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I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:34 pm

Well, here he was, Fort Kingsbury. He had been a little surprised to find how small it was, but it in this case it was not about quantity, but quality. Winterwynd was a beautiful and fairly expansive town, but its outskirts were mostly dilapidated and most of the going-ons there were delegated to a few small gathering points. But here, everything was pristine, well kept, and orderly. Every building looked in good repair, and used regularly. Baelish had never seen a stable so sturdy; even the human-made Courthouse looked like it could be straight out of the days when the ones who built it was still around.

All-in-all, it was clear Casa di Cavalieri was very well off, and had members that cared deeply about maintaining what was theirs. This excited him; a pack that had the time to build and preserve buildings meant that the need for hunting and gathering had been met. He had spied the gardens across the small creek that ran through the edge of the Fort, they were lush and well-tended; these wolves definitely had things for trade.

And so, after his initial meeting with Honrin, and after getting their leader, Luca’s, blessing, Baelish found himself dead in the center of the Fort, his wares open and displayed for all to see. He had rope, arrow-heads, pelt and cloth, some human clothes in various stages of disrepair, some cleaner Luperci made threads, paper, cured meats, cheeses, nuts and berries; the regulars. But the more interesting items included iron cooking pots and pants, clay bowls, scissors (a rare find), and some bottles filled with different colored tints for dyes and spices. He really had brought the cream of the crop from his personal stash to see what these Cavalieri’s had to offer him; he was excited, but tried to maintain a calm and friendly demeanor.

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Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:49 am

She had woken early—too early, perhaps—and all but rolled out of bed. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, the silver girl limped across the wetu. She recruited Mama’s help in getting ready, the warrior woman putting Nayavota’s hair in long, thick braids. Two, smaller braids fell over her shoulders with the third, larger one hanging down her back. Nayavota hung a pair of fresh, sweet-smelling flower wreaths around her neck; one for herself and one for their guest. She’d even bathed! Nayavota, hindered by her youth and inexperience, was nonetheless determined to make a good first impression.

Honrin, for better or worse, agreed to help the silver girl with her first trade. His cat, despite her pregnancy, found herself in the middle of it all. With Jissop waddling after them, they amassed a respectable collection of goods. A roll of tanned leather, a jug of mead, a jar of honey, and a set of beeswax candles were hers to trade—she just had to share the spoils.

Double-checking that there were no glaring imperfections, Nayavota placed her wares in a leather sack and set off for the Fort. Jissop followed, keeping pace with the limping girl. Nayavota didn’t give the cat a second thought, Honrin’s advice playing on repeat in her mind. Never accept the first offer. Always haggle. Look him in the eye and give a firm handshake. A good trade is celebrated with a small toast. It was a lot, but she could do it. Nayavota was going to have the best first trade ever.

Arriving at the Fort, she offered Howland her customary salute before passing through the gates. Baelish sat in the town square, his wares on display for the Cavaliers’ perusal. Nayavota hadn’t the faintest idea of what he sold, but she was excited regardless.

Beaming like the sun, she walked up to Baelish and extended a hand. “I’m Nayavota Denahlii,” she said, struggling to contain her excitement. Nayavota looked him in the eye and gave her best, firm handshake—just like Honrin had taught her. ”I’m here to trade.” The tiny girl unpacked her bag, revealing her wares to the Mistwalker. Then, with a practiced flourish, she offered Baelish the wreath of flowers she'd made. "It's a gift," she said, clearly proud of the orange and yellow adornment.

After the wreath had been taken off her hands, Nayavota looked through his goods. The glint of metal caught her eye and she picked up the strange, conjoined knives. They almost looked like her parents’ shears, but… Smaller. Cleaner, she supposed. Nayavota snipped them experimentally. Weird. She turned her attention to the bottles of colorful liquid next, examining them closely.

She had absolutely no idea what she was looking at, but she loved them.

Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:20 pm

NPCs: Riley, Birdflower, and Druzy

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Iorek and Riley had heard of the Mistwalker that had come to Casa di Cavalieri with goods to trade. The jackal male was a fair trader and wanted to see what this merchant had to trade. He had brought some articles of clothing that he had tailored and some other items such as pelts of fur and leather. He looked as intimidating as he could in his all-leather ensemble, his jacket buttoned up and the bag of goods strapped to his back. His goggles kept his hair from falling in his eyes and his key necklace made some noise as it bumped against the malachite necklace. The jackal archer looked confident, if not a little intimidating.

