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[M] take your place inside the fire

Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:36 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Their pursuit was one which had not tarried, for to dawdle was to lose the enemy – and now, when the only recourse was death, Antioch did not care to wait for command. He could have ended this ages ago if not for the luck of the Devil himself protecting this blight upon the earth.

His thoughts no longer allowed him the cold reason which might have said to summon riders, to bring rope, to capture and inflict back upon the bastard all of those evil deeds he had done unto others. They could have pulled him from end to end, hanged him from a high tree –

Antioch jerked violently, like he had been wounded.

His step faltered only briefly, for his speed had slowed to better give sight to the trail. After a deep rumbling growl that pulled his lips away from his teeth, Antioch picked up his pace again. His nieces were following him – one trying to stop the other, perhaps – but they had a right to be there. They had a right to see the life leave their mother's killer, but if they could not keep up that wouldn't matter.

Clover woofed ahead of him, and Antioch overtook her once he had the fresh scent.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:24 pm

And every broken heart will mend,
So help me, I won't let this be how it ends.

There was no way he was going to get away with this.. not when their mother was found in the state she was left in. What would cause anyone to mutilate someone who wouldn't bring herself to harm another? Faith knew about Izual and his tendencies... and she was at least a bit aware of the "love" he felt for her.. so if that was the case.. what had led to this happening? What could Crucifix have done to the monster to make him turn on her? Had she just said something wrong?

Or maybe she was right.. God had forsaken all of them..

Dahlia walked ahead of her older sister, eyes narrowed and following along with her uncle. Anger fueled her hasty steps, the other trying so much to get her to come back to Inferni with her. What good would Faith do now? She had failed in protecting the one person she had sworn her entire life to protect... and it was largely in part to Izual.

She was a failure..

But the other would not stop, not until she paid back this stranger for what he had done. Being born after his exile, she knew nothing of him.. not even the history that brought about her own conception. Would she be ready to handle the truth that had been kept from her for so long? Would it just make her angrier, not only with Izual, but with her siblings as well. Their family was slowly dying and breaking apart... they didn't need more to divide them apart. The robed woman wanted her sisters to stay together.. to not have to be alone in the world now that their caring mother was dead..

Eventually, the darker sibling gave up, trailing along in despair behind the rest of them. The younger one sniffed the air before turning her head to the others, "Are we close?"

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Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:58 pm

Nose to the ground, gait long-reaching and swift, Clover followed the trail and prayed to wind, soil, and water she would not lose it. What had happened could not be allowed to happen again; this time, they would not lose their quarry and let the shadows terrorize them again. Her friend was dead, defiled, and the only justice they could count on was their own claws and fangs.

But she felt frantic – without order, she did not know what to do. Antioch was driven with a single purpose, and it was on his anger she leaned. Her heart raced in her chest, and each quick inhale flooded her lungs shallowly with the stench of masculine coyote.

Finding a fresh sign, she barked, and despite herself nearly jumped when Antioch rushed past her. She twisted her head to heed Dahlia’s question, scowling – wishing she were not a part of this, at least.

“Close, quiet,” she said, and pricked her ears at a rustle in the undergrowth ahead of them. Her soft face contorted with aggression, and she bared her big teeth and leaped ahead.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:50 am

(000) Sorry for the delay! Izual & Charlie are eating when they are found; and Izual’s awestruck by Dahlia.

Drops of blood dotted his path, and unbeknownst to him, it led them right to him. Izual sat with Charlie – a woman he could probably call his mate now that the possibility of Crucifix being his was no more. The two carnivores munched on the legs of a creature long dead; their pink tongues worked to dislodge any of the pink flesh that still clung to the stained, yellowing bones. Izual had not considered Inferni coming after him a second time. He thought he was safe as long as he wasn’t found at the scene. Perhaps some forest creature would come along and pick the flesh from Crucifx’s bones just as he had been doing now; perhaps his scent would’ve been erased when all her flesh was erased from her being.

But the quick succession of rushed paws proved him wrong, and it was Antioch’s hulking form he saw first, followed by three others – one of which he remembered a violent scene in the woods with, the other he had never seen before, but he felt like he knew her. She smelled familiar. Her beautiful and angelic face – one that resembled her mom’s – captivated him for a moment as he stood, ripping his attention from the hostile hybrid that’d come for him – whether he was looking or not.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:30 am

By the time Jethro made his way back, running hard, the fighting had begun.

