[M] When you took it all, you forgot your shadow

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It was dawn and Avinalora was dragged out of her dream by a bird cry. She couldn't remember what the dream had been about, but she shook it off. She just remembered something that she didn't want to remember probably and it was best she forget it. Alvira and Winter had moved into their own tent since there wasn't much room in her own tent for them both to have beds in. She woke up to see Moira's beady red eyes staring at her. She'd be unsettled, had she not been this familiar with ravens. Can I help you? The vixen asked the bird sarcastically.

Gone! Gone! The albino raven squawked. She flapped her wings and hopped around in a circle. The woman's eyebrow raised slightly at the bird's actions. This wasn't the first time her so-called "familiar" acted up like this. She just hoped that the bird was talking about something mundane, like the fact that night was gone or reaffirming how many creatures were no longer in her home. That statement felt bitter to her as she had lost so many people in her family.

The fox-tailed female stretched and then walked out of her tent, raising her arm as she passed the table to allow her companion to hop onto her arm. Not even a week ago, there had been a new addition to the small family, two birds that became Alvira's companions and a bird that became Winter's companion. She had also received news two weeks ago that one of her former wards, Spencer, had started a family with a nice vixen. It prided her to see how far they had come, how far he had come from the young kit she had found him as. The winter wraith walked to her mate's tent to check up on her, as she tried to do. Her beloved was still trying to live without her sight and the jackal tried to help the woman as best she could. But the tent was empty.

The pale pixie's heart lept in her throat as her beloved or the darkling daughter was no longer in the tent and their scents were stale. For a second, she hoped she was dreaming as the albino bird hopped off her shoulder. She walked in, her claws involuntarily unsheathing and bit into the pads of her palm. Her eyesight was shit at best when it came to reading and her beloved's handwriting was scrawled. But, she didn't need a crystal-clear note to read. The message was enough, her beloved had left her. The ice queen was alone once again.

The crippled jackal felt tears roll down her face as she put the note down, the pain in her heart overpowering the claws that were digging into her palm. She left the tent, moving as quickly as she could with her lame leg. Every time she pushed it, it throbbed with pain. But she was already in a storm of pain, but the pain in her heart drowned out the others. She headed towards the forest, towards the ravens and the crows that were hidden in the trees. They had been the ones she had buried her grief into. When Zea had been taken from them too soon, the moonlit healer threw herself into work.

But there was no pack for her to heal, just their small group. There was nothing for her to bury herself into. Nothing she could do to escape the pain. She collapsed in a clearing, her leg giving out on her and blood dripping onto the forest floor. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the sun rose. Choked sobs came from her chest as she had been keeping quiet for too long. The woman was once again a broken bird.

The greyscale loner didn't know who to direct her grief towards, the grief and the anger. Her beloved had left her and it seemed like she wasn't coming back, the note was a goodbye since she couldn't have waited to tell them herself. And why take Jaketta with her? The vixen knew that the jackal witch was devoted to her gods, but she couldn't even begin to wonder why she had left her, left their family. The green-eyed woman couldn't fathom why the golden jackal would leave them without saying goodbye.

Then the snow-colored Phoenix realized that it had been a year since their mate-ship since they became mates in the summer. She remembered the coals, she remembered how beautiful her beloved looked when they were wedded. They had met in a walnut grove and then kissed after a hunt. They had a night of passion near the pond under the moonlight. The memories played over in the fox-tailed female's head. Like the hole in her heart had been a bottle of memories.

The moonlit jackal felt the witnesses to her grief, the crows and ravens gathering. They were her birds, the ones that had always been with her since the start. She didn't know what to do, what to say. It was like the sun-blessed jackal had taken a piece of her heart when she left. And there was nothing the silver woman could do about it.

The emotions coursing through the moon-washed mother were too much to bear. Through the grief-filled sobs, she let out a banshee-like wail. Her composure had been lost, all the walls that she built up had been torn down. The monochrome fox broke back down into sobs.

Winter and Alvira had been woken up by the scream. They both had been sleeping when the wail jolted them out of their sleep. They exchanged glances before getting out of bed. Their birds were still sleeping but the Phoenix children jogged outside, still in the clothes from yesterday. Alvira spotted Moira, her mother's bird hopping outside the entrance to her other mother's tent.

Avi forest, The albino raven croaked and the grey-scaled girl lead her brother as they ran towards the forest where the birds roosted, where her mother had taken them to find their companions. The pair could smell blood and her patchwork brother soon outpaced her.

Mother! The blue-eyed boy called when they caught sight of the silvery shape. She was on the ground, soft sobs still racking her petite frame. What had happened to Avi? The two wasted no time crouching next to her.

J-Jaketta... The woman said softly, her voice raspy and soft. She could barely choke out Mae's name, the name catching in her throat. The ghostly girl felt her heart ache as their normally unshakeable, unbreakable mother was so broken. She hadn't faltered when they had lost their brother, Zea and barely when their mother and sister had been taken from them. But now, it was clear that she had been shaken to her core.

Wh-What happened? Mom? The icy waif asked softly as her mixed green eyes were wide. Nothing could have prepared her for this day.

Th-They're g-gone. The Phoenix woman said, her eye refocusing slightly on her children. She had been broken so many times in her life. Gods, she hadn't even seen her fifth winter yet. But the years of loss had worn her down. Adri's death, Jarix leaving her, Midnight Shores, the loss of her eye, the sickness, the loss of Maelyx's first litter, Ghost's death, Zea's death, Anathema, Maelyx and Jaketta being taken, Maelyx becoming blind, and now this blow. Her walls, her heart, her mind could only take so much.

The frost-hued fledgling knew that this was something big as she had never seen her mother break like this before. Her smart, strong, and brave mother would have never reacted this much to just a short leaving. Part of their family had broken apart forever.

The argent angel didn't know how long she and her brother were by their mother for. How long it took for them to get her back on her feet and help her home. But it seemed that their mother had aged many summers as they let her rest in bed. But then when Eclipse shooed them out of the tent and they stood outside like sentries, Winter looked at her.

I'm going to tell Aunt Adrian, she has to know. His mismatched blue eyes were firm.

But- The girl was about to say.

I'll be quick. Avi needs all the help she can get. The Phoenix son turned and pulled off his clothing and began shifting to his Lupus form. And then he sped off, like a comet through the forest towards Halifax.

From this moment, Alvira knew the world had changed for her. Things would never be the same and she could feel it.

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