The massive wolfdog that followed him didn't look very intimidating, even with his height and bulk. The beast had chosen to forego clothing in favor of comfort in the summer heat and he was carrying a satchel that clinked with every step. The beast was decorated with necklace chains and feathers woven in his feral-styled mane and four necklaces hung from his neck. He had two bracelets on each wrist that preceded the bandages that wrapped around his forearms. He also had a flower crown on his head and two dark birds on his shoulders. The oversized hybrid trailed behind the smaller male.

The scarlet-eyed Lionheart decided to also see what he could trade and brought scavenged jewelry as well as jewelry of his own creation. Corded necklaces with pendants of small animal skulls, tarnished metal or scratched gems, sea glass, shells, and other items lay within the satchel along with bracelets made similarly or with beads or anything he could figure out how to use. The beast also had necklaces and jewelry that he had scavenged, many of which were bangles or earrings that the beast saw as useless. He also had a small dagger he had scavenged and some other random scavenged items. The duo stopped and the crimson-eyed Cavalier gave a small greeting towards his apprentice before the malachite-eyed Officer also said, We're 'ere t' trade, too, he said in his Cajun accent while the beast nodded and offered a pleasant smile.

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Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:36 pm

Of course, he did not have to wait long for someone to arrive, he was sure that his arrival would have spread quickly throughout the pack. But the dainty little thing that wobbled up to him he had not been expecting. She was a young girl, younger than he but not by much, the touch of womanhood yet to have descended upon her fully, but enough for him to see that she would be a beauty in adulthood. The only hindrance, a bum leg, obviously a birth defect; he did not judge her for it, she seemed to get around just fine. Behind her, a cat trailed; a symbol of good fortune.

She extended a hand to him in greeting and her voice was like the sunlight that glistened off her fresh braids; he was quick to take her delicate hand, Hello, sweet Nayavota. I am Baelish.; the girl then was quick to open her bag to show her trade goods; a lovely assortment of items he could definitely use. Baelish smelled Honrin on her; his sister perhaps; and these items most likely chosen to put a spark in Baelish’s eye. But it was Nayavota herself that caused him glee, as she procured a flower wreath and placed it over his head; he was in love.

But before he could even begin to coo at this little dove, two males approached; one dressed as if he was trying much too hard to impress, and the other, a bejeweled bear. Baelish nearly laughed, but he was too shocked at the sight to say anything. The jackal spoke, saying that he was here to trade, and his behemoth companion smiled and nodded in greeting, As I live and breathe… Baelish said, a jester’s grin on his face as he reached out to touch one of the many beads hanging from the hybrid’s mane, Aren’t you the spectacle? Well, let me see what you have to offer. He then turned to see the young gimp girl looking at the scissors, Oh yes, aren’t those remarkable? Took a good amount of spit shine to get them looking that good. Sharp and ready to cut whatever you want, lovely Nayavota. He finally cooed like a puffed up pigeon.


Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:46 am

Seemingly charmed by Nayavota’s presence, Baelish took her gift with a smile. She didn’t dwell on his flattery, instead choosing to focus on his wares. That was easier than thinking about… Whatever he was up to. It wasn’t off-putting, not yet, but she didn’t understand.

Thankfully, they were soon joined by other, prospective traders. Nayavota grinned at Riley and Iorek, taking a moment to peer at their goods. Her mentor’s jewelry, equal parts scavenged and made anew, caught her eye. Nayavota was familiar with his work; they, along with Riley’s wares, should make a good trade.

Turning back to Baelish, the silver girl listened as he described the conjoined… No, crossed knives. That’s what they looked like. Nayavota raised an eyebrow at the young man, unsure of how to respond. ”What are dey called?” she asked, hoping to distract herself from his compliments. After he answered, Nayavota turned her attention to his other wares. She picked up a bottle of colorful liquid and held it up to the light. On closer inspection, it did look familiar. ”Is dis dye?” she asked.

If Nayavota couldn’t find a use for them, she knew Honrin could.

Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:23 pm

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Iorek scanned the goods, seeing what he wanted as he came near the table. He wasn't that materialistic, but he did like to see what others had. Shiny objects, particularly jewelry and materials to make jewelry was what he was on the lookout for. The beast went for anything that was shiny or pretty, though there were a couple of things that were also interesting. The pans and cooking pots were interesting to the beast and he wouldn't mind something new to cook with. The spices also sparked the wolfdog's interest, though from his own knowledge, traders had stuff hidden away. Or at least that was what Riley did. The beast offered a small, H-Hello.

Riley scanned the merchant's goods as well, though spared him a glance when the Mistwalker reached out to touch the piece of bracelet hanging from the beast's mane. The feral giant didn't seem to notice or mind. He never seemed to mind physical touch and had no concept of personal space. The man asked what they had to offer and the jackal archer spoke first. "I 'ave some clothin' I tailor'd myself, leather, and furs, the speckle-backed jackal said.

The oversized hybrid reached into his satchel and hooked a couple of examples of what he had to trade. Corded necklaces with pendants of sea glass, one with a bird skull, one with a sea shell, a piece of bone, and a couple with metal scraps. There were also some bangles and earrings that were tarnished and scratched. I-I h-have j-jewelry t-to t-trade, the beast said. He had other items but he didn't reveal them yet. But these were the examples the brown behemoth provided.

The malachite-eyed Officer scanned the items, seeing the clothing, thread, dyes, and arrow-heads that caught his interest. He was always on the look out for more materials to use to make clothing and he could use some new arrowheads. But he would see what the man had to offer before the jackal warrior made any offers.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier watched his apprentice inspect some metal sharp things. He'd seen his boyfriend use them before, though he didn't remember what they were called. He then began scanning the items again, obviously looking for something else. The scarlet-eyed Lionheart waited to see what the man had to offer.

Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:58 pm

Of course the young girl seemed completely oblivious to his flirtations, and he let it rest at that. Whether it was due to her youth, her disability, or her sexuality, he was wasting his time barking up that tree. Instead, he leaned back, the visage of casual comfort, and answered her questions, Scissors they’re called; you have sheep here, you must know of shears. They’re similar, but meant for more delicate cutting. She then moved onto a bottle of a beautiful blue dye and he nodded, Yes, got that from a trader from up north. Made from blue irises and other flowers. Would look lovely in your hair. he smiled and then turned his attention back to the males.

The frivolously dressed jackal offered Luperci tailored clothes, always in demand, leather, and furs – the usual. The behemoth offered, much to Baelish’s amusement, jewelry which had obviously been fashioned by his own paws. It was lovely stuff, but not anything Baelish had great need of. But he had to remind himself to play nice here, and so he nodded and smiled at the both of them, Looks very well-made; you have obvious skill.

Baelish then got his hands on the items they had laid at his feet; the candles were well made, he definitely wanted those. The mead and the honey too; the leather, though, he could do without, he had plenty back in the Vale. Baelish made a spectacle to hem and haw as he looked over Nayavota’s offerings, and then stood tall and nodded, For the candles, mead and honey I will give you two dyes of your choice and the scissors, if you fancy them. He grinned; it was a fair trade.

Then, to the boys, I like the clothes you made, I’ll take them, and a few of the giant’s baubles. I’d like that small dagger as well. What are you thinking for trade for those items? He offered them the choice to make first bid this time.

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Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:48 am

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Scissors. Huh. ”Yeah, I’ve helped Honrin use dem,” Nayavota said; Baelish didn’t need to know that her “help” involved distracting the sheep with treats and getting in her brother’s way. ”Like what?” she wondered aloud, staring at the scissors. Maybe cloth? Naya had little interest in clothes making, preferring bare fur to restrictive garments. She didn’t even wear a cloak in the rain—it would just get in her way.

Nayavota the thick dye sloshed around as she turned the glass bottle over in her hands. She raised an eyebrow at his suggestion, but didn’t comment on it; the silver girl liked her flowers and feathers, but she saw no need for hair dye. Naya had never seen a “blue iris”—or at least, she didn’t know its name—and wondered what it might look like. The only blue flowers she knew by name were forget-me-nots and violets. Maybe it looked like those.

Iorek and Riley showed Baelish their goods. He seemed intrigued, complimenting the pair on their wares, before turning back to Nayavota. The Mistwalker offered her two bottles of dye and the pair of shiny scissors. Then, instead of offering Iorek and Riley a bid, Baelish stated his interest and asked them what they’d like. She kept an ear out for the couple’s response, but focused on her own trade.