Antioch had charged headlong towards Izual, and thrown himself high to bite – it was a blow aimed for the thigh, to slow. He was fighting with experience now, familiar with Izual and familiar with how violent his opponent was. None of his motion seemed to be without reason despite the increasingly loud noises coming from him. They weren't words, not exactly, but protests of deep hurt and rage.

This was reasonable. Jethro had seen the body, where he had left whoever had followed him, and knew that this person was an enemy of the clan.

He was too young to remember beyond this, nor did he recognize the trace signs shared between his young cousin and the man his father now sought to tear asunder.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:21 pm

And every broken heart will mend,
So help me, I won't let this be how it ends.

Dahlia's eyes narrowed to Clover as she told her to be quiet. All she did was ask a simple question, there was no reason for her to be scolded in such a manner. Nothing was going to keep her from getting justice on this man for what he had done. The only one who shouldn't have been here was her older sister. Faith should have remained back home, asked Faith to help bury the remains of their mother's body... but no. Here she was tagging along with them, trying to get her younger sister to come back with her. It was far too late for that.

When the group began to rush ahead, the younger sibling followed along with them, doing her best to keep up with the older members. Faith's full focus stayed on her sister, only breaking away to notice the pelt of her cousin catching up to her as Antioch made his move.

The gray girl's eyes focused on the man, noticing his eyes turn on her. This was him. This was Izual. This was the man that murdered and tore apart her mother. Fury began to surge through her. He and the other one with him were already tearing apart the body of some other victim they had managed to catch. How dare he... How dare he pick out her mother as a target!

While Dahlia was quick to act, ready to strike at any place she could get a grip on the man, Faith had fallen back to her knees. The body laying before them was no better than the one dumped on Inferni's borders. The robed woman felt sick to her stomach. How could Izual do such a thing? She had seen him hunting other luperci before. Was this what he planned to do with all the ones he caught? It was a good thing she had saved the couple she had come across from this fate... but why couldn't one of them had been her own mother?

Hands moved up to her head, a sharp pain soon coming back to her mind. Head lowered as her body curled in on itself. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to see this. Why couldn't her sister just listen to her?

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Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:40 pm

Bursting out of the woods, the vengeful Infernians found him: Izual and a dark wolf, feasting on the limbs of some other poor creature. Antioch wasted no time in springing for Izual, his movements violent but sure. Behind him, Dahlia -- ignoring the experienced adults' warnings -- threw herself at the monster too.

Clover kept running past them, rushing for the black wolf. She didn't know who the woman was, but if she kept company with Izual, she was a threat to them. Baring her teeth, she jumped with great snarls and gnashes of her teeth, hoping to drive the wolf away -- though she would fight with her if she had to.

She had faith that Antioch would not let Izual leave alive, but she had to ensure that the others were safe, too.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:39 pm

(000) May edit this a little later if Daniel has anything to add on Charlie's behalf... but basically, Antioch knocked Izual down, and Dahlia's getting clear shots to his face xD Charlie tries to fight off Clover, but eventually runs off.

The world dropped away in the seconds that he found her, noticed her; time slowed down. Even as she came for him, he was mesmerized. Snarls echoed in the background, sounding so far away - but everything changed when the warring males came into contact with each other.

It was like he was hit with a freight train. It knocked him from his feet, landing in the pile of bones behind him as the beast sought to rip into his flesh. With his hands and arms, Izual attempted to keep the beast from disemboweling him so early in their reunion.

This time, he didn’t try talking to the beast. Antioch had been merciless in their last meeting. He wouldn’t waste his time or energy on trying to speak to deaf ears. Only his actions would matter now. Two Infernians closed in on him, Antioch and the girl that reminded him so much of Crucifix. If he made it out alive somehow, he’d definitely have to find her someday, ask her who she is, and then take her away with him. He’d bring her to a secluded place where he could start anew, ask her to be his mate, dote on her.

Izual had been preoccupied with keeping Antioch’s snapping jaws away from his soft parts by curling his legs up towards his belly, trying to lift the man’s hind legs from the ground so he had no driving force. His arms were preoccupied with keeping the man’s snapping jaws far enough away from his face and neck, however, that could all change if Antioch were to change the direction of his bite, which Izual kind of saw coming. The sun had been glaring down at him, mockingly it seemed, though a shadow quickly blocked it. He was relieved for a quick second before the shadow swung down a heavy punch to his head, which was totally unprotected as he used all of his strength to keep the beast at bay. Antioch was his biggest threat, but he wouldn’t sleep on the others either.

