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Baelish seemed impressed as Nayavota gave her counteroffer, almost glowing with pride as she spoke. Bartering and haggling felt good; no wonder Honrin liked trading so much. She waited for Baelish’ own counteroffer, but it never came. Instead, the smooth-talking Mistwalker accepted her deal. The catch was hardly even a catch. Candle making was time-consuming and boring, but she did it with Honrin—he could make anything fun!

”Of course. The rarer the better,” Nayavota teased, accepting his handshake. Baelish was a little bit weird, but he was kind and fair. Jissop, seemingly pleased by the proceedings, purred and rubbed up against Nayavota’s feet. She grinned and crouched down to scratch Jissop’s ears. Maybe she’d get something for Jissop next time.

Iorek and Riley’s offer was a grand one, likely on purpose, and Baelish all but accepted it. His counteroffer dropped a few bolts of cloth, but it promised future trade; that was more than good enough, Nayavota thought. Maybe Honrin would have haggled further, arranging for two bolts of cloth instead of one, but she wasn’t sure. Naya would ask him when she got back to camp.

Baelish helped her pack up her things as Jissop winded between their feet, seemingly intent on tripping them. Nayavota laughed and thanked Baelish for his time. If he didn’t have anything else to say, and nothing of note occurred between him and her packmates, Naya would limp her way back to camp and show Honrin her spoils. All in all, today was a good day.

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