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POSTED: Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:47 am

(000) Ding dong Izzy's dead D:

The girl at first was just an annoying fly that got even more annoying as his struggle became harder. So, he bit her. Once, and then again, only the second time, the girl seemed to offer him her hand – which he took in his jaws and shook violently, pulling and tugging, biting down as hard as he could, all the while his muscles began to shake under Antioch’s weight. Soon, the flood gates would burst.

But what Izual read as stupidity was actually a plan. No matter how much he thrashed the girl’s arm, she leaned into him, pushing his head upwards to try to hungrily bite at her flesh, to punish her and not let her go for all that she had done. She’d exposed his neck.

A sharp pain found the sensitive underside of where his chin and neck met and crushed his windpipe. He rasped, letting loose the girl’s arm, though tasting the everlasting blood there. He let the beast go in favor of prying the girl from his throat, and the tidal wave crashed over him. The everlasting waters would turn red, splashing over those in the immediate area.

Antioch’s jaws hungrily sought vengeance, which Dahlia’s jaws had already found. Both of them, like demons, drained him of what fight was left of him. They had come away with bloodied mouths. They’d made a hole in him.

Pulsating and squirting, his neck lay open for all of them to see as he twitched in the dirt, spluttering, struggling to breathe and grasping at his bloodied chest, clawing at the gaping wound in his throat. Blood shot from the veins that still pumped liquid panic; orange eyes wide with terror, though blind with the black crept in from the corners. Izual had met his match, met his end, and all at the same time, realized his true fear.

I looked through your frame
Izual Massacre
and watched death go by
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