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Re: [M] - Food and Family

Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:03 pm

Aidan’s ears perked up as his uncle berated him. It was the only reaction though, the youth’s expression of vague curiosity didn’t fade. As before he merely stayed silent until Belial had finished explaining things to him.

”You are right, Luperci think themselves different, but they do kill one another, and Izual….he killed whoever he wished. He would often use me as bait to attract those who might care for a lost pup, before killing them and sitting down to eat them.”

Aidan said, once more speaking without rancour, sadness or anger, just mentioning what had happened. The youth couldn’t help but remember being swaddled in warmth, held in the arms of strangers and the moment those arms would tense before going slack and he would be sent tumbling to the ground.

”I will do as you say though, I will not kill Luperci before witnesses.”

Aidan was aware that he was unlike many other Luperci, but it seemed that all of his family had their own private hells that they had to deal with. Aidan did enjoy the idea of fitting in, mostly because if perhaps he was able to grapple with the social situations that came so naturally to many other Luperci, then he’d not make such obvious mistakes and attract attention to himself. Of course, Belial might not be the best source of knowledge, but he was the best one available to Aidan, and surely only time would tell whether that was a good thing or not.

”Your advice is useful.” Aidan said, the thought almost to himself, his head tilting slightly to one side. ”Can I travel with you for a while and have you show me how to fit in.”

Of course, he was aware that his uncle might say no, but to Aidan it seemed like a logical conclusion and so he’d asked the question.

Re: [M] - Food and Family

Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:53 am

Despite Aidan being so dense, it seemed that Belial’s advice was starting to get through to him. He was seeming to begin to understand at least why he couldn’t do the things he was doing in front of others, and why his father’s ways were the wrong ways. They were what got him killed in the end, after all. And Belial couldn’t hope to stop the young man if that was the route he wanted to take, but he could at least provide some advice before the younger Massacre made up his mind.

A breath hitched in Belial’s throat as Aidan asked him if they could travel together. So much for escaping his family for good… but even though this ruined Belial’s plans, he couldn’t bring himself to say no. He couldn’t leave the young Massacre on his own to figure out the world for himself under such shitty teachings. Belial felt like he owed him that much, to pass down his lessons onto his nephew, to get some good out of all the struggling he’s been doing these past few years.

”Ah, sure… I guess,” Belial sighed after a moment. ”Do you have a camp around here that we can rest our rumps at? You wanna catch some dinner and bring it back?”

Word Count → 000 :: maybe we can wrap it up before they go hunting and start up a more recent one?

Re: [M] - Food and Family

Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:11 pm

For a moment, the younger Massacre watched his uncle. The stare wasn’t intense or probing, just slow. The only real clues that Aidan had that their family wasn’t a typical example, was from listening to other Luperci talk in the bars. Not until after Anathema had fallen, and he had left his family, did Aidan realise that their relationships and interactions were unusual. Now, standing here in front of his relative, Aidan saw the reluctance and Belial’s tone was resigned.

”I have a place hidden away, and a cache of food not too far from it and hidden. I can share it with you.”

The young Massacre knew it would be strange to have company, but he wondered how it would feel to know that this particular company was part of his family, and not a stranger or someone attempting to rob him.

”As I’ve said, I’m not good at social interactions or understanding a lot, but I’m not stupid and I can learn to at least pretend to be normal. You seem reluctant to travel with me. Have I done something wrong? Were you travelling somewhere?”

Aidan wanted to understand other Luperci, to blend in and hide amongst them, but if he was to understand those he came across, surely he needed to first get to grips with his own family. The Luperci he had been around as a pup would be easiest to understand. Of course, Aidan had been around his sire, and Aidan didn’t think he would have ever understood Izual. Aidan took a few steps in the direction of his camp, and turned back, waiting for Belial to follow and to answer his questions. They could both talk as they walked, and perhaps each of them would get some sleep tonight. The thought of food, made Aidan’s stomach growl in anticipation.

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