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You Can Never Come Home

Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:08 pm

Eros had no idea what had possessed him to return, but he’d come back to his birthplace, somewhere he’d left behind him what seemed like a lifetime ago. As he walked through the now neutral lands of his old home, Eros’s memory presented him with long forgotten scenes. While seasons had come and gone, and the scents of his birth pack had faded, Eros could still remember it all. Had he been happy here? It was hard to answer that, but the fiery pelted Damaichu wondered if this had been such a terrible place to live.

Eros told himself that he was looking for a party, but nostalgia had dragged him here. He thought he might have fallen in love, but like so many things he’d experienced, it evaporated into another hazy wisp of smoke. He did have to admit to himself that he missed his siblings, and out of all of those, Harlequin most of all. The two of them had been partners in crime, and one of the few people that Eros had ever really opened up to with all his thoughts. As he surfaced from his reveries, Eros became aware that his feet had carried him into the woods, almost as though the lupus in him sought the comfort of the trees, and just as the fiery Damaichu thought he’d mastered his musings, a scent blew to him on the breeze. At first Eros thought he’d imagined it, it had been years, surely there was no one left here? When the scent was brought to him again though, he knew it must be real. The scent was so familiar and made even Eros’s jaded heart quicken. The scent was one of family, of love, of being held and shielded from a cold night. It was the scent of someone who had laid beside him when he’d not been able to sleep, or who had kept his secrets when he was afraid and didn’t want anyone to know about it. How could he not follow such a scent.

After tracking prey for so long, finding the scent of his past wasn’t hard. The old stone dwelling was clearly a leftover from human times, and one hidden snuggly amidst the forest of trees. For the first time in a long while, the fiery pelted Damiachu felt uncertain. It’d been many years since he’d seen Lucia. Had she heard about his exaggerated death? Of Altair’s rescue of him? Did she know what his profession was? Eros was no strange to the look of disappointment on the faces of folks, all except his bedfellows of course, but seeing on Lucia might be too hard. Screwing up his courage, and doing his best to affect a nonchalant air, Eros strode forwards to the entrance of the dwelling. He’d been ready to greet his old packmate, but the place was empty, at least it was empty of Lucia. She was clearly out. Curiosity getting the better of him, Eros walked in, making sure that knives at his belt didn’t hit against anything.

It seemed as though the forest had been allowed into this place, with flowers spilling from pots, carpeting the floor and ivy growing up one of the old walls. It was so typical of a member of New Dawn, how could they be satisfied with anything other than being surrounded by the world. The nest of first smelt most strongly of Lucia, and Eros touched them to see if they still held her warmth. As he did, his eyes were drawn to the log beside them. What had first appeared random trinkets soon attached their own meanings. They were gifts, from small pups to their guardian, friend and comfort. Munroe was there, Marius, Quin and…Eros gently picked up a small black rock.

”Look Lucia! I’ve never seen this, look how black it is and smooth.”

Eros held the stone so proudly, puffed up with pride.

”And look, when it gets wet it sparkles. I want you to have it, I found it for you.”

Lucia had been so pleased with the stupid thing, and not just in the way adults were sometimes excited, but she genuinely was happy. She had gathered him up ”My clever little flame touch man. Thank you.” and she’d kissed him. Looking at the rock now, it was black and a little dusty, but it was the same rock. Squatting beside a plant pot, Eros dipped the stone into the water, as it came out, droplets clung to it, and it sparkled as brightly as the day he’d found it.

”What a piece of crap.”

Eros muttered, feeling shame for some reason at how poultry a gift this was. His sharp ears picked something up and he turned to see Lucia in the doorway. Straightening up from his squat, Eros still the stone in his hand. He had no idea what to say, usually his conquests didn’t need a great deal of small talk, and when he’d finished their identities faded into a vague recollection, but this was a different situation.

”I can’t believe you kept this.”

He said offering up the stone, there was nothing else he could think to say.

Re: You Can Never Come Home

Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:17 am

Flower gleam and glow,
let your power shine
See the Light, it's blinding

The sunshine was bright today, the Amarok woman reveled in its gleaming glow. Today she fished and hunted for elusive seeded flower heads. It was still too early in the season for many flowers to be producing seeds but she looked anyway. You never knew what you might find, hidden among the foliage.

Her little basket was filled with a few small fish on her way back to her small cottage. Her gentle hand plucked a few new flowers from their steps and settle them inside the compact woven thing. Fresh ones to decorate her little abode. Lucia hummed a happy little tune to herself as she bounced along, long hair swaying to and fro.

She did wonder if she would ever see the giant warrior man again. she hoped so.

She was so preoccupied with her mind in day dreams that she did not notice the door to her cabin was open, not until the shock of orange brought her abruptly to the present. That little basket dropped to the ground from limp fingers with a small thump.

Her heart pounded from a standstill. With eyes, big and wide Lucia stared like she had seen a ghost as he rose up, tall like his father, tall like Veyra.