Baelish’s offer was good, or so Nayavota thought. Still, it could be better; remembering her brother’s advice, she smiled and gathered her wares. ”Da candles takes hours to make. We have to dip da wicks in wax over and over again until dey’re big enough.” Nayavota gestured to the tapered candles as she spoke. She’d spent long hours helping Honrin create them, adding layer upon layer of wax to long, delicate wicks. ”Da mead takes moons to ferment before it’s ready,” she continued, ”and dat’s only after we separate da honey from da wax.” The goods she offered, though simple enough to make, were time-consuming. They only had so much space around the Wolfe-Denahlii camp, further limiting the amount Honrin could create.

Nayavota examined Baelish’s wares again. She looked between the various dyes and considered her options. Limited to two bottles, she’d pick the bright blue and an adjacent, dark purple. Naya wasn’t going to be limited to two bottles, however. ”Wit’ how much work it takes to make my wares, I think they’re worth four dyes of my choice and the scissors,” she countered, grinning back at him. The silver girl doubted Baelish would accept outright, but he would have a counter offer for her—every good trader did, according to Honrin.

Three bottles of dye were better than two.

Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:51 pm

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Riley gazed over the trader's wares with a trained eye as he thought about himself, Iorek, and Casa di Cavalieri as he observed the man's wares. Albeit, the man had probably offered goods to the pack itself to be allowed entry, the man still considered others as well as himself. The arrowheads and thread caught his eye again, though what the Mistwalker asked for seemed like it was worth much more than arrowheads and thread - hell, he could get thread from anywhere for less. Human clothing could always be used and studied for new creations and cloth was always in demand as well as dyes. The jackal had an idea what he wanted, but would wait for what Iorek wanted.

There wasn't much to be of interest to Iorek as the beast would have been more interested in a locket than anything that had been laid out in front of him. But, there were a few things of interest and the beast knew that he could use a cooking pot and the paper and spices seemed like something he could use. The hybrid watched Nayavota's trade and saw how she had done it and had an idea for his own. The wolfdog looked at the jackal and nodded.

I'll take arrowheads, a couple of those human clothes, and cloth, the masked Officer said before adding, And a couple bottles of dye." The clothing had taken time and resources to make so he wanted a good deal for them. He was fairly skilled at the art of tailoring and these were fine examples of his work probably some of the better ones as for every piece of clothing he had made, there were always failures that had either been reused or outright thrown out. The malachite-eyed Cavalier waited for the dark-faced male to make his offer.

Th-The p-pot, s-some p-paper, a-and s-some sp-spices...t-two b-bottles, the crimson-eyed Cavalier said. He had worked hard to find and make the jewelry that he had brought; he had scavenged for the pendants and many of them were not easy to find. The knife had been a lucky find and something that the beast was keen to part with, though if he could get a good price for the item he would. The scarlet-eyed Lionheart would hope that the merchant deemed his trade acceptable, though he wouldn't be hard-pressed to go for less if he had to.

Re: I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:06 pm

Baelish was somewhat surprised at how easily the young girl was quick to come back at him with justification as to why his offer had been no good. He grinned though, as she spoke about her hard work on the candles, and then crossed his arms, Fair, I suppose I didn’t take into consideration the hours spent. Good deal then, take the dyes and scissors. But when I return I expect double that amount of candles; I of course will bring something of equal value for trade. he offered his hand to her to complete the bargain.

The two males made their their claims, and though he once again realized he would lose in this deal either way, he did not want to lose that much. He scratched at his chin, Fine on the arrow-heads, and I’ll give you the human clothes, but not all the cloth. One bolt will suffice for now, perhaps I can see what you make of it, and then find you some more material to use if I like what I see? It was an invitation for future trade, which in itself was valuable, he would see what the jackal thought of that.

The giant though stuttered out his wants and Baelish nodded, Fine, fine. And tell me what spices you may want in the future, I can see if I can scrounge up anything more rare.

Baelish stepped back and helped his new trading companions pack up the items they had won from him, and took the items they had given in return. All in all, not bad, though he had come out on the short end. But that didn’t matter when it came to the big picture, it was always about the big picture.


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