The hits were sloppy, uncalculated. They landed where they landed - sometimes at the top of his head, sometimes over an eye, sometimes smacking into his muzzle, sometimes his nose. She had done a number on him in a few weak swings, but it wasn’t enough to make him want to let go of Antioch. If the punches became too annoying, he’d snap his jaws and try to catch the woman’s hand. First, a warning bite, then a vicious bite if she couldn’t take a hint. This was a man’s fight after all.

He had noticed another run past them - a dog from when he had been in the clan. An Outsider. Through the guttural snarls coming from Antioch and the ringing in his ears, he heard something be thrown to the ground and a the metallic ring of a blade being taken from its sheath. Briefly, he imagined Charlie swinging wildly at the dog, slicing and dicing with unplanned, yet precise maneuvers - like she had done to the bodies in their home in Anathema.


Charlie had been awestruck at first, seeing the group file in and swarm their enemy and her lover. Anger lit a fire in her being as she watched the Infernian take Izual down. Blood began to spill, though she couldn’t tell whose it was. It was in the air, and it was so mixed up with other scents that she couldn’t tell who it belonged to. Charlie threw down the bone and grabbed her dagger, set on the ground beside her. Her face was stained with blood, though one could only smell that aspect and not see it. When an Infernian closed in on her, she sliced at Clover wildly, taking a second or two to look back at Izual to see if he’d come running so that they could escape together.

Izual wasn’t coming.

It was five against two, and their chances of escaping were diminishing each second. The gray Infernian came for her, and she began backing away, stealing glances towards Izual, but eventually, when she saw an opportunity, Charlie fled the scene.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:46 pm

He had never seen his father like this, and Jethro would remember it for the rest of his days. Antioch was in a frenzy – snapping and snarling, drawing blood. Red splattered his face and the palest parts of his fur. His eyes were wide, his ears flat, and a deeply primal sound was coming in the moments Jethro could hear him above the others.

Clover chased off the woman, but Jethro found himself suddenly involved with Faith. She collapsed behind him, leaving him to drop to her side with worry. He didn't know if she was hurt, or if she had fainted, so he reached for her shoulders as if to cover her. This man was an enemy of Inferni, and an enemy of his family, and what he had done before this moment had touched Faith so deeply her pain struck the same way Antioch's teeth did into Izual's flesh.

In the end, though, it wasn't his father who killed the man – it was the girl, his little cousin, and Jethro saw this too and wondered.

Re: [M] take your place inside the fire

Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:40 pm

And every broken heart will mend,
So help me, I won't let this be how it ends.

Dahlia had never felt such a feeling before. This raw, uncontrolled anger she felt right now. Crucifix had never showed such an emotion, neither had either of her sisters. When she was still growing up, her sister would be stern with her whenever she was causing trouble or skipping out of some lessons, but never to this kind of extent. How was one supposed to deal with it?

By turning it on the one person who deserved it.

It wasn't hard to get some hits in on the beast, seeing as his attention was on the more experienced fighter out of the two of them. Antioch had managed to pin Izual down beneath him, claws tearing at his body while his jaws threatened to snap along his exposed areas. There was only so much she could do from the position she was in. These areas were not exposed to her, but to her uncle. How was she meant to do anything more?

Then she felt the jaws come down along her hand. The beast, in all the confusion, had managed to wrap his teeth around her hand... yet this only served to do one thing... to fan the flames of rage.

It wasn't long before her hand was released, Clover now chasing the other member of this confrontation away. She had only glanced up enough to see both of them move past, then her focused returned on the real monster at hand. Her uncle too was in a frenzy, just as she was. For the first time since this had begun, she had to be careful about where she moved, not wanting her uncle to hit her instead of Izual.

The younger sibling approached again, returning her assault against him. It was all she would be able to do while he was pinned down. Maybe...

When she saw his jaws coming back to her, the girl took her arm, swinging it to male's open jaws. This was stupid, and it was going to sting much more later... but the anger made it feel like there was no pain. Teeth sunk into her arm, eyes narrowed as her hand twisted to the underside of the male's jaw. If she could just... push it far enough...

His attention had been so focused on another that he would not have foreseen something like this. Her own jaws came down, his head pushed back to make room for the exposed neck. Teeth sank in deep, by the time he could release her uncle it would have been too late. Either let go of her uncle and be ripped apart, or hold him back and suffer. She did not let go, not even if Izual brought any more fight against her. There would be no holding back until the life had left him.

By the time it had all gone down, Jethro was at Faith's side, both of them turning their eyes upon the scene as Dahlia had given the killing blow. Worry began to rise within the older sibling. What happened to her sister...?

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