Her dainty hand came forwards to take the precious, beloved stone from his paw. Her fingers curled tightly about it and Lucia unconsciously brought it to her chest, over her heart, and clutched it as though she would never let it go. All of those simple, child-give gifts were like drops of her happiness. They were the first things she saw in her lonely mornings and the last in her solitary nights.

Then suddenly her beautiful face crumpled, tears coming to her eyes. She threw herself at him, her arms wrapping about him tightly, and she cried, like her heart was breaking, like a joy come back into her world.

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Re: You Can Never Come Home

Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:30 am

The fiery pelted Damaichu hadn’t expected to find her here, and he was even less certain of what her reaction would be at seeing him. Eros had been tossed out of the pack lands in disgrace, his rebellious pranks of self-discovery having put him on a path he was ill equipped to deal with, and losing the support of his family had made it all the easier to continue staggering down that road. If truth be told Eros had mentioned the pain he felt to his dad, but could anyone really understand it? Eros had no visible wounds and yet he knew that alcohol, drugs and women numbed it. Altair had also helped, but Eros had never been able to explain why.

Now here he stood, facing the dainty form of a figure who had whispered softly into his ear, who had never truly been angry with him, and who’d shown nothing but patience. As she silently moved forward, Eros just stood there, like one enormous idiot. Moment’s later, Lucia’s face had crumpled, she’d flung her arms around him and tears stained his pelt. Eros wasn’t really equipped for dealing with such a situation. Awkwardly he stood, his arms raised to shoulder height as Lucia gripped him tightly. The Damaichu was not used to having a female so close and not going down on him. It was worse, he didn’t know how to comfort her. What could he possibly say? Slowly, he lowered his arms, wrapping them around the smaller figure. He felt Lucia’s warmth, and how utterly relaxed she was, that fact alone took Eros aback. Not even in his most intimate moments had there been such trust put in him, her guard was down.

”Hey, hey Lucia, what’s wrong?”

He asked the question sounding awkward, when no answer seemed forthcoming, he put his head on top of hers, relaxing into the embrace, his eyes becoming a little unfocused.

” It’s good to see you.”

Re: You Can Never Come Home

Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:56 am

Flower gleam and glow,
let your power shine
See the Light, it's blinding

The tears came and came, a waterfall with no end in sight. A ghost, she thought maybe at first. His body was a solidness beneath her hands that could not be denied. The grief she had felt, all of it came back in a washing wave to burst against the shore, sweeping away seashells and leaving pain in its wake.

The little boy she had so daintily loved and yet so fiercely protected was a grown man.

Even in the grips of her fear, even in the betrayal that overflowed from Harlequin's actions, Lucia had argued against the two boys being exiled. They needed their family, she had protested. They needed the pack, and comfort and understanding.

When plaintive pleas had failed to move her brother's heart of stone Lucia had become angry, standing toe to toe with Altair in a match of voices so loud it had lifted the birds from the trees. She did not speak to him for almost a moon's turn after their fight.

That had been so long ago, so many years had passed without a glimpse of either boy, who were now men. Were they men she could be proud of, she wondered briefly, and then discarded the thought immediately.

Eros' head rested atop her own and finally the sobs subsided to hiccuping. The headdress turned bracelets clicked gently together as she squeezed him,

"They told me you had died." Her lyrical voice was soft and wavered preciously.

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Re: You Can Never Come Home

Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:38 pm

Eros stood quietly, which wasn’t unusual, what was strange was that he wasn’t high and didn’t have some form of alcohol inside of him, especially when dealing with genuine emotion. Lucia’s form was warm and incredibly reassuring as he embraced her. Her soaked into his pelt and he felt no irritation, just a strange mixture of guilt, happiness and pain. The fiery pelted Damaichu started to feel the beginnings of a headache as the lack of conversation continued and memories flitted across his mind’s eye. Eros didn’t know how to deal with folk crying when they saw him, he couldn’t ever remember it happening before, and yet here was Lucia clearly deeply happy to see him. He wanted to shift his stance, but her grip was fierce and that little pup that he still remembered wanted to be near her.

”They told me you had died.”

As Lucia finally spoke, Eros was taken back to the night of the party. It was a difficult time to remember, it all felt unreal, like a dream he had to work hard to remember. The only thing that was really in focus was the face of Altair, and a feeling of bitterness that Eros hadn’t been allowed to die. For what had felt like a fleeting moment, Eros had felt no pain. Adopting a very typical Eros attitude the fiery Damaichu chuckled.

”Well, there was a bit of a thing, but you know me I’ve always managed. Altair turned up though, the big lummox actually helped me, you’d have loved it, it was so sappy.”

Eros swept his eyes around the small dwelling, covered as it was in all its knickknacks and personal things.

”How have you been Lucia? Are you happy?”

Eros wasn’t sure why he asked that last question, but it seemed to slide out almost unbidden, and more strangely, Eros really hoped that the answer was that she was.
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