things as if this might send them away. In spite of her state, Gaia found herself smiling – and laughing, briefly, like an exhale – at his antics.

They won't hurt you, Gaia told him. We could make a fire and see if the smoke gets rid of them, if you want, she went on. The shape in her hands became cleaner, smoother, and her focus turned back to the ground. There is a lot of this, isn't there?

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She smiled and Reblin was glad to put up with the annoying little pests if it meant he could see more of that on her face. "Gaiaaaa," he complained, smacking his face with the flat of his palm. If he managed to squash the tiny gnat, he wouldn't have known it. "Are you sure? Because that kinda hurt." Never mind that he had done it to himself and it was not the little bugs that had caused him harm. He smiled in spite of his obvious misery.

He clapped his hands, but it was impossible to tell if it was in excitement of her idea or if he was merely attempting to squish another gnat. "Gaia, you're a genius," he barked, his curled tail wagging fiercely behind him. He was still smiling when he snapped at another assailant, undoubtedly making him look decidedly crazy. "But I"ll be okay." Reblin shook his thick pelt and, intent on proving this true, managed (with some effort) to quell the anguished growl that he could feel building in his throat.

The fact of the matter was that Reblin had never learned how to build a fire. He was a feral creature, and what comforts he had learned to appreciate since becoming a Courtier he had merely taken advantage of. If it came down to him helping to actually build a bonfire the likes of which had been present during their celebrations, he would fail miserably. He turned pointedly back to the clay, the struggle to ignore the little beasts obvious.

"YEAH!" he agreed forcefully, the extra breath he managed to exhale blowing away the gnats. "Can you MAKE stuff out of IT?" he asked, carrying on as though he wasn't adding unnecessary stress to some of his words. "Like CUPS and bowls and..." He trailed off and abruptly changed the subject. "Okay, Gaia, I have a confession." Reblin looked at her shamefully. "I'm not going to be okay. But I don't know how to build a fire. Can you help me?"

OOC: you can definitely PP Reblin helping Gaia build a fire to speed things along if you want. Or we could just search for something to bring the clay back to the Hotel in. c